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Christian Homeschoolers in Argentina, Rejoice!

Of course, God is for you but the Argentine Constitution is also not against you, as is commonly believed! Read it and you will find out that your family is protected to teach and learn (Article 14), to profess your Christianity (Article 14) and to freely live it (Article 20), and your home is inviolable [protected and safe from police and military invasion] (Article 18) as also are your study materials (Article 18) and supplies (Article 17), and since Christian homeschooling is great for the morality and good order of children it is not to be made illegal (Article 14) even though the term “home­schooling” is not specifically named in the Constitution (Article 33).

Additionally, you don’t need a government school certificate to ply your trade when you grow up because “only know-how [idoneidad] is required,” (Article 18).

Furthermore, anyone who comes against you comes against this Constitution and also against God because it was created invoking his protection, as “the source of all reason and justice,” (see the Preamble). Unfortunately, you will likely need God’s protection because, in this sick world ((On 12 Feb 2010 Mr. Diego Puente of the Argentine border police (Migraciones) attempted to formally denounce us as criminals for providing Christian homeschooling for our children, but God’s angels stopped him, see “Injunction: Spaulding vs. Puente, et. al.,”)) there are multitudes (even parents) who go against “all reason and justice” by compelling (their own) Christian children to attend God-forsaken institutions, like the government schools of the Western World that resemble insane asylums more every year, some worse than others.

Finally, the Argentine Civil Code [Código Civil] states the Christian homeschooler’s motto, as follows:

“The father and mother have the duty to rear their natural children, to provide for their education, giving them primary education and … the learning of a profession or calling …” p73, 1964,

and the Argentine law on education says:

“Educational actions are the responsibility of the family as natural and primary agent (and) the constitutional right to teach and learn remains in force…”  No. 24.195 Title 1, Articles 4 and 1.

In these glorious words, Christian homeschooling is adequately described and codified. Rejoice!


P.S.: Educational monopolies are illegal in the Western World, including Argentina, and it’s illegal to lie to children and the Big Bang lie is the foundation of the Western school movement. See: Big Bang Bunk

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