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Open Letter – impeachment of Mr. Trump


To: The White House, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
From: Gary Spaulding, root surgeon
Date: 20 September 2017

Subject #1: impeachment of Mr. Trump
Subject #2: emergency humanitarian aid to the nation of North Korea

If Mr. Trump’s words to the United Nations were as reported to me then his are the words of a terrorist and he should be impeached. Terrorism, by definition, is the harming of innocent people for the crimes of others.
Following are the words of Mr. Trump’s speech as reported to me and as i understand them:

“I will totally destroy the nation of North Korea in the event of an illegal use of weapons by its leaders.”

To carry out such diabolic words would constitute a war crime.

Subject #2
I call all international humanitarian aid organizations to vest themselves with borderless compassion for the nation of North Korea to help them in their hour of deadly danger from Washington, D.C. in the same way as you helped the Branch Davidian families near Waco, Texas, before the FBI incinerated them on 19 April 1993. Thank you.

Copy to: the War Crimes Tribunal, The Hague, Holland
Copy to: Ambassador of North Korea to the United Nations

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