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Compendium of Affidavits: ‘The USA is NOT a Safe Zone’

An indictment charging the U.S. Government of multiple crimes and war crimes, including terrorism, abduction of children, and persecution of Christians, filed with the War Crimes Tribunal, the Netherlands, in 2004.

Title Page


A Compendium of Affidavits and Proof Documents

submitted to:

The World Court
The War Crimes Tribunal
The Hague, The Netherlands

Accusing, in Justice,

the Government of the United Stated of America

of, among others:

Terrorism against the Branch Davidians — Affidavit #1
Terrorism against our Family — Affidavit #2
Terrorism against Iraq — Affidavit #3

formerly of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Author’s rights affirmed

6 February 2004




DATE: _____________________
SIGNED: _______________________


Cover Letter to War Crimes Compendium


18 September 2004

Formerly of Chicago, Ill.; South Bend, Ind.
presently relocating from Switzerland to Paraguay.

To:  U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues, Mr. Pierre Richard Prosper,
U.S. Congressman from Indiana to Washington, D.C., Mr. Chris Chocola,
Ms. Brenda Scott, Author of: “Out of Control, Who’s Watching the Child Protection Agencies?”
Mr. Michael McNulty, Producer of: “Waco – the Rules of Engagement.”
Clerk of the Court, International Court of Justice,
CBS-TV, 60 Minutes II, Mr. Dan Rather,
United States President, Mr. George Bush,

Dear Mr. President, Mr. Rather, Mr. Clerk of the Court, Mr. McNulty, Ms. Scott, Mr. Congressman, Mr. Ambassador:

SUBJECT: Hand-delivery refused; departing for Paraguay; mailing address forthcoming

I attempted to hand-deliver this War Crimes Compendium of Affidavits to the Receptionist of the International Court of Justice in Den Hague, the Netherlands, last March 4th, 2004, but hand-delivered service was refused. The Receptionist said by telephone that I could send it via the Post Office from downtown Den Hague, but, since I have no home & no return address to verify its receipt, plus given the gravity of this document, as I explained to him, I saw his proposition to be irresponsible.

I then went to the Police Station downtown Den Hague & explained the situation to the Deputy Chief of Police, emphasizing the necessity, under the circumstances, that the Compendium be hand-delivered to the Court. She agreed and telephoned the same Receptionist, offering personally to hand-deliver it in my stead, under her police authority. That offer was also refused.

Now I have arranged for a mailing address that can be used for the purpose of verifying this document’s receipt by the addressees. However, my family has been rejected for political asylum & expelled from Andorra, France & Switzerland (which, by bi-lateral treaty, renders all of Europe closed to us) therefore, next week we will depart for Paraguay, South America, God willing. Briefly stated, we have been searching for more than 2 years for a better land for our family’s safety & well-being. We have been kicked around from country to country, in my opinion, primarily because no country wants to be identified with our painful testimony.

Once in Paraguay I don’t know how long it will take me to find a mailing address, but as soon as I do I will send it to you.

I apologize for the inconvenience – everything has been awkward facing being displaced, now to a different continent for a second time. Due to travel, weight & volume constraints I’m leaving my printer, supplies & half of our belongings behind in Europe, so to mail these documents from Paraguay would not be feasible. I also want this Compendium to come to your attention as quickly as possible.

In closing, these seven documents are being sent in the spirit of a humanitarian effort, similar to the one we undertook on behalf of the families at the Mt. Carmel Concentration Camp near Waco, Texas, with the hope, finally, of securing a better foundation of justice, followed by peace, for the people of the United States and beyond, putting an end to what I identify as U.S. terrorism, war crimes, etc., which have broken or destroyed the lives of innocent people.


Gary Spaulding
Fribourg, Switzerland

[The enclosed Compendium of Affidavits (174 pages) and this Cover Letter
were sent via Certified Mail on the 21st of September of 2004
from the Central Post Office in Fribourg, SWITZERLAND to the following:]

* Mailing Addresses *

Mr. Pierre Richard Prosper,
U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues,

U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW,
Washington, D.C. 20520

Mr. Chris Chocola
U.S. Congressman from Indiana to Washington,

2nd District of Indiana,
100 E. Wayne Street, Suite 330,
South Bend, IN 46601

Ms. Brenda Scott,
Author of “Out of Control…”

c/o Huntington House Publishers,
P.O. Box 53788,
Lafayette, Louisiana 70505

Mr. Michael McNulty,
Producer, “Waco – the Rules of Engagement”

c/o SomFord Entertainment,
8778 Sunset Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Clerk of the Court,
The War Crimes Tribunal,
International Court of Justice,

Peace Palace 2517 KJ
The Hague, The Netherlands

Mr. Dan Rather,
CBS-TV, 60 Minutes II

524 West 57th St.,
New York, NY 10019

United States’ President,
Mr. George Bush,

The White House,
Washington, D.C. 20500

Statement of Purpose

Submitting these Affidavits to the War Crimes Tribunal is intended to:

  • Secure a Grand Jury Indictment against the Government of the United States for having committed: a) terrorism, b) war crimes, c) crimes against humanity, and d) crimes against the peace, among others, in light of the evidence presented in Affidavits 1, 2 & 3 included under this cover, and the Proof Documents, among others,
  • Initiate an investigation of the crimes as indicted,
  • Raise an injunction against the Government of the United States and a binding protocol enjoining it from committing such crimes against people in the future,
  • Dispel the myth that the United States is a «safe zone» for families such as ours, until such can be re-established.


At this time in our earthly pilgrimage, my family & I have no certain homeland, so we wander on, looking to accomplish all that we can without one. Thanks to these temporal straits, we have experienced added empathy for our neighbors, and especially their Children, who are also facing hardship. But, instead of narrowing our quest to finding a surrogate homeland & burying ourselves in its comfort, we prefer to forego such comfort, so that by virtue of our present lack, we might press on to make the world a better place for the next generation. – G.S., THE TENTH OF FEBRUARY, TWO THOUSAND FOUR.

There is a streak of hypocrisy in us Anglo-Saxons that gives us a zeal to attack the «demons» that we see in others, an arrogance that convinces us that we are morally superior, and an absurdity that keeps us from being embarrassed when we’re shown that we were looking into a mirror. – G.S.

If this document ever appeared in book-form its approximate title would be: “The two-edged sword of terrorism in the United States and my family’s exodus.”

“Whatever measure you use to mete out for others, that measure will be used for you,” Jesus Christ, (or in a contemporary setting), “Be careful how you use your comfortable office to mis-treat your enemies because history has a way of reversing the tables.” – PARAPHRASE BY G.S.

“Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6.

Exodus – to a land where our children can run free – free to live for God their Creator & free from the fear of being stolen by the child police.

AFFIDAVIT #1 — Terrorism against the Branch Davidians

Comes now M. GARY SPAULDING and presents the following testimony and proofs:

United States Government Officials committed terrorism, war crimes, crimes against humanity and psychological warfare relative to the murder of 82 people near Waco, Texas, known as the Branch Davidians, during a 51-day siege of their campus that began with a military assault on 28 February and ended in a conflagration on 19 April 1993.

On day 48 (of 51) my friend and I presented ourselves to FBI agents at the main perimeter checkpoint of the campus-under-siege and made known that we were required by Christ-like compassion to deliver humanitarian aid to the people inside, who we knew were facing a humanitarian crisis. ((Inflicting a humanitarian crisis, including among which was that the FBI cut off all utilities to the campus, is torture and a crime against humanity.)) As we passed the checkpoint, we were falsely arrested and imprisoned. ((Our convoy was blocked in Texas the same week that Serbian soldiers blocked a United Nations’ humanitarian convoy in Kosovo.))

On the final day, government agents used military tanks ((This violated the Posse Comitatus Exclusion.)) to perforate the walls of the house, church and school, preparing the campus for incineration, and, at the same time, sprayed CS military gas on the men, women and children still inside, for 6 hours. Then pyrotechnic incendiary devices were introduced, which turned what was already a concentration camp into a holocaust. During the conflagration, agents used machine guns to shoot at people trying to escape at the rear exits. ((Annihilation is a crime against humanity.)) Blades mounted on tanks were used to push unburned remains into the fire. Chemical detoxification units were not on-hand, and fire trucks were on their way, but were detained at the military checkpoint for 20 minutes, and consequently, didn’t arrive until it was too late. ((A video, entitled: Waco — Rules of Engagement, among others, corroborates this testimony, as well as the transcripts that appear at: http://www.waco93.com/faq.htm , see transcript on page 9.))

There were few who survived the holocaust: only 6 men and 3 women escaped. My wife and I visited one of them, an elderly lady, Marjorie X from Great Britain, of African descent, in the Methodist Hospital burn unit in the city of Dallas. Her clothing had caught on fire as she left the buildings. She seemed to be a gracious, forgiving person. However, everyone else, 76 men, women and children, died that day as a result of CS gas poisoning, machine gun bullets, flames, smoke, or other. Some deaths also occurred at moments earlier in the siege. ((See the names, ages and nationalities of the deceased Branch Davidians on page 18. [ link ]))

Allow me to reduce the events at the Mt. Carmel Concentration Camp down to their fundamental ingredients, and to apply them to us, men of the house who have families, as I understand them, as follows:

I discern that the U.S. Government, as of 1963, sees itself as «God», or said differently, as the highest authority in the Cosmos. «As God», it doesn’t need to show authorization to you, me, or anyone in order to enforce its Lordship over its subjects, as in needing to get a Warrant and having it in-hand before its Legions trespass onto our land. (This was not only true in Waco in 1993, but also in Iraq, 10 years later).

Once they are on our land, they don’t feel they need our permission or anyone’s to swarm onto our roof and force their way into our house, guns blazing, through the upstairs windows. ((At this point the agents have committed several crimes, among them: criminal trespassing, military assault against civilians, endangerment of families and children, forced entry, provocation, breach of the peace, violation of right to privacy, use of excessive force (police brutality) and murder … the Branch Davidians defended their persons and property. See this and other photos at: http://www.public-action.com/SkyWriter/WacoMuseum/war/page/w_m.html ))

Our response is critical now. At that point, if we see them as the Lords of our wife and children, we bow, greet them, as in: “Heil, my Lords. Welcome home, from these your servants. Please sit down. Would you like your coffee and slippers?”

You are free to disagree with me, and these are serious issues, but, if not, you would do as I would — you would return their offensive deadly force with whatever defensive force ((Self defense: …nature also teaches assailants a hard but simple lesson, that if you attack and corner an animal family in a way that threatens their young the attack will be repelled with injury and the blame is yours alone.)) was at-hand, and all the while you would order them to “Call it off — there are women and children in here!” — exactly what David Koresh did. ((Following is a relevant quote from George Washington, the First President of the United States, in his Address to the Second Session of the First United States Congress, in 1790: “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence. The church, the plow, the prairie wagon and citizen’s firearms are indelibly related. From the hour the Pilgrims landed [in 1620], to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle & pistol are equally indispensable. Every corner of this land knows firearms; and more than 99.99% of them, by their silence, indicate they are in safe and sane hands. The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good. ¶When firearms go, all goes — we need them every hour.” I contend that this gentleman would be presently locked away in the Federal Penitentiary — a Founding Father. Notice carefully that the Constitution and Bill of Rights remain unchanged from then to now on this issue. To this, President Washington said: “…The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government. But the constitution which at any time exists, ’till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People, is sacredly obligatory upon all…” Washington’s Farewell Address, published in the American Daily Advertiser, a Philadelphia newspaper, Sept. 19, 1796. This corroborates the claim that the present U.S. Government is treasonous against the Constitution.)) These events transpired within the first 10 minutes of the 51-day military siege. ((During the siege the Branch Davidians hung a sheet out of an upper window, visible to media cameras, which displayed these words: “Rodney King — we know how you feel.”))

