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The Kingdom of Mammon

Condolezza Rice, Secretary of State, Washington, DC,
via short wave Christian radio from HCJB, Quito, Ecuador,
30 Jan. 2005. She said:
“The people [robots] are not allowed to elect a spiritual government,”

The mark of the beast body numbers* are the tools that assure a smooth operation of mutual empowerment for citizens, death and destruction squadrons, lies, cover-up, child abduction, abortion and cannibalization horrors, involuntary servitude (slavery), piracy, hypocrisy and usurpation, with benefits for robots who comply “voluntarily,” non-robots get IRS** concentration camps, house-arrest or exile, plus a conspiracy of silence in the Christian pulpits.

*the SSN, driver number, ecclesiastical corporation Federal ID number, plus: REAL ID number, vehicle registration number, micro-chipped passport number, etc.

**IRS = Washington DC’s head-tax gestapo and Lord of the Kingdom

God’s people
must separate

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