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How to select a gorgeous woman

by Papa Gary

12 April 2010

In choosing a wife, I want my sons to take a close look at Mama Dorothy((Dorothy means: “Gift of God,” the name I gave Vickie when we got married.)) as a role model of a Godly woman.

Be careful; not every gorgeous woman is useful to man and God. As primary considerations your wife must have a gentle and quiet (restful, not-in-your-face) spirit, and have enough wisdom to know to say “yes and ok” to her husband, in this case you even when it is uncomfortable , as you say “yes and ok” to Jesus, your Head, even when it hurts.

For example, he might ask you to wear a skirt, as befits a Godly woman; or he might ask you to be his helper in training up your children and educating them in a Godly curriculum at home (Christian homeschooling); or to throw out the televsion; or to cancel all contracts with the anti-Christ, etc.

Don’t waste your time with rebellious and independent women, no matter how gorgeous their exterior may appear to be. You will simply find yourself overwhelmed in sorrow, difficulties and endless bickering.

May God help you to find his provision in all things so that his will can be done in your family as it is in Heaven.

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