The rest of the time was spent provoking the families in many ways, with the proclaimed objective: “You defended yourselves against Your Lord’s entrance through your Upper Room. Now we have an electrified chair made-in-Texas for you to ride out of town. Your Lord would be very pleased if you accommodated him now… Men, get into this horse trailer to face 1st degree murder charges. Women and children, follow me … single file, heads down, hands behind your back, no talking.”

After weeks of provocation, the Government prepared the campus for incineration, as in a holocaust, while, at the same time, spraying the people with CS military gas, which is also flammable. On day 51 at high noon, they introduced 2 pyrotechnic incendiary rounds and burned everyone like rats in a hole, while machine gunning would-be escapees at the back door. ((In my opinion, within time, the Branch Davidians will be posthumously exonerated.))

P.S. My family and I left the U.S.A. on 26 April 2003 ((The military assault against Iraq called “Shock & Awe” was being waged at the same time as our exodus.)) because of persecution against us primarily due to our humanitarian effort on behalf of these people, whom the U.S. government stigmatized as cultists, among others. Consequently, we also were painted as cultists by police officials. I faced an attempted false arrest, followed by the criminal trespassing of police onto our private land for the forced inspection of, and, what we foresaw would result in the forced removal of our children, and us, the parents, being «waco’d». We left home before the police arrived, but when they did they said: “They (the Spauldings) were in Waco” and “We are looking for their children and their military bunkers.”

We came to Europe seeking political asylum but the Asylum Officials disregard, falsify or minimize our facts and proofs, and obstinately insist that the U.S.A. is a «safe zone». ((We recognize that towering commercial and strategic interests conflict with granting us political asylum, in Switzerland and Europe, regardless of the fact that our proofs exceed the legal requirements.))

I affirm that this testimony is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.

M. GARY SPAULDING, formerly of Chicago, IL, U.S.A., 10 January 2004

Proof Document 1-A

Military Tanks on roof and Fire photos

Tank drives onto roof; 85 people are still inside; this is the morning of 19 April 1993. ((See these & other photos at website: http://www.carolmoore.net/waco/waco-fire-photo.html))

Tanks prepare buildings for incineration; only nine people escape with their life.

12:07:41 p.m. — Infra red video indicates first evidence of fire.

The fire spreads quickly.

Within 20 minutes the entire campus is a holocaust with no hope of survivors.

No children survived, 24 in number; tanks push incriminating evidence into the flames.


Proof Document 1-B

Bulldozing evidence, news article

Bulldozers Wednesday began flattening what remains of the burned Branch Davidian compound at Mount Carmel.

Site leveled, quarantine considered

13 May 1993


Tribune-Herald Staff writer

Workers bulldozed the Mount Carmel site Wednesday in preparation for pulling out as the state health agency considers quarantining the ruins.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Mike Cox said Wednesday that bulldozing was “under way right now” and that DPS is preparing to leave Mount Carmel.

“We’ve already disconnected our phones out there,” he said.

Cox said private contractors are bulldozing, filling in holes and separating debris at the site into piles of metal, masonry material and combustibles “in the name of safety.” The compound burned to the ground April 19 and more than 70 members of the Branch Davidian cult died that day.

Houston attorney Jack Zimmermann, whose client died in the stand-off’s conclusion, said the bulldozing… [See SITE. Section Back]



Proof Document 1-C

Nationwide news article prior to BATF assault

This article was published nation-wide shortly before the initial terrorist assault:

NATIONAL NEWS □ South Bend Tribune □ Sunday, February 28,1993 □ A7

Police watching would-be Christ, cult

WACO, Texas (AP) — Police are monitoring a heavily-armed religious cult that follows a guitar-playing, beer-drinking leader who claims to be Christ and is awaiting the end of the world, in a compound near Waco.

A group of about 75 Branch Davidians, an offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that moved its base here from Los Angeles in 1935, is known to have a large arsenal of high-powered weapons, the Waco Tribune-Herald said.

An Australian private detective who has investigated the group for 2½ years alleged that its latest leader, Vernon Howell, abuses the children of his followers, boasts of having sex with underage members, claims at least 15 wives and believes all women in the world belong to him.

Howell denies the accusations and said he has had only two children. He and his wife, Rachel, were married in 1984 when he was 24 and she was 14.

“If the Bible is true, then I’m Christ,” Howell, 33, told the newspaper. “But so what? Look at 2,000 years ago. What’s so great about being Christ?

A man nailed to the cross. A man of sorrow acquainted with grief. You know, being Christ ain’t nothing. Know what I mean?”

The newspaper said the group has military-type assault weapons — one unidentified former cult member said it has .50-caliber weapons, AK-47s, AR-15s, Israeli assault rifles and 9mm handguns.

But Howell told The Associated Press on Saturday that his group has “regular, legally bought” guns. “Do we not have right to bear arms?” he said in a telephone interview.

“I claim my father sits on the throne. Doesn’t yours? Isn’t your father God? I claim my father gave me a book. The reason God gave me the book is he wants me to show it to you,” Howell said Saturday.


The Waco Tribune-Herald said it spent eight months investigating the cult, including talking to more than 20 former members.

One of them, Robyn Bunds, said Howell boasted of having sex with one of his 12-year-old followers. Others claim he is the father of many of the cult’s children, citing numerous birth certificates with no father listed.

The detective Geoffrey Hossack said he was hired by a group of former cult members who fled to Australia. He presented his findings to McLennan County authorities in 1990, but no action was taken.

“There was not enough information at that time to pursue a full-scale investigation,” said Paul Gartner, then McLennan County district attorney.

“Oh, it got my attention,” said Ralph Strother, Gartner’s top aide. “I could see this sort of thing happening. To tell you the truth, the thing that went through my mind is you’ve got a cult like Jonestown.”

Jonestown was a settlement of American cultists in South America’s Guyana led by Rev. Jim Jones. On Nov. 18, 1978, more than 900 people there killed themselves or were murdered.

Welfare workers visited the 77-acre compound 10 miles east of Waco at least twice last year to talk to the children, who told of a bus being buried to serve as an underground shelter, the newspaper said.

Children’s Protective Services reported finding no evidence of child abuse and took no action, the newspaper quoted sources as saying.

The cult believes Howell is the Lamb referred to in the Book of Revelation, according to court testimony in a Michigan child custody case. He alone can open the so-called Seven Seals, setting loose catastrophic events that the cult believes will end the world and send Howell’s group into Heaven.

Theologians consider the Lamb to be a symbol for Christ.



Proof Document 1-D

CBS Sixty Minutes II with Dan Rather, transcript

Commentary to the video: “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” ((I have additional Waco video footage in my archives, recorded from “Primetime-TV” of 13Jan94.))

The following transcript was printed on 22 December 2003 from the website of the producers of this video, at: http://www.waco93.com/faq.htm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: We have heard that CBS 60 Minutes did its own infra red test for gunfire and that it showed that the [U.S.] government forces at Waco [Texas] machine-gunned the Branch Davidians [in 1993]. Is that true?

A: Yes it is. Here is the transcript of that program:


January 25, 2001

Producer: Christopher Martin

DAN RATHER (voice over video): What really happened at Waco? Did federal agents fire shots into the Branch Davidian compound? For years, the government has said “No.” But this surveillance video may tell a different story. The FBI has repeatedly said no FBI person, at any time, fired into the compound.

BYRON SAGE (retired FBI agent): Correct. No FBI person fired, period, during the entire 51 days.

PAUL BEAVER (Jane’s Defense weapons expert): It’s not a glitch in the camera. It’s not the sun striking something. It’s not swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus. This is somebody shooting.

DAN RATHER (on camera): What really happened at Waco? Is the US government responsible for the deaths of more than 70 men, women and children at the Branch Davidian compound in 1993? For years, this has been the rallying point for anti-government conspiracy theorists. Today, it is the subject of two Congressional investigations, an independent counsel and a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against the government. Why has this never gone away? In large part because details of the disaster have only recently come to light giving some ammunition to those who think the government caused those deaths.

RATHER, cont. (At the Texas Ranger Evidence Locker): Today, virtually all of the evidence from Waco is here. More than 12 tons of it. Anything gathered by every government agency involved. The federal judge handling the civil trial ordered it collected and stockpiled here to protect it from being tampered with or tainted.

RATHER, cont.: In these rooms under lock and under guard, are approximately a million documents plus files, photographs, physical evidence including various weapons. In here may be the answers to the key questions of what really happened at the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco.

MICHAEL CADDELL (Davidian attorney): What’s interesting is that in the last three months we’ve learned more about what happened than we did in the preceding six and a half years.

RATHER: Michael Caddell is a Houston attorney representing survivors and family members of the Branch Davidians in their suit against the government. With what are we dealing?

CADDELL: Many, many women and children died tragically and the government has never been able to deal with that reality — never been able to accept responsibility, for its share of the blame for that event.

RATHER: It all started nearly seven years ago with a raid by more than 70 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in February, 1993. David Koresh and his followers, the Branch Davidians, were known to have a cache of high-powered weapons. The A.T.F. suspected ((In the present lawless era people suspected of crimes are assaulted without a Warrant. In the former era under the Constitution probable cause was required and then a court-issued Warrant was carried in-hand.)) the group had explosives — and the parts to manufacture machine guns illegally. When they arrived to search the compound, shooting started almost immediately. When it finally stopped, four A.T.F. agents and six Branch Davidians were dead. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) moved in and a lengthy stand-off ensued.

JEFF JAMAR (FBI Agent in Charge at Waco): We’re prepared to do whatever it takes, to stay here as long as it takes, to settle this matter without any further bloodshed. ((It’s shocking the degree to which some people believe in dubious agents. For example, a parishioner from the County Line Church near South Bend told us in the parking lot in 1994: “If agents of the police ever came to take our children from my wife & me we would allow them, because they know what is best for our children.”))

MM. Rather & Sage (FBI negotiator):

RATHER: For more than seven frustrating weeks, the FBI tried to persuade the Davidians to come out. Byron Sage was head of the FBI negotiating team in Waco.

SAGE: The FBI’s job was to try to resolve this matter and to convince these people to come out and face multiple first degree murder charges in a state that leads the nation in capital punishment. It was virtually an insurmountable task.

RATHER: The stand-off ended on the morning of April 19th. Using a tank and other armored vehicles, the FBI moved in. They spent the next several hours shooting tear gas ((Correction: this was not “tear gas” but CS military gas, see Branch Davidian survivor David Thibodeau’s website, which I have misplaced, & the printout of which I loaned out & it was not returned.)) into the compound. Shortly after noon, the building was engulfed in flames.

SAGE: I called in immediately over the loud speaker system. And I said, David, don’t do this to those people. This is not the way to end this.

RATHER: At the end of the day, more than seventy men, women and children were dead.

SAGE: We played right into the hands of David Koresh. He had an apocalyptic end in mind apparently and he used us to fulfill his own prophesy. ((This psychological warfare is ruthless. Here the Government is claiming that it, too, was David Koresh’s victim.))

MM. Rather & Johnston (Chief of U.S. Justice Department):

RATHER: But the question that will not go away is this: Did the FBI and the Justice Department contribute in some way to that apocalyptic end? Either by pushing the Davidians to the brink as the assault of the compound progressed? Or, by doing something that could have caused the fire? In amongst the massive trove of Waco material, an independent filmmaker named Michael McNulty came upon some evidence that appeared damaging to the government — a shell casing from a certain kind of tear gas [CS military gas] round that could start a fire. A device the FBI and the Justice Department had repeatedly denied using both publicly and to Congress.

BILL JOHNSTON (top Justice Department official): Congress was misled on this. There’s no question about it.

RATHER: Assistant US Attorney Bill Johnston is the top Justice Department official in Waco. The discovery of this tear gas [CS military gas] round made him worry that someone in the Justice Department was hiding the truth.

JOHNSTON: I wasn’t going to be a party to misleading the American public about this issue when I full well knew the import of it.

