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Good News: Mistranslation Corrected


To: Worldwide body of Christ – Christians !
From: Gary, root surgeon
Date: 18 October 2015
Subject 1: “Give back” to Caesar whatever belongs to him, (1) and
Subject 2: King Jesus will be all in all

Jesus’ wisdom dealing with the tribute coin has been misunderstood by most of the English-speaking world and beyond for at least 400 years. Perhaps this misconstruing goes back to Emperor Constantine who fundamentally corrupted the Early Christian faith except for a few glorious exceptions. The result, regardless of when the corruption began, is that modern Christians give their children to Caesar to bear his numeric mark of authority (elsewhere known as the mark of the beast), they populate his kingdom, are vested with his legal personhood, learn his lies, fight his wars, shed or finance the shedding of innocent blood, strengthen his Christ-eliminating kingdom and think they are pleasing to God.

That mistranslation was corrected by the editors of the [English] New International Version of the Bible.(2) Now, using Jesus’ masterful and awe-inspiring wisdom we must give our children and families and all that was mistakenly given to Caesar including the Lordship over our lives back to God,(3)and to Caesar the same: his politically correct lies, hypocrisy, false ecclesiastical corporations, usurpations, mark of the beast, legal personhood, slavery, preferential status, citizenship,(4) passports,(5) micro-chips and state secrets in those passports, GPS tracking and targeting systems, unlawful laws, tyrannical licenses and permits (for example: a permit to work, to travel, to gather and/or to preach in Jesus’ name), Big Bang indoctrination facilities, incorporated neighborhoods, forced vaccinations, multi-faceted death and desolation squadrons,(6) abortion-on-demand death squadrons, abortifacient chemicals sold as contraceptives, unlawful jurisdiction from falsified Constitutions, undeclared martial law, road blocks, de facto authority, contract-simulated marriages, promiscuity, gross moral turpitude and whatever else belongs to the Christ-eliminating sector of the world.

Therefore, the nations of the Satanic world order and the Great apostasy can be put out of business without violence,(7) overcoming evil with good, so King Jesus, our only hope, can be all in all !

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