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Suicide disclaimer

We foresee strong positive and negative reactions to our website and we know that people end up dead under mysterious circumstances (primarily suicide) who stand against the pirates of apocalyptic iniquity. However, we are not suicidal.


SUICIDE DISCLAIMER: If we come to harm, as in deadly harm, and especially if it has the appearance of suicide, know, for the Record, that we are not suicidal, and that our death was NOT suicide.

God gave us our life & we have returned it to him, in other words, we have consecrated it back to him through his son Jesus, both to live to his glory & to die to his glory.

We do not believe in suicide, in that suicide does not glorify God, but rather have compassion on its victims.

We have faced with equanimity & courage a gauntlet of persecution by friends, family, false brethren & people in various positions of power and authority in the past, so you can be confident that we were felled by agents, operatives or sympathizers of terrorist or anti-Christ consolidations that are indicted in this presentation.

The editors.