RATHER: Any big organization whether it’s a big company, a big union, a big news outfit gets into a lawsuit, the word goes out: Keep your mouth shut about things that might hurt us. Is there any reason not to say that’s what happened in this case?

JOHNSTON: It may have. If it did, the Department of Justice isn’t IBM or anybody else. The Department of Justice, by its very name, is different. It has a higher responsibility. We cannot hide the ball in criminal or civil cases and feel good about it. It’s not what the Justice Department is supposed to be about.

RATHER: Johnston wrote to his superiors for several weeks warning them that the new evidence contradicted what they had been saying. But the Justice Department did not change its story until last August when the Attorney General was forced to make an embarrassing admission.

Mme. Janet Reno (U.S. Attorney General):

JANET RENO (US Attorney General): I am very, very troubled by the information I received this week suggesting that pyrotechnic devices may have been used in the early morning hours of April the 19th, 1993 at Waco.

MM. Rather & Sage:

SAGE: This is what’s become of the infamous 651 round. You can see the size of it. It’s very small. It’s about three inches long.

RATHER: Investigators had concluded that two of these devices were used. Though most experts overwhelmingly still believe that the Davidians started the fire, the damage had been done. The FBI was caught in a lie.

RATHER cont.: What am I dealing with here as a reporter pertaining to the FBI? Is it a case of cover up or a case of screw up?

SAGE: It’s not a case of cover up. And I would have to say that it is a case of screw up. It was not flagged for its importance, therefore it has taken on a life of its own.

RATHER: Most significantly, it breathes new life into the conspiracy theories that surround the Waco case. Retired agent Byron Sage blames the FBI for not addressing accusations more seriously.

SAGE: I told the Bureau a while back that in Texas, if your eyes start stinging and your nose hurts and you reach up and you’ve got blood on your face, you’re in a fight. And you damn well better realize that you are in a fight. The Bureau, the credibility, the public perception of the Bureau’s integrity is in danger here.

RATHER: And the government’s integrity has been damaged by other discoveries. Within the past six months, they were forced to acknowledge that military Special Forces, believed to be the super secret Delta Force, were present outside Waco. And, a surveillance tape with suspicious gaps was discovered at FBI headquarters. But the most serious question that remains today is this: Did government agents fire shots into that compound on the final day?

MM. Rather & Caddell (Davidian Attorney):

RATHER cont.: What are the main contentions of your suit?

CADDELL: One, that the government was responsible for gunfire on April 19th that in fact either killed Davidians or pinned them down so that they could not escape the fire.

RATHER: So you’re convinced the government fired?

CADDELL: I don’t think there’s any question.

RATHER: Although the Attorney General, the head of the FBI and the FBI as a whole has consistently maintained it did not fire a single shot.

CADDELL: That’s correct.

RATHER: This, he says, is proof. Video shot by a camera aboard an FBI aircraft. A heat detecting eye in the sky known as FLIR or Forward Looking Infra Red. Attorney Caddell is convinced it tells the story.

CADDELL: What we see on numerous occasions is an ongoing gun battle between government forces and the Davidians.

RATHER: Caddell says that these flashes of heat recorded by the sensitive camera are evidence of someone shooting into the compound in response to Davidian gunfire. They begin late in the morning and continue until a little after noon.

CADDELL: You continue to see gunfire at various times from behind that tank directed primarily at the Davidian gun positions here and in the tower and also into this dining room area on the back.

RATHER: But the government calls Caddell’s theory impossible. Sage says this aerial photograph was taken within seconds of the flash and says it shows no one on the ground to be doing the shooting.

RATHER cont.: And your point is that there’s nobody in there?

SAGE: That’s correct.

RATHER: He says this still frame enlargement of the infra red tape makes the same point. But what else could those flashes be?

SAGE: I am not a FLIR expert. My layman’s view is that it’s probably water or moisture reflecting sunlight. But I am confident that I can tell you what they’re not. They’re not gunfire.

RATHER: And to that you say what?

CADDELL: To that I say what we would say in Texas: «When you hear hoof beats, think horses not Zebras.» When I see flashes on an infra red like that, and I see that sort of abrupt, precise signature, I think «gunfire».

MM. Rather & Beaver (British Army FLIR expert):

RATHER: And so does Paul Beaver. He has used infra red imagery extensively in the British Army. He’s also a writer on military and law enforcement tactics and technology. We hired him to demonstrate what gunfire looks like on a thermal-imaging camera.

PAUL BEAVER (showing an example of FLIR footage of known gunfire): No, watch the end here. That plume there you see shooting out is what you can’t see with the naked eye. That’s actually the report and it’s almost identical to the report that we saw down here (on the FBI’s Waco FLIR).

RATHER: We asked him to compare this to what is on the Waco tapes.

BEAVER: This is [are] flashes there which to me look exactly as if they’re gunfire. They have all the right characteristics. There we go, there we go. Two rounds. It’s what’s called a double tap. It’s what you expect a trained marksman to do. To fire two rounds in close proximity of each other. One, two, yeah. It’s not a glitch in the camera. It’s not the sun striking something. It’s not swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus. This is somebody shooting.

RATHER: But the FBI denies this emphatically. Despite the fact that FBI agents came under Davidian machine gun fire, the FBI maintains that no agent fired back. That no one fired a weapon into the compound at all.

RATHER cont.: The FBI has repeatedly said «no FBI person, at any time, fired into the compound.»

MM Rather & Sage:

SAGE: Correct. No FBI person fired, period, during the entire 51 days. Now that’s an extra-ordinary statement. The fact that these agents did not return fire is an extra-ordinary statement to the professionalism and the discipline that is pervasive throughout the hostage rescue team and throughout the FBI for that matter.

RATHER: And you’ve talked to some of these people who were back there at this time? And they’ve told you agent-to-agent, “didn’t happen.”

SAGE: Did not happen, there were no shots fired back there by FBI or anyone else.

RATHER: Today on the very spot where David Koresh and his followers died, volunteers are putting the finishing touches on a church intended to be a lasting memorial. But it’s the legacy of Waco that may prove most haunting. The Oklahoma City bombing and the events at Columbine High School in Colorado were both pegged to the anniversary of the tragedy here. Whatever the current investigations conclude, the FBI’s Byron Sage regrets what happened that day.

SAGE: Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And I think if you ask anyone that was involved in this situation from the on-scene commander to the rank and file agent in the field, that we probably would not have gone forward on the 19th of April or any other time with a tear gassing operation [CS military gas] knowing now that they intended to set that place on fire. ((For those who persist in the claim that the government only wanted to fill the complex with tear gas, then why did they ventilate the walls on all sides with the tank cannons and at some spots drive completely through the walls which left such gaping holes that the gas could have all escaped? I call this disinformation — information provided purposefully to divert the public’s attention — a sub-category of psychological warfare. ¶The coroner assigned to deliver the official forensic evaluation said: “None of these [Branch Davidians’] deaths were by suicide,” Primetime-TV of 13 January 1994.)) Our reason for being there was preservation of life, not to contribute to the loss of life. Approximately 27 children perished on that day. That loss of life — the loss of any life — is something that I think any of us would have moved Heaven and Earth to try to change. ((From our part, this is the clear wisdom that moved us to flee the United States to find safety for our children. From the FBI’s part, however, this is a pathetic lie. Our humanitarian convoy provided the FBI with the last chance to choose between a human face toward the families & children or the continuing face of militaristic provocation &mdash they chose to arrest the human faces & put them in jail. Our humanitarian convoy is proof that this is a lie.))
RATHER: An independent counsel appointed by Janet Reno is hoping to settle the matter of alleged gunfire through a meticulous recreation of the conditions at Waco in a field test this March. And today, Bill Johnston, the Assistant United States Attorney at Waco, who helped bring key evidence to light, announced he’s leaving the Justice Department after more than 12 years of service.


Proof Document 1-E

Bill Clinton’s Statement day after deaths

60th story of level 1 printed in full format.
Copyright 1993 Reuters, Limited
April 20, 1993, Tuesday, BC cycle
[the day after the fire]


Following is the text of President Clinton’s statement Tuesday on the fiery and fatal ending to the standoff between federal agents and followers of David Koresh in Waco, Texas. (650 words):

“On February the 28th, four federal agents were killed in the line of duty trying to enforce the law against the Branch Davidian compound, which had illegally stockpiled weaponry and ammunition and placed innocent children at risk.

Because the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) operation had failed to meet its objective, ((It is important to note that the agents did NOT serve a Warrant, otherwise Mr. Clinton would have said so here. As a matter of fact, this government doesn’t even believe it needs Warrants any more. Additionally, a Channel 10 Waco TV camera crew was positioned & filming in the front yard trees throughout the initial assault. I went personally to Channel 10-TV management and asked them to produce the footage but they refused … subsequently, that footage suffered a «mysterious» disappearance.)) 51-day standoff ensued. The Federal Bureau of Investigation then made every reasonable effort to bring this perilous situation to an end without bloodshed and further loss of life. ((One object of this psychological warfare is to cause the American people not to suspect that they’re being lied to by their own government, and it worked, both in Waco and in Iraq. Tv is their weapon of choice. A noteworthy distinction is that conventional terrorists typically admit their crimes, while these terrorists lie about the people they murder, to the point of saying it was suicide, making their terrorism worse.))

The bureau’s efforts were ultimately unavailing because the individual with whom they were dealing, David Koresh, was dangerous, irrational and probably insane. ((A study of this government’s psychological warfare is compelling. The words: cultist, dangerous, irrational, probably insane, abuses the children, innocent children at risk, multiple wives, compound, bunker, assault weapons, his inclination toward violence, cult members fled, hostages, Jonestown, mass suicide, murder the children, are examples of «trigger words» that, when used over & over in the media, cause the unsuspecting to look the other way when such people get assaulted & murdered, and it worked. The people didn’t even cry for them when they were shown live footage of the Holocaust. “They were a cult. They got what they deserved!” was the Americans’ standard response. But oh! did they cry when other Americans got killed on 11Sept01! But no children were among them, they were covered by insurance, and they became instant heroes. Look again. In this Compendium you are afforded the opportunity to decide for yourself whether I, the Author, also, am a fanatic or insane.))

He engaged in numerous activities which violated both federal law and common standards of decency. ((«Common decency»: This is the gent who was caught with his pants open in the White House in the presence of a young lady who wasn’t his wife. The media commentators chuckled about it & concluded: “He is quite a MAN!”)) He was, moreover, responsible for the deaths and injuries which occurred during the action ((The word “action” is chosen to minimize and to divert the public’s attention away from a 70-man assault by central government’s storm troopers. I draw parallels to the Hitler era because the ruthlessness and terrorism used at Mt. Carmel seem identical, even in the use of Nazi-style Blitzkrieg, or lightning warfare.)) against the compound in February. Given his inclination toward violence, and in an effort to protect his young hostages, no provocative actions ((The five following examples put the lie to Mr. Clinton’s «No provocative actions» brainwash: 1. the use of boisterous & provocative recordings played in the night, as in the familiar Nancy Sinatra sound track: “You going to play with fire? you’re going to get burned…these boots are made for walking, walking over you!” 2. military tanks lunging with engines roaring, crushing vehicles, children’s toys, bicycles, and go-carts, 3. recordings of chickens being slaughtered, 4. miscellaneous screeching sounds in the night, 5. helicopter search lights flashing into the windows in the night. These actions are not only provocative, but terrorist.)) were taken for more than seven weeks by federal agents against the compound.

This weekend, I was briefed by Attorney General (Janet) Reno on an operation prepared by the FBI designed to increase pressure on Koresh and persuade those in the compound to surrender peacefully.

