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Photos of Waco Holocaust

U.S. Govt. tank on roof while people are inside.

Tank drives onto roof; 85 people are still inside; this is the morning of 19 April 1993. ((See these & other photos at website: http://www.carolmoore.net/waco/waco-fire-photo.html))

U.S. Govt. tanks destroying home.

Tanks prepare buildings for incineration; only nine people escape with their life.

First evidence of fire.

12:07:41 p.m. — Infra red video indicates first evidence of fire.

The fire spreads quickly.

The fire spreads quickly.

Entire campus is a holocaust.

Within 20 minutes the entire campus is a holocaust with no hope of survivors.

None of the 24 children survived.

No children survived, 24 in number; tanks push incriminating evidence into the flames.

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