The plan included a decision to withhold the use of ammunition, ((Infra red images show that the FBI did machine gun the Branch Davidian families the day of the holocaust, 19 April 1993. See testimony by British Army FLIR expert M. Paul Beaver, among others, in a transcript of CBS News Sixty Minutes II with Dan Rather on page 9 )) even in the face of fire, and instead to use tear gas [CS military gas] that would not cause permanent harm to health, but would, it was hoped, force the people in the compound to come outside and to surrender. ((Note the tell-tale facts: there were no detoxification units on hand & the fire trucks that were on their way were detained at the military checkpoint long enough to preclude hope of finding survivors.))

I was informed of the plan to end the siege. I discussed it with Attorney General Reno. I asked the questions I thought it was appropriate for me to ask. I then told her to do what she thought was right, and I take full responsibility for the implementation of the decision.

Yesterday’s action ended in a horrible human tragedy. Mr. Koresh’s response to the demands for his surrender by federal agents was to destroy himself and murder the children who were his captives as well as all the other people who were there who did not survive.

He killed those he controlled and he bears ultimate responsibility for the carnage that ensued. ((Remember Herr Goebels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda? People by the millions believed him too.))

Now we must review the past with an eye toward the future. I have directed the United States Departments of Justice and Treasury to undertake a vigorous and thorough investigation to uncover what happened and why, and whether anything could have been done differently.

I have told the departments to involve independent professional law enforcement officials in the investigation.

I expect to receive analysis and answers in whatever time is required to complete the review.

Finally, I have directed the departments to cooperate fully with all Congressional inquiries so that we can continue to be fully accountable to the American people. ((To me, the projection of the “fully accountable” image is psychological warfare par-excellence. The between-the-lines reality is one of “undeclared martial law,” so that these crimes are normal, business-as-usual in the government’s thinking, while the PEOPLE remain clueless.))

I want to express my appreciation to the Attorney General [Janet Reno], to the Justice Department, and to the federal agents on the front lines who did the best job they could under deeply difficult circumstances.

Again I want to say as I did yesterday: I am very sorry for the loss of life which occurred at the beginning and at the end of this tragedy in Waco. ((According to Radio La Première news broadcast from Lausanne, Switzerland, on 20Sept03, Mr. Bill Clinton was in Bosnia presiding over a procession & inaugurating a monument commemorating a grave containing 7,000 bodies of victims of a Muslim massacre in 1995. He is quoted as having said: “Those responsible should be arrested quickly.” This is his standard which applies to himself & Janet Reno, et. al., in light of the Mount Carmel Holocaust. A similar monument needs also to be inaugurated at the Mount Carmel Concentration Camp site.))

I hope very much that others who will be tempted to join cults ((The word «cults» is a term of paramount significance in government circles’ strategizing, but it is never defined, yet the deterrence against guessing wrong are graphic, even «horrible». To me, this is terrorism by definition #1. See: Addendum 1 on page 149 )) and become involved with people like David Koresh will be deterred by the horrible scenes they have seen over the last seven weeks, and I hope very much that the difficult situations which federal agents confronted there, and which they will be doubtless required to confront in other contexts in the future, will be somewhat better handled and better understood because of what has been learned now.” ((When you hear the bleating of a sheep, but see blood on its fangs, think «wolf».))


Proof Document 1-F

Summary of Branch Davidian casualties & incarcerations((See: http://www.waco93.com/faq.htm)):

6 Branch Davidians died on 28 February 1993: ((On this date the U.S. Government launched an illegal & unlawful military assault against the approximately 100 Branch Davidians and their families.))

✝Blake, Winston, 28, black, British
✝Gent, Peter, 24, white, Australian ((Peter was executed by Government agents while crossing the perimeter fence on his way home to his family after work. His body was left hanging on the fence for a couple of days and can be seen in video footage.))
✝Hipsman, Peter, 28, white, American
✝Jones, Perry, 64, white, American
✝Schroeder, Michael, 29, white, American
✝Wendell, Jaydean, 34, Hawaiian, American

76 Branch Davidians died on 19 April 1993 (24 children in bold): ((On this date the U.S. Government finished off the Mt. Carmel Concentration Camp in holocaust from which only nine people escaped with their life. No children escaped.))


✝Andrade, Katherine, 24, white
Andrade, Chanel, 1, white
✝Andrade, Jennifer, 19, white
✝Borst, Mary Jean, 49, white
✝Doyle, Shari, 18, white
✝Farris, Lisa Marie, 24, white
✝Houtman, Floyd, 61, black
✝Jewell, Sherri, 43, Asian
✝Jones, David M., 38, white
✝Koresh, David, 33, white
✝Koresh, Rachel, 24, white
Koresh, Cyrus, 8, white
Koresh, Star, 6, white
Koresh, Bobbie Lane, 2, white
✝Little, Jeffery, 32, white
Gent, Dayland, 3, white
Gent, Page, 1, white
✝Martin, Wayne, Sr., 42, black
Martin, Lisa, 13, black
Martin, Sheila, Jr., 15, black
✝Martin, Anita, 18, black
✝Martin, Wayne, Jr., 20, black
✝Martinez, Julliete, 30, Mexican
Martinez, Crystal, 3, Mexican
Martinez, Isaiah, 4, Mexican
Martinez, Joseph, 8, Mexican
Martinez, Abigail, 11, Mexican
Martinez, Audrey, 13, Mexican
✝Murray, Sonia, 29, black
✝Riddle, James, 32, white
✝Schneider, Steve, 43, white
✝Schneider, Judy, 41, white
Schneider, Mayanah, 2, white
✝Sonobe, Scott Kojiro, 35, Asian
✝Summers, Gregory, 28, white
Summers, Startle, 1, white
✝Sylvia, Lorraine, 40, white
Sylvia, Rachel, 12, white
Sylvia, Hollywood, 1, white
✝Thibodeau, Michelle Jones, 18, white
Jones, Serenity, 4, white
Jones, Chica, 2, white
Jones, Little One, 2, white
✝Wendell, Mark H., 40, Asian


✝Gent Little, Nicole, 24, white
with ✝unborn child
Summers, Aisha Gyrfas, 17, white
with ✝unborn child


✝Bennett, George, 35, black
✝Benta, Susan, 31, black
✝Davies, Abedowalo, 30, black
✝Elliot, Beverly, 30, black
✝Fagan, Yvette, 32, black
✝Fagan, Doris, 51, black
✝Hardial, Sandra, 27, black
✝Henry, Zilla, 55, black
✝Henry, Vanessa, 19, black
✝Henry, Phillip, 22, black
✝Henry, Paulina, 24, black
✝Henry, Stephen, 26, black
✝Henry, Diana, 28, black
✝Malcolm, Livingston, 26, black
✝Martin, Diane, 41, black
✝McBean, John-Mark, 27, black
✝Monbelly, Bernadette, 31, black
✝Morrison, Rosemary, 29, black
Morrison, Melissa, 6, black
✝Nobrega; Theresa, 48, black
✝Sellors, Clifford, 33, white


✝Friesen, Raymond, 76, white
✝Hipsman, Novellette, 36, black


✝Cohen, Pablo, 38, white


✝Saipaia, Rebecca, 24, Asian
✝Sonobe, Floracita, 34, Asian

New Zealanders:

✝Vaega, Neal, 38, Somoan
✝Vaega, Margarida, 47, Asian

8 Branch Davidians were incarcerated on 17 June 1994: ((On this date the long-standing legal & lawful right of self-defense & protecting your family & premises against terrorist assault was trampled to the ground. We, the authors, decry this abuse of power & present this Compendium as a grave & sober Remonstrance in Justice against it. See: http://www.serendipity.li/waco/allocut.html The Branch Davidian Allocutions edited by Carol Moore April 1997.))
Avraam, Renos, age 31, a British businessman and musician, survived the fire that burned Mount Carmel. He was sentenced to 40 years.

Branch, Brad, age 36, a technician from Texas, left Mount Carmel during the siege. He was sentenced to 40 years.

Castillo, Jaime, age 26, a musician from California, survived the fire that burned Mount Carmel. He was sentenced to 40 years.

Craddock, Graeme, age 33, an Australian teacher and engineer, survived the fire that burned Mount Carmel. He was sentenced to 20 years.

Fagan, Livingstone, age 35, a British social worker, Masters in Theology and father of two, left Mount Carmel during the siege. He was sentenced to 40 years.

Fatta, Paul, age 36, a businessman born in Hawaii, was not at Mount Carmel on February 28, 1993. He was sentenced to 15 years.

Riddle, Ruth, age 31, a Canadian citizen, survived the fire that burned Mount Carmel. She was sentenced to 5 years.

Whitecliff, Kevin, age 34, left Mount Carmel during the siege. He was sentenced to 40 years.


Proof Document 1-G

Humanitarian convoy arrested, news article

□ South Bend Tribune □ Saturday, April 17, 1993 □

South Bend man arrested

Gary Spaulding arrested in Waco. AP Photo

Gary Spaulding of South Bend is taken into custody by Texas Department of Public Safety officers Friday at a checkpoint leading to the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas.

WACO, Texas — A South Bend man was taken into custody by Texas law enforcement officers Friday after attempting to deliver food and goods to women and children still inside the Branch Davidian compound.

Gary Spaulding, of 50434 Portage Road, was being held by authorities for interfering with the duties of public servants. He remained in custody Friday night in the McLennan County Jail. Other court information was not immediately available.

Vickie Spaulding, Spaulding’s wife, was not arrested, officials said.

According to Richard Bratton, Spaulding’s father-in-law, the Spauldings went to Waco several days ago, feeling the cult’s women and children required the same kinds of care that other “prisoners-of-war are granted.”

Bratton said Spaulding and another man were pulling handcarts loaded with goods to the first checkpoint, where officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety halted their delivery.

“They (Spaulding and the man with him) asked them if they could stay and watch while the items would be delivered. ((Seen in the photo above are the humanitarian relief supplies which we transported on two hand-trucks. The complete list of humanitarian supplies destined for the Branch Davidians that were confiscated by the police agents when they blocked our humanitarian convoy included: 6 boxes dry baby food, 6 cans baby formula, 6 cans canned goods, 9 jars baby food, 2 boxes baby formula, 2 boxes powdered milk, 4 bottles hydrogen peroxide, 4 white sheets, 1 package diapers, and 2 bags chicken feed.)) That’s all they asked, and they were arrested,” Bratton said. “They did what their hearts felt. It was a humanitarian act.”


Proof Document 1-H

□ South Bend Tribune □ Tuesday, April 20, 1993 □ 3A

South Bend man faces charge in Waco

Tribune Staff Writer

SOUTH BEND — Gary Spaulding of South Bend will return to Waco on May 13 to face charges in connection with Friday’s attempt to take food into the Branch Davidian compound.

Spaulding, who arrived home early Monday from Waco, said he and four other people were on a humanitarian mission to deliver food supplies to the children and adults holed up in the remote David Koresh farm when he and another South Bend man were arrested by federal agents.

In a printed statement, Spaulding said he and Olaitan Oyetunbi carried food supplies on two handtrucks to a checkpoint and asked federal officers to “hold their fire for three hours” while they delivered the goods to the compound. They were refused passage and were arrested when they tried to roll their carts past the checkpoint anyway.

“We were not asking for permission,” he said Monday. “We were simply asking them to hold their fire while we completed our mission.” ((The word mission presumes that, in my opinion, God cared about the Branch Davidians’ plight and sent us to help them. I had called the Red Cross office in South Bend and they expressed no intention of helping “because it was not a natural disaster” — so we went ourselves.))

He and Oyetunbi each were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of interfering with the duty of public service officers and were released Friday night from the McLennan County Jail on their own recognizance.

Spaulding denounced “the abolishment of what we would consider normal behavior” on the part of federal agents. He said television cameras, which began recording their arrest, were ordered shut off by federal officers, which was an indication

to him that the media were getting only one side of the story throughout the standoff. An Associated Press photograph of Spaulding after he was arrested was printed in Saturday’s editions of The Tribune.

Spaulding and Oyetunbi were released from the McLennan County Jail after a May 13 court date was set.

Spaulding originally went to Waco in early April as part of a “show of resolve” conducted by an Indianapolis-based group that called itself the Unorganized Militia of the United States of America. ((I traveled 5 times to Mount Carmel in total, a round-trip of more than 2,000 miles, seeking at great expense to find the truth and to be part of the answer. Furthermore, the Militia referred to is the Constitutionally stipulated body that provides for the people’s defense without the need of a standing army in times of peace.))

The group, which totaled about 20, toted unloaded automatic and semi-automatic weapons in an area about two miles away from the federal command post on April 3 in support of the right to possess firearms. Group members denounced the federal siege on the compound as an assault on the Koresh group’s right to have weapons.

While there, he and wife Vickie saw a newspaper article about the lack of adequate supplies inside the compound. He said they took donations and collected baby formula, diapers, powdered milk and chicken feed to be delivered.

Members of the Unorganized Militia tried a similar approach earlier. They were turned back but were not arrested, he said.

Spaulding said the decision to try to deliver aid to the people inside the compound had nothing to do with supporting Koresh. While he indicated he respected Koresh’s convictions,

he said he identified more with the group’s immediate plight, which he said was the government’s attempt by force to deny a group of its rights to protect its own property.

“We had purposely set aside every other consideration in the David Koresh matter in order to focus solely and exclusively on the humanitarian aspect,” Spaulding said in the statement. ((I did know, however, what it is like to be demonized, even in my own home town, and by my own people. It was perhaps that traumatic experience, in March of 1975, in Niles, Michigan, that seasoned me and helped me so as to become blind to the litany of abusive rhetoric and to perceive the people’s need. I have faced other traumatic experiences also, that together, have played a major role in shaping my paradigm and making me who I am.))

As for the fiery end Monday to the 51-day standoff, Spaulding believes much of the blame for the loss of life lies with the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“The responsibility for the coercive provocation lies with the BATF and the FBI,” he said. He added that he believed the FBI and BATF planned to use the Branch Davidian standoff as an example for all other groups that try to protect their property.

Spaulding has a local record of brushes with the law. He was arrested twice in 1990 for demonstrating at the Michiana Abortion Clinic in Niles ((The abortionist at the Niles abortion facility, Denis Christensen, commuted by airplane from Madison, Wisconsin. He was known to perform late-term abortions. I was among the first ones to try to induce him to leave town (the town of my birth) soon after he arrived in 1982. I neatly stenciled with red epoxy paint 3 times on the public sidewalk in front of this same abortion facility these words: “Thou shalt not shed innocent blood.”)) and for obstructing traffic at the Women’s Pavilion abortion clinic in South Bend; in 1983 for disorderly conduct after preaching at Riley High School; in 1989 for disorderly conduct after police broke up a party he and another man were having as part of their ministry work in a northeast side neighborhood. [This last entry is a fabrication by my persecutors in the local police department; See: footnote #205]



AFFIDAVIT #2 — Terrorism against our family, et. al.

Comes now M. GARY SPAULDING and presents the following testimony & proofs:

Government Officials in the United States committed terrorism, terrorizing our family, crimes against humanity & crimes against their own laws on numerous levels during a long train of persecution and abuses that included an attempted false arrest against me by police officials on 6 May 2002 (9 years after the events at Mount Carmel near Waco, Texas) because of some undisclosed accusation claiming that my children were in danger of some undisclosed source of harm. In that way we were forewarned of imminent danger to our family, so we left our house & family farm that same day, never to return. We made our exodus from the United States one year later. The progression of events from then until now is, in relevant part, as follows:

An agent of the child police ((a.k.a. The Child Protective Services of St. Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A.)) called my wife, Vickie, by telephone on 26 April 2002, alleging that our children were in danger, and that a forced inspection of them in our home was required. Three times my wife asked the agent, a Ms. Kimberly Slaughter-Collier, ((A reproduction of Ms. Slaughter’s business calling card can be viewed on page 32 [link]))to tell her the nature of said danger & who was accusing us. Ms. Slaughter responded that they could not divulge specifics because the danger involved minors, our minors, and that, according to protocol, they keep such information secret due to children’s right to privacy, and that, as such, they are obliged to protect children, even against their parents. Vickie answered: “But I am the children’s Mother! Certainly you can tell me the danger you are alleging my children are facing!” Ms. Slaughter replied: “No, as I have said, we can’t and we won’t. We have to inspect your kids ((They call them kids — we call them children, signaling a clash of world views. “Kids,” more precisely, are the children of goats.)) in your home.” Vickie answered: “You are not invited, and we expect to be left alone. My husband is presently out of the house, but he will get in contact with you as soon as he can.”

Vickie notified me at my place of work in Chicago. I left immediately, returned by train to South Bend, and took a taxi directly to child police headquarters, without going home first. I got an appointment to discuss the allegations.

On 6 May 2002, the day of the appointment, I was accompanied by a personal witness, a lady friend of the family. The agents did not reveal the alleged danger nor any specifics. I presented an Affidavit from Mama Vickie attesting to and certifying the fact that our children are in NO DANGER. I, myself, wanted to present an Affidavit to the agents for the Record, attesting to the same, but the agents said: “No, we are not going to receive an Affidavit from you.” I turned to my witness & said to her: “Take note, for the Record, that these agents have denied me the right to submit an Affidavit.” ((One Affidavit from the Papá would have outweighed any of their anonymous «hearsay» telephone calls.)) I returned to face the agents & responded: “Our children are in NO DANGER. You are to be granted NO ACCESS to them. You do NOT have my permission. I am my children’s child protective agent and I don’t need your help. WE EXPECT TO BE LEFT ALONE.” The agents responded: “We cannot make any more progress in this session. The Judge upstairs will take the next step. This session is over.” I said: “That would be correct. Thank you. Good Day,” and we left.

Once outside, my witness & I exchanged our Good Byes. I proceeded to the parking lot, and to my motorbike. As I was unlocking my motorbike the same said agents of the child police came up behind me, flanked me, and called to uniform police officers standing near the entrance to the building to come arrest me. I realized I was in danger of a false arrest. I said to the agents: “Good Day,” and rode away before the officers could make their move.

In view of a long history of unreasonable actions, abuses, crimes & violations of Constitutional guarantees committed against me by government officials, my intelligence & foresight convinced me that my children were in danger of being forcibly and illegally removed from my wife & me. Therefore, I returned home, gathered together my wife and our 4 children, took them out-of-state to safety, and we never returned home. That was Monday 6 May 2002.

Three days later the child police & uniform police trespassed onto our private farm land. They had no Warrant in-hand nor authorizing paperwork, and I had already told them to their face: “You are to be granted no access to the children … and … We expect to be left alone.” This constitutes criminal trespassing ((Criminal trespassing is when you have been told by the owner or authorizing agent not to enter onto private land, but you do so anyway, and, doubly so in this case, because they ventured onward without a Warrant in-hand.)) and, in our opinion, terrorism. ((As such the child police is a criminal & terrorist organization. Referring to this terrorism Vickie stated in her second Swiss asylum interview, answer #15, the following: “We had to flee from the child police … they showed up at our house & would have taken the children. It is like someone coming to your house with a ski mask over his head because the fact of not having authority is what this resembles [terrorism] … we would not have been able to avoid a confrontation.”)) At the farm they said to a neighbor: “The Spauldings were in Waco (Texas) … we are looking for their children & their military bunkers.” ((At this point, the «Waco» stigmatization is still being weighed against us 9 years after the fact.))

The police’s claim that I have military bunkers is part of the militaristic demonization government officials have used against me to stigmatize me in connection with the events at the Mount Carmel Concentration Camp. ((See: Affidavit #1)) Agents of the FBI arrested my friend & me for crossing the police cordon with humanitarian relief supplies destined for a group of people called the Branch Davidians ((The «Branch Davidians» are non-conference Adventists, a break-away from the 7th Day Adventist Church, having separated from the General Conference (authorized body) in 1935.)) who were being held in their campus under FBI siege. Their campus was known by people in Waco as «Mount Carmel». We were falsely arrested & jailed on 16 April 1993.

Three days later, the 19th of April 1993, the FBI murdered the people we had tried to help, 76 in number. ((Former Attorney General Janet Reno authorized the final annihilation 2 days prior, on 17Apr93. See a list of casualties on page 18.[link])) For that reason, the demonization that had been directed toward the Branch Davidians before their death, was now re-directed toward me, including accusing me of being a «cultist», ((Local police officials in my home-town community assigned a «cult investigator» to profile me & plot against me, a Sgt. Keith Forsythe, St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department, South Bend, Indiana.)) militaristic ((The child police & uniform police trespassed onto our farm «looking for our … military bunkers.»)) and dangerous. ((According to a neighbor who talked with agents of the police before they trespassed onto our land, they said: “We know that the Spauldings have guns out there & we don’t want any violence.” They also knew that they had no authority, and that we were willing to protect ourselves & our land if we were cornered, but they came anyway.)) Now add to that the likelihood that I am being accused of some form of child abuse, and the package of demonization is identical to that promulgated against the Branch Davidians before the Mt. Carmel siege.

In my opinion, the FBI find it necessary to falsely accuse me ((In 1998 the FBI sought me out to ask me for details pertaining to a terrorist act that happened in a city unknown to me. In brief, the FBI tried to link me with terrorist acts, although I am no terrorist, but a humanitarian missionary. I understand this as an effort on the part of the FBI to make as though I am a terrorist.)) and mess with me in order to fabricate a serious crime against me. The reason is that because either I am the criminal who interfered with them at Waco when Olaitan and I pressed in with the humanitarian convoy, or they are the criminals who interfered with us. Although the FBI charged me with a crime, the case was never adjudicated with a verdict. As the years pass, more is being revealed about their crimes. The embarrassment and liability is growing and they desperately want to put it on me to discredit me and silence me, even to the point of neutralizing me.

It is also significant to understand how intensely the FBI wanted to terrorize us into aborting our humanitarian mission. The checkpoint guards called a military helicopter to come & circle above us with its bay door open & a machine-gunner sitting at-the-ready. This is terrorism by definition #1. However, we did not shrink back.

In light of the above, we understood our family farm to be unsafe territory for our children, so we took shelter for one year with friends in Chicago, ((During that time I worked at helping our friends fix up their house like a 5-Star Hotel. It is located close to the Lake Michigan waterfront.)) remaining hidden and off-the-record from all suspect authorities. It was never made known to us who was making what allegations, nor the nature of such, nor the magnitude. Nor did the “next step by the Judge upstairs” ever materialize, as had been promised. ((The promised “next step by the Judge upstairs,” inferred that a court-issued Warrant would be forthcoming & served to me, but that never happened. Such Warrant would at least have allowed me to insist on my right to privacy & other rights in a public forum rather than being cornered at my farm & «waco’d» without a witness. After 11 months of having Vickie return to South Bend, from time-to-time, discreetly & incognito, checking our post office box for court-authorized documentation, we interpreted its absence to mean we were still in jeopardy, so we left the country.))

Meanwhile, we evaluated our possibilities for finding safety elsewhere in the U.S.A., but friends gave us a book ((See reference in footnote 62.)) that provided forensic research establishing that the child police has arrogated jurisdiction THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. This means that NO SAFE ZONE exists within U.S. jurisdictional territory.

o o o

I INTERRUPT THE NARRATIVE OF THIS AFFIDAVIT in order to present proof documents, intended to corroborate that:

  1.  Government Officials in the United States are committing terrorism against families, crimes against humanity & crimes against their own laws on numerous levels with abuses & persecutions, including against our family,
  2.  The clear & present danger we perceived against our family was existing in fact,
  3.  No territory under U.S. jurisdiction is a «safe zone», exempt from this danger,
  4.  The U.S. Legal Justice System provides neither remedy nor redress for these grievances, and,
  5.  Since we made our exodus there have been no significant changes in the U.S. that have brought any promise of relief, but quite the contrary.


Proof Document 2-A

Forensic research of terrorist assaults against families: ((Excerpts from the book: “Out of Control: Who’s Watching the Child Protection [child police] Agencies?” by Brenda Scott, Huntington House Publishers, 1994.))

CONTEMPT OF COURT: As is often the case, the child savers [child police] refused to obey court orders. ((Ibid. p. 14))

CORRUPTION IS TYPICAL: A San Diego, California, grand jury concurred that “social workers [child police] had lied, falsified evidence, and disobeyed court orders, and that such actions were typical” [source indicated] ((Ibid. p. 13))

CHILDREN TAKEN AWAY FALSELY: In Arizona, children have been taken away for «sexual abuse» because they have accidentally seen their parents unclothed; parents have bathed a four-year-old; or because fathers were seen kissing their young daughters on the mouth. [source indicated] ((Ibid. p. 32))

GIRL ABDUCTED: A six-year-old girl was abducted from her kindergarten class because an anonymous tipster saw the child rubbing herself between the legs. ((Ibid. p. 67)) The child was forced to strip, pose for photographs and submit to a vaginal exam. The diagnosis: a yeast infection. Without a trial, Child Protective Services [child police] demanded that the father leave home, until he admits his guilt. ((Ibid. excerpt from back cover of the book.))

BOY KIDNAPPED FROM SCHOOL: Spanking is a leading cause of intervention by CPS [child police]. David Gard’s story is only one example of many. David was kidnapped from school by CPS [child police] after the agency received a tip that he had been spanked by his father. A physical exam revealed no evidence of abuse, and David explained that his father had spanked him because he had walked out on the ice while it was thin. He begged to go home, but his pleas were ignored. “They tried to brainwash me,” he says. “They’d tell me ‘he [Papa] didn’t do it because you misbehaved, he did it because he wanted to.’“… Finally David was allowed to testify in court but it took the system another six months to determine that David would be better off at home. [source indicated]. The sting of the spanking faded quickly, but the scars caused by CPS [child police] run deep. While David was imprisoned in the system, he lost a year of fellowship with his family… Colorado’s statutes demand that «nothing in the law should be construed as license to interfere with parents engaged in a “reasonable exercise of parental discipline,”»… Yet, in practice, this is completely taboo in CPS [child police] circles. ((This is another example where rights are guaranteed in legal theory in the United States, but are violated in their application on the street, as also happened in the Soviet Union.)) Most social workers [child police] see themselves as change-agents, and one of their missions is to eliminate all use of corporal punishment. ((Ibid. p. 50. Also, the following quote from Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography regarding spanking a recalcitrant child, proves that he, too, would be in the Federal Penitentiary: “And I think the correction very light and not likely to be very effectual if the strokes left no marks,” page 224, the Macmillan Company, 1918.))

POWER TO COERCE: When an agency has possession of someone’s child, they have the most powerful, coercive weapon of all. ((Ibid. p. 95. To me, this is a terrorist’s declaration of war.))

POWER TO DESTROY THE FAMILY: In no other segment of our society is a handful of people given the power to destroy our nation’s most valuable institution — the family. ((Ibid. p. 61. Ditto.))

TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE FAMILY: In our concern for children, we have granted unprecedented police power to often unqualified people, giving them total control over our nation’s most precious asset — the family. ((Ibid. p. 42. This is done in the name of «law & order» humanism.))

A STRIP SEARCH (OF THE CHILD) is part of the initial interview. ((Ibid. p. 184 #14. Children have the right to be free from invasion by strangers in a civilized world. “Just say NO!”))

PANDEMIC EXTENSION OF MANDATE: The federal government became involved in abuse issues with the formation of the Children’s Bureau in 1912. It urged the states to make child protective agencies [child police] part of the state government. The Social Security Act of 1935 included funding to state & county child welfare services, but not private agencies. With the promise of federal money, the states & counties quickly complied with the government’s wishes. ((Ibid. p. 25))

PSYCHO-POLITICS: Schools, parenting classes, and the media have helped to promote the CPS [child police] philosophy that every parent is a potential abuser; spanking is wrong; every bruise means abuse; and the myth that all these ills can be resolved by more money & more government control. ((Ibid. p. 33))

MALICIOUS ACCUSATIONS GRANTED IMPUNITY: Every American citizen was granted immunity from all civil & criminal actions for reporting abuse — even if it is done maliciously. This stacked deck has literally drawn millions into the CPS [child police] web unnecessarily. ((Ibid. p. 27))

PROBABLE CAUSE PROTECTION ABOLISHED: Mandated reporting laws, established by the Federal Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act, have been responsible for a significant influx of calls — many of them erroneous. Teachers, day care providers, doctors, and anyone else in a position of care over children are required to report even the merest suspicion of abuse. Failure to do so could result in civil, criminal, and professional penalties. ((Ibid. p. 34))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED — FROM A GRAND JURY REPORT IN SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: “The burden of proof, contrary to every other area of our judicial system, is on the alleged perpetrator to prove his innocence.” ((Ibid. p. 84, “Families in Crisis”: Report No. 2 (San Diego, CA: San Diego Grand Jury, 1992), 26.))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED, CONT’D: Prosecutor Kathleen Morris of Jordan Minnesota, exclaimed that she was “sick to death of things like the presumption of innocence.” This is a sentiment shared by many workers within the child abuse industry [child police]. ((Ibid. p. 132))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED, CONT’D: CPS [child police] is required to investigate all hotline calls [accusations]. On the basis of an anonymous tip, they demand entrance into homes, abduct children from schools, and reek havoc in families’ lives. ((Ibid. p. 105. Introducing: the U.S. Gestapo & Secret Police.))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED, CONT’D: Many states require all reports [accusations] to be treated as true, that those charged are to be presumed guilty. ((Ibid. p. 134))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED, CONT’D: Presumption of guilt is especially evident when the charge is sexual molestation. ((Ibid. p. 132))

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE ABOLISHED, CONT’D: In spite of the numerous studies that prove that 60 to 80% of all abuse charges — including sexual abuse — are false, those within the industry [child police] still claim that any charge, no matter how ridiculous, is true. ((Ibid. p. 132))

ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE: The 4th Amendment to the Constitution assures that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers & effects, against unreasonable searches & seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon Probable Cause.” Unfortunately, most child-savers [child police] believe that they are exempt from this restriction. When a social worker [child police] arrives at the door, often accompanied by a police officer, they expect to be allowed to enter. Some CPS [child police] workers even insist that they do not need Warrants. ((This takes different forms with the net effect of: “no-knock, no-Warrant, dynamic, «ram-rod» style forced entry” into a family’s house. This is the ideology of terrorists, masqueraded in the name of «law & order humanism».)) A Denver [Colorado] (news)paper once stated that in Colorado, all that is needed to enter & search a home is “a belief” that a child may be abused. ((The U.S. Constitution rejects this mentality, as follows: “It is better, so the Fourth Amendment teaches, that the guilty sometimes go free than that citizens be subject to easy arrest,” Henry v. U.S., 361 U.S. 98, 104 (1959). )) That belief can be based upon one anonymous phone call.

¶Because this is intimidating, most people allow social workers [child police] to enter — especially if they are innocent of any charge. Surely, they assume, the social worker [child police] will see what a ridiculous charge this is, and the case will be settled. However, that is the biggest mistake an innocent person can make. Once people have allowed an agent [child police] in their home, they have actually waived their 4th Amendment rights. Since most social workers [child police] believe that the accused is already guilty, they often go into a home, fishing for reasons to draw the family into the system. Many innocent families have been drawn into the night-mare of CPS [child police] because they allowed a social worker [child police] in the house — only to have the children removed because of dirty dishes in the sink & laundry on the floor.

¶Once in the home, social workers [child police] often insist that they be allowed to strip search the children & interview them alone. This is a damaging, traumatic experience for a child, tantamount to molestation. No child should be forced to stand naked before the probing eyes & hands of a stranger. Children are taken aside & questioned without witnesses. They ask things such as “How often do your parents spank you? Have your parents ever touched you in a private area? How do they do it? Have you ever taken a shower with a parent? Have your parents ever slept with you?” No matter how innocent the answers, a social worker [child police] on a mission can always find a reason to remove a child if they desire. After all, the child could be in denial. Because these interviews usually take place without a parent present, the child’s words can be twisted to mean whatever the caseworker wishes them to mean. ((Ibid. pp. 137 & 138))

INCOMPETENCE: “Child Protection Services [child police] cannot distinguish real abuse from fabrication, abuse from neglect, and neglect from poverty or cultural differences.” ((Ibid. p. 104))

THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL ABOLISHED: What surprises many parents is that they can lose their children — the most important part of their lives — without ever having a trial. The Constitution does guarantee that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.” But, child-savers [child police] reason that children are people, not property, so this clause does not apply to them. As usual, the child abuse industry [child police] is above the law. ((When the child police is neither bound to the civil law nor to the criminal law, it is a law unto itself, which Solzhenitsyn described in his book: “A Gulag Archipelago” as «man becomes the law», a tyrannical state of affairs.)) The Sixth Amendment further states that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury.” Once again, the child abuse industry [child police] claims exemption because they are not part of the “criminal” system. ((Ibid. p. 148. The child police’s ideology of terrorism begins with their assumption that their authority is above the God-given authority of parents over their children.))

ANONYMOUS ACCUSATIONS: Under the guise of «confidentiality», CPS [child police] allows anonymous complaints as cause for investigation & evidence for conviction. On the basis of anonymous tips, houses are illegally searched, parents arrested, children abducted from their homes & schools, and families are thrown into emotional & financial ruin. ((This anonymous accuser is the same as Moscow’s Secret Police, or KGB, that served as Central Command’s «Peeping Toms», to incriminate their neighbors falsely. This is nothing new. Jesus faced a barrage of false accusations in his day. An isolated voice spoke on behalf of justice, saying: “How can we punish him until he has been heard?” (John 7:50). In my opinion, anyone who condemns their neighbors (an accused sexual abuser or the Branch Davidians) on the sole testimony of their worst enemies, would also have condemned our Lord. He was accused of heresy, blasphemy & violating accepted, authorized religious norms, nowadays known as a «cultist-imposter». Molestation hadn’t become the weapon of choice in those days that it has become now.)) People can be sent to prison on child abuse charges without ever being allowed to cross-examine their accusers… Nor is the accused allowed the opportunity to cross-examine testimony against him. This is clearly a violation of the United States Constitution. ((Ibid. pp. 143 & 144. Moscow’s Secret Police was called the «KGB».))

SYSTEM-IMPOSED RAPE: Children are repeatedly told by school officials that they have a right to control their own bodies — that no one has the right to violate their privacy. «Just shout “No!”» they’re told. Yet, the child protective system [child police], which promotes such programs, feels no qualms at all about kidnapping children, forcing them to be strip searched, examined & photographed nude by strangers without any loving adult support present, even when the children deny any abuse & beg to be left alone or to see a parent. All that is needed is an anonymous tip about “possible suspicion.” Surely, this treatment is tantamount to system imposed rape. ((Ibid. p. 69. Hitler’s Secret Police was called the «Gestapo».))

INNOCENT PARENTS ARE GUILTY: Innocent parents who are hostile and deny guilt are more likely to lose their children. Social workers [child police] are taught that all parents are guilty. Hostility is seen as evidence of that — so is denial, and a parent who claims he is innocent is obviously covering guilt. ((Ibid. p. 36))

FAR-REACHING DEVASTATION OF THOSE FALSELY ACCUSED: There are no funds set aside for victims of false accusations. There is nothing to reimburse them for the financial devastation, loss of reputation, loss of jobs, and sometimes even ruined marriages. Nor is there any way to compensate for the impact of forcible search & seizure, strip searching, intensive interrogation, and incarceration of the children who become victims of the state. When previously non-abused children are finally returned home, they often exhibit the symptoms of abuse. They may be fearful, withdrawn, stutter, develop tics, or exhibit violent behavior. Children exposed to explicit sexual information during the interrogation process may become eroticized. [source indicated] Many have been abused in foster care. ((Ibid. p. 74. See: The State of Terrorism within the Foster Care Industry on page 34 [link]))

TRIPLE JEOPARDY: A parent who spanks his child can be charged with 1) misdemeanor child abuse, 2) dependency and neglect, and 3) emotional abuse — three reports for one spanking. If it is revealed that the same child has received two spankings, then this number can be doubled. Thirty-six states …admitted keeping multiple counts of abuse reports for the same child. [source indicated] ((Ibid. p. 29))

LOSS OF PARENTAL RIGHTS: One father is charged with abuse, molestation, and having a dirty house. All charges are dropped except for messy housekeeping. The sentence: 60 days in jail and both parents lose all parental rights. ((Ibid. Excerpt from back cover of the book.))

PLAGUE OF FALSE CHARGES: Every year, thousands of people are falsely charged with sexual abuse. No other crime carries such stigma. Even if they are acquitted, their lives are never the same. Anytime they are with a child, they are suspect. Survivors tell of being afraid to hug or hold children — even their own grandchildren. No one emerges unscarred. A large, class-action suit has been filed in Arizona against the state’s Child Protective Services [child police] by families who have been torn apart by unjust, unproven charges. The following cases are just a small sampling of the problem [three traumatic stories are presented]. ((Ibid. p. 65))

NIGHTMARE OF FALSE ACCUSATIONS: By the child abuse industry’s [child police] own figures, over one million people are falsely accused of child abuse each year in this country [U.S.A.]. It’s time for the nightmare to end. ((Ibid. p. 19))

UNLIMITED ABUSE: Granted almost unlimited authority, Child Protective Services [child police] workers have become judge, jury, and executioner. But, [and] unlimited power breeds unlimited abuse.

AN INDICTMENT FROM AN INSIDER: …The court claimed that CPS [child police] workers were immune from civil prosecution for their activities… In an interview with the author [Brenda Scott], a Christian social worker, who is also a parent, was asked how she would respond if a social worker [child police] appeared at her door. She replied, “I wouldn’t let him in. Then my husband & I would abandon everything we have & leave that night.” That’s quite an indictment from a person who has seen the system from the inside.” ((Ibid. p. 151.))

DUE PROCESS DEFINED, AND ABOLISHED: Embodied in the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution are the rights of due process — the right of a fair trial [and legal procedure]. Through subsequent litigation, the rights of due process have come to mean the following:

  • The right to receive notice of all charges.
  • The right to counsel.
  • The right to confront your accuser & to cross-examine the complainants.
  • The right to exercise a privilege against self-incrimination.
  • The right to a [true & accurate] ((Twice, court transcripts in cases against my wife and me were falsified, therefore we emphasize the requirement of a true and accurate transcript.)) transcript of all proceedings.
  • The right to appellate review.
  • The right to subpoena witnesses [a.k.a. compulsory process] & subpoena documentary evidence to support your position or contradict evidence presented against you.
  • The right to a trial by jury.
  • The right to receive equal protection of the law.
  • The right to use the Constitution as a defense.
  • The right to use case law as a defense.
  • The right to sue any U.S. citizen for “Unlawful Deprivation of any constitutional, statutory, or administrative right.”
  • The right of access & use of any taxpayer-funded law-library, government building, and courtroom.
  • The protection against double jeopardy.
  • [The right of presumption of innocence.]
  • [The right of protection from malicious prosecution.]

The Child Protection System [child police] does not recognize any of these elements of due process. It has become a police state within the state, operating outside the bounds of the Constitution. ((Ibid. p. 141 & 142))

DUE PROCESS ABOLISHED, CONT’D: It only takes an anonymous tip to emotionally and financially destroy a family. These provisions, which bypass Constitutional rights to due process, have made the charge of «abuse» an increasingly popular weapon-of-choice in everything from landlord/tenant disputes to custody battles. ((Ibid. p. 35))


About the author of the book:

Brenda Scott is an investigative researcher … obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement and Criminology, with a specialty in Domestic Abuse, and a second Major in Public Speaking.


Proof Document 2-B

Ms. Slaughter’s [child police] calling card:

Note: Observers keen on detecting psychological warfare know how little the help of the child police is wanted anywhere, by anyone, yet their logo claims they are:

“People helping people help themselves.”

After distillation, and using the mortar & pestle, the peasants find these words left at the bottom of the crucible: “Helping ourselves to your money without your consent to commit terrorism against your family with impunity — just try to stop us.”


Proof Document 2-C

America’s Gestapo: The Child Protective Services [child police]

(Excerpts from V.O.C.A.L. ((Ibid. Victims of Child Abuse Laws)) newsletter, News of the Force, 21 May 2002)

WARRANT-LESS FORCED ENTRY: We all live in freedom — at least, that is — until you get a visit from an agent of a state child protection agency [child police] …(they) can enter your home, take your child, and order you into a juvenile court — all without a Warrant or any other type of legal process … “DCF [child police] can do anything they want” ….

POLICIES «MAY» (ARE ALLOWED TO) VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION: We asked her (Sheriff Department Spokeswoman in Tampa Florida) if DCF [child police] agents could violate the Constitution & force their way into a person’s home without a Warrant, she said, “That would depend on DCF’s [child police] policies.” So, it appears, DCF [child police] can make their own “policies”, even if those policies violate the Constitution or your civil rights ….

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT: And what rights do you have when DCF [child police] comes to your door? Well, you have the right to have your children ripped from your home. You have the right to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney. You have the right to be guilty until you can prove yourself innocent … But your Rights will never be considered in Florida’s juvenile courts.

The VOCAL website is at:   http://www.vocalinfo.org/

Its postal address is: VOCAL NY Inc., P.O. Box 4295, Utica, NY 13504-4295.


Proof Document 2-D

The State of Terrorism within the Foster Care Industry

Foster Care Stretched Beyond Limits

(from: ABCNEWS.com)

Sally Schofield, 41, leaves the courthouse in Wiscasset, Maine, on June 18, after the first day of her trial. She was eventually convicted in the death of her 5-year-old foster daughter. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo)

ABC NEWS Finds Vulnerable Children Neglected — and Even Left to Die

By Cynthia McFadden — July 2, 2001

Sally Schofield, the foster mother of Logan Marr, was found guilty June 25 of wrapping the 5 year old’s body with 42 feet of duct tape during a “timeout,” causing the little girl to suffocate.

Schofield could face up to 40 years in prison for the child’s death.

“The child-welfare system failed Logan Marr in every possible way,” said Richard Wexler, the executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform. “They failed her … by … ignoring her cries of abuse and they failed her by letting her die in that foster home.”

Six weeks before she was killed, Logan was on a visit to her birth mother when, in the presence of a child-welfare worker hired to supervise the visit, she complained that her foster mother was hurting her. “She did this to me and I cried ’cause it hurts me,” the child is heard saying on a videotape, although she isn’t seen.

Despite this information, there was no immediate investigation and Logan’s child-welfare worker failed to make a required quarterly visit to the foster home.

“In Maine, they don’t even try to visit children more than once every three months,” Wexler told ABC NEWS. “And they weren’t even doing that until the scandal surrounding the Logan Marr case.”

Across the country, child-welfare workers tell ABC NEWS they are overwhelmed. Some say they have too many cases, others complain of inadequate training, and they all say they are underpaid. The annual turnover rate of workers is as high as 70 percent in some areas.

Foster Children Often Face Frequent Moves

ABC NEWS’ Law & Justice Unit spoke to one foster mother in Mississippi who expressed her frustration with the foster-care system. Two baby boys who had been abused were brought to her home when they were only a few months old. One had 18 broken bones, and the other had 22 broken bones, she said.

The foster mother, who asked not to be identified, told ABC NEWS that for the first 18 months, she had to deal with 22 different child welfare workers and that, in the course of three years, she only saw child-welfare workers five times. She also adopted a boy who is now a teenager. Before he came to live with her, he bounced around in foster care, living in 32 foster homes over a five-year period.

Debbie, now 15, was 5 years old when she was removed from her parents’ home because of her mother’s substance-abuse problem. Debbie and her sister and brothers were all taken from their mother’s home, but Debbie was separated from her siblings by New Jersey‘s Department of Youth and Family Services. She recalls being in 11 or 12 foster homes over five years.

“They would take me out and not tell me where I was going. I would get back from school, my bags were packed, I didn’t have the time to say goodbye to anyone,” said Debbie. “You have to build up a wall so you don’t get close.”

In one of the foster homes, she was sexually abused. “I felt like nothing,” she recalled. “I wanted to be with my real brothers and sister again.”

For seven years, the government agency was unable to reunite the siblings or arrange for regular visits. Debbie’s story does have a happy ending, unlike that of so many other foster children. She was adopted in 1997 and is grateful she has parents to love and who love her and a place to call home.

Lawsuits Aim to Get Foster Care Supervision

Lawsuits have been filed in Washington, D.C., and nine states — Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee and Georgia — asking judges to supervise entire foster-care agencies.

“Most of the caseworkers in this country are inadequately trained, do not have the educational background to do the job, and have caseloads too high for any human being to handle, no matter how well-trained they are,” said Marcia Lowry, the director of Children’s Rights Inc., a nonprofit organization that represents children in all of these lawsuits.

“There are some caseworkers out there who are doing absolutely heroic work, who are really doing the best they can,” she added. “But they are being put in circumstances that are impossible, and they are not getting support.”

Michael Ward, a Mississippi judge who has presided over foster-care cases for 23 years, says there’s a crisis in his jurisdiction. “I would suspect that probably as many as half of the abuse and neglect cases are not being investigated at all,” he said.

Caseworkers Overloaded

Even though her agency advised her not to, Julia Wasvick, a child-welfare worker in Mississippi, told ABC NEWS: “How could any caseworker with a caseload of 70 to 100 manage to go out and see the children? I mean, that’s impossible.”

Janet Atkins, who has been working as a social worker for child-protection agencies in California since 1986 and who speaks as a union member, says caseloads are so high that social workers have to make hard choices: either give priority to seeing the families and children under their watch, or do the paperwork.

In California, caseworkers assigned to certain tasks have to monitor at least 54 cases at a time. “There’s no way you can see 54 children once a month and still do the rest,” said Atkins.

ABC NEWS’ Legal Unit, including Eric Avram, Deborah Katz and Sylvie Rottman, worked on this investigation.© 2002 ABC News Internet Ventures.


Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, page 1A

©2001 Blethen Maine Newspapers, Inc.

Byline: By JOSHUA L. WEINSTEIN Staff Writer

A former Department of Human Services caseworker who quit to become a foster parent was charged with manslaughter Tuesday in the death of her 5-year-old foster daughter. Police say that Sally Schofield, who is 39 and lives in Chelsea, bound 5-year-old Logan Marr with duct tape and left the girl alone in the basement.

An autopsy showed that the girl died from asphyxiation, and the Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the case a homicide. The girl’s sister was removed from the house the day Logan died. Schofield’s two other children, a 15-year-old and a toddler, remain in the house, said Kevin Concannon, the commissioner of the state Department of Human Services. Schofield was released from the Kennebec County Jail on Tuesday afternoon on $500 bail. The manslaughter charge comes after a recent federal report criticizing the state for the way it inspects foster homes. The Legislature is considering several bills to improve Maine‘s foster-care system. Logan Marr died Jan. 31.

Police immediately classified the death as suspicious.

As their investigation went on, Schofield offered different accounts of what happened. At first, she claimed that the girl died in a fall, even though there were no signs of head trauma. According to a police affidavit, Schofield initially told Trooper Jeffrey Mills that Logan “was in time-out in the basement for about an hour prior to her death.” The affidavit says that Schofield told police “that Logan had gotten herself stuck in some duct tape at some point prior to falling over in the chair.” State police Detective William S. Harwood wrote that on Jan. 31, Schofield told him that “Logan had woken up from a nap in a rage and she strapped Logan in a high chair in the basement for time-out.” She told him that she left Logan in the basement for about an hour, and that she checked on the child several times. She claimed that at one point, “Logan called up to her and stated that she was stuck. Ms. Schofield told me that she then found Logan covered with duct tape…” She said she carefully removed the duct tape and stepped away. Three minutes later, she said, she returned to find the child unconscious on the basement floor, still in the tipped-over high chair. Experts at the state Police Crime Laboratory determined from tiny hairs and blood specks that the tape was wrapped around Logan’s mouth. The affidavit says that Schofield eventually acknowledged leaving Logan alone in the basement, bound with duct tape, but she said she could not remember whether the tape covered the girl’s mouth.

“Ms. Schofield stated that she taped Logan to the chair as an attempt in reverse psychology to convince Logan that this was not what she wanted to do,” the affidavit said. “Ms. Schofield indicated that she left this out … because of the way it sounded.”

Ms. Schofield denied that she left Logan alone while taped. She stated that she knew better than to leave her, because Logan hates to be confined and it puts her in a rage. Concannon, the DHS commissioner, said that Schofield left the department in December “to spend more time with her family.” He said she was a licensed social worker who worked for the department for eight or nine years. Schofield had never before been a foster mother, and received Logan and her sister Sept. 9. A DHS caseworker last visited the house that same month. “There should have been more,” Concannon said. “The argument from the staff side is, well, we had e-mails and communications and other people saw the child informally and we are of the belief that the child was OK.”

Well apparently, she wasn’t. He said that “There is no denying the fact, no getting away from the terrible fact of this child basically being killed by virtue of the way the child was apparently handled … I said today to my own staff here that I sort of felt … the way the FBI must be feeling these days about (accused spy and FBI agent) Mr. Hanssen — that we had somebody who we may have imputed more capacity than was deserved.” Concannon said the children had been placed in state custody because of substance abuse problems in their family. He said Logan had behavioral problems and a difficult life. “In one year, she moved 16 times,” he said. “It’s just tragic,” he said. “Tragic with a capital T…”

“Terrible things can happen to kids in their own biological homes, and now, in cases like this, something terrible has happened to a child in a home that had, I don’t want to call it the Good Housekeeping seal, but had the coloration of a home approved by the state.” He said he is conducting an investigation, and that “our most basic responsibility is to protect children.”

A recent federal report said that nearly half of Maine‘s foster-care homes failed to get timely licensing reviews as required by state law, and that fire code violations and allegations of abuse sometimes went unchecked for years. In February, Concannon acknowledged the problems. At the time, Gov. Angus King said that the backlog had been eliminated through “blitzes” by fire and health inspectors. Concannon said Tuesday that fire and health inspections are different from visits by caseworkers.

State Rep. Marie Laverriere-Boucher, a Democrat from Biddeford and a foster parent, said that state caseworkers “are given too much work to do. It’s humanly impossible … Right now, seriously, they are not able to, with 30 or 40 kids on a caseload, see them on a weekly basis. There is no way.”

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LAST PARAGRAPH OF THE ABOVE NARRATIVE, REPEAT: Meanwhile, we evaluated our possibilities for finding safety elsewhere in the U.S.A., but friends gave us a book that provided forensic research establishing that the child police has arrogated jurisdiction THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. This means that there is NO SAFE ZONE within U.S. jurisdictional territory.

My wife & I understood that the given actions & circumstances were invariably pointing in one direction, the same direction as they did at Mt. Carmel near Waco, which convinced us that the child police, the uniform police and the FBI, if necessary, would take our children by force & we adults would be «waco’d». ((The expression: «to be waco’d» is formed by the word «Waco» to represent the abuse at the Mount Carmel Concentration Camp near Waco, Texas, and turning it into a verb of general application, meaning «to be abused as were the people in Waco». Similarly, I coined the acronym: W.A.C.O. to mean «we are cattle only».))

The following was the sequence used in Waco against the Branch Davidians, and mirrors our treatment:

1) Demonize them of being «cultists», although people in government have no right categorizing religious beliefs as «approved» or «unapproved»,

2) a) Accuse the people of child abuse, although there was no evidence, even evidence to the contrary, in that local officials had scrutinized such claims, finding them baseless, ((See: Newspaper article published preceding the initial terrorist assault on page 8 [link])) and b) Accuse David Koresh of abusing the women, while a Branch Davidian woman (survivor) could not corroborate this claim. At a hotel downtown Waco, after the holocaust, I asked Ruth X specifically about this accusation, face-to-face, and she answered: “Not that I am aware of,”

3) Accuse them of being militaristic, because they had a food storage area within a cement-walled room, that the FBI called: their «bunker»,

4) a) Accuse them of being militaristic, because the men had guns, even though the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution authorizes such, stating that: “…the right of the people to keep & bear arms shall not be infringed,” ((The full text of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is as follows: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep & bear arms, shall not be infringed.”)) and b) Accuse them of being militaristic, because they had big guns, even though they were licensed weapons retailers & wholesalers, and their weapons had been inspected recently by local authorities. Finding no irregularities, all the weapons were returned. Nor was the accusation of «possession of illegal weapons» confirmed after the fire,

5) Accuse them of being dangerous, although they were not aggressive & had not been aggressive against their neighbors,

6) The first act of terrorism committed against the Branch Davidians was when the police, with loaded weapons, entered upon their private land without a Warrant. ((Hitler’s terrorist SWAT teams were called: «Storm Troopers». Notice in the video, the resemblance is striking.)) The second was the crime of provocation. ((Provocation, West’s Law Guide, 35-42-2-3: “A person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally engages in conduct that is likely to provoke a reasonable man to commit battery commits provocation.“)) The third was endangerment to children & families, in that David Koresh could have been arrested downtown, off-campus. Other crimes were also committed.

We have been unable to verify this but we were told that the Branch Davidians were homeschooling their children, as were we also & we still are.

Our Exodus from the U.S.A., 26 April 2003

For reason of the above, our family made its exodus from the United States, travelling by bus from Chicago, Illinois to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and from there, by ocean liner to Europe.

The day after arriving in Barcelona, Spain, we arrived at our destination, the country of Andorra, ((We chose Andorra primarily because it does not protect abortionists. We identify the U.S. politics and culture of «human beings are disposable and exploitable» to be a direct offshoot of the abortion disorientation mentality.)) on 6 May 2003, to seek a better homeland. After living in Andorra for 2 months, Andorran Police Officials, in collaboration with U.S. police, concluded that we were a threat to national security, ((See: Copy of Andorran Police Document in Catalán on page 85 [link])) accused us falsely of having committed other crimes, and expelled us from Andorran territory without asking us any questions & without honoring a timeframe for presenting our Case-in-Chief & addressing the accusations, which were all false. ((See: document on page 80 [link] entitled: “Andorra — Summary of request for political asylum — Press Release.” (This is a summary, and is not to be confused with our Case-in-Chief.)))

After searching for God’s path, we went to Geneva, Switzerland, to the United Nations’ High Commission for Refugees to address the fraud of the Andorran Police. We talked with Mesdames Bellon & Deutschlander. They recommended we not waste our time with Andorra, but that we choose a different country to seek asylum. Therefore, we chose France & returned to France, but were lied to & told we had no choice but to return to Switzerland to petition for asylum. ((113)) So, not by our choice, we did return to Switzerland & embarked upon the process, but Asylum Officials insisted obstinately that the U.S. is a «safe zone». Thus, they ruled against us, and had the heartless resolve to refuse to view our video, ((114)) and to read our book. ((115)) They disregarded our cover letter designated: «URGENT», and I am convinced that they didn’t even read our Appeal. The video shows the terrorism against the Branch Davidians near Waco, and the book documents forensic evidence of terrorism against U.S. families. They also lied claiming that our passports were scanned electronically as we passed through the U.S. border at Fort Lauderdale. I told them emphatically that was not true, and that Vickie would corroborate this. ((116)) This was a weighty lie on their part and they never asked Vickie for her input on the question, which would have corroborated my statements.

The Asylum Commission’s answer to our Appeal was given in these words, summed up in relevant part: “There is no danger of illegal actions that can’t be remedied within the U.S. legal justice system.” This ruling was reached even though I had also provided numerous, documented proofs of persecution, crimes, illegal procedure & tyranny that we faced in the U.S. courts & legal system. I told them: “I HAVE MUCH MORE EVIDENCE OF THE SAME”: Documents, court transcripts, Constructive Notices, Tort Claims, Appeals, Affidavits, Remonstrances, newspaper articles, and friends in the United States as witnesses of numerous cases where I could not find redress of grievances, but rather, in which justice & Constitutional rights were trampled.

The Asylum Officials also chose to exalt a web-site printout of their own choice as «credible», while minimizing one that we presented as «not credible».

However, during the process, the Swiss Asylum Officials helped us verify that the right of presumption of innocence, in the face of accusations involving children, has been abolished in Indiana. ((117)) Already, no Probable Cause is needed, no Oath or Affidavit, no Judge’s authorization, and no Warrant, and, now, the parents are presumed guilty. ((118)) This contravenes the U.S. Constitution, ((119)) the Common Law & the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ((120))

Without the rights to face your accuser & of, above all, the presumption of innocence, the United States has not a chance of being a «safe zone». We have, therefore, made the decision to expose these facts to the world in the hope that a binding injunction can be brought against the perpetrators of these crimes. Radical paradigm changes have to be undertaken in government’s thinking regarding the integrity of the family, the authority of the Papá over his household, the family’s rights to privacy & the citizen’s right to Due Process, including the right to face your accuser, Presumption of Innocence for the accused, and the right to be free from police trespassing onto your private land.

Furthermore, in the longer range, we wish for the blessing of a general reformation of properly constituted authority, so that Government Officials can again enjoy the benefit of public confidence, and we, persecuted wanderers, armed with the assurance that our country is a «safe zone», can peaceably return, without fear, to the cherished land of our birth.

The early Colonists waged war against Great Britain, among others, for abuses far less than what the people of the United States are enduring today, and I quote: “He [the British Crown] has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” ((121)) However, nowhere was the Crown accused of stealing the Colonist’s children. Unhappily, other points also concur, as: “He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation,” and: “For depriving us in many cases of the benefits of trial by jury,” and: “For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses.

Abraham Lincoln said it this way, and such is also our prayer: “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom…”

I affirm that this testimony is true & correct, to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.

M. GARY SPAULDING, formerly of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., 2 February 2004


  • Endnotes:
  • 113) The lie was the claim that the «Accords de Dublin» were in force in Switzerland, but they don’t go into effect until next May 1st. But more so, Switzerland is not a signatory to the «Accords de Dublin».
  • 114) “Waco — the Rules of Engagement,” see: Affidavit 1, footnote #5, above. [link]
  • 115) “Out of Control — Who’s Watching our Child Protection Agencies?” see: Affidavit 2, footnote 62, above. [link]
  • 116) See Asylum interview Question #37, on page 108. [link]
  • 117) The Officials who conducted our asylum interviews at the Processing Center in Vallorbe, Switzerland, read to us, at the event of pronouncing our rejection, a passage out of the Indiana Code, which stated that in cases dealing with accusations involving minors, presumption of innocence is null & void. Here is the statement, translated out of French, “These organizations [child police] are responsible to conduct investigations, in the case of abuse or of lack of care, known or alleged, independent of the presumption of innocence.
  • 118) See: heading Presumption of Innocence Abolished, above, on page 27 [link]
  • 119) Article 5 of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution stipulates: “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,” to which presumption of innocence is central, requiring the prosecutor to prove his criminal charges against the accused, but NOT requiring the accused to prove his innocence.
  • 120) Article 11, paragraph 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates: “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.”
  • 121) From the Declaration of Independence of the United States.
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