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Primary Reference Points for the Apocalyptic Era

Every day our family makes a stream of decisions based on a set of Christ-centered reference points and criteria that are foreign, foolish or taboo to most Christian leaders of the Western World. Following is a list of examples:

  1. Holy Matrimony is a heavenly union that may not be usurped by the God-hostile civil magistrate, is held together by a glue only Heaven can provide and whose glue is not to be dissolved by man’s authority;
  2. Children proceeding out of Holy Matrimony do not belong to the God-hostile civil magistrate, so they must not be given to his Big Bang indoctrination facilities, stated mildly, nor to his mind-bending tv industry, stated mildly, etc;
  3. We who believe in Jesus, trust in him, rely upon him and cling to him are his Church but to call a building or an institution the “Church” is a perversion tantamount to blasphemy;
  4. To incorporate God’s Church into the God-hostile State by the commercial papers of ecclesiastical incorporation results in synagogues of Satan operating in Jesus’ name. These places should be turned into latrines. Furthermore, most preachers vest themselves professionally and individually with God-hostile state authority and what results is the abomination that causes desolation standing in the unholy place. In Jesus’ parable the person vested in other than Heaven’s authority was thrown out;
  5. To call yourself a Christian and to say God wants you to finance the multi-faceted death squadrons of the nations under the control of the anti-Christ is blasphemy;
  6. The mark of the beast is like a 3-strand cord with the end result that those who subscribe to it live, move and have their being in the anti-Christ, including their spiritual being;
  7. As Christians(1) we live, move and have our spiritual being in Christ Jesus who is our life, our center-point, our King of kings, our joy and heart’s desire;
  8. Christ is in us, we are in him, he bought us, we are his body, his hands, feet and mouth on Earth, and we belong to him entirely. As such, God’s will is done through us as it is in Heaven, including loving our neighbors without respect of persons nor respect of man-made borders that separate man from man and without modern prejudices and discrimination against foreigners, unwanted babies before birth, people lacking state certification, people exercising legitimate self-defense, “cultists,” etc;
  9. Jesus is fully God, fully man, begotten of God such that he is known as “God’s Son,” not created (as some pretend), conceived and born of a woman (not THE woman, as others pretend) and is the embodiment of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as a 3-faceted gem is nonetheless one gem;
  10. God’s eternal, incorruptible and indestructible Kingdom is ours as Christ is in us, we are in him, he is our King and we are his special, holy, Christian nation, yet the manifestation of these things is yet to come, for which we eagerly watch and wait, at which time God’s authority, our salvation and the definitive disempowerment of the anti-Christ will be brought to their final fulfillment along with a new Heaven and a new Earth;
  11. Stated in modern vernacular, Christians find truth by going outside the box of putative truth [what men commonly hold to be true] to where Jesus is, bearing the shame of knowing God’s truth which is found only in Jesus, and the shame of separating themselves from the evil world, of being its outcasts and belonging to God alone, see Hebrews 13,13 and Galatians 6,14. [We have been thrown out of many countries and are under threat of expulsion as i write];
  12. God will crush Satan’s power along with that of all his disguises, agents and manifestations, under our feet, his Church, but until then we resist him and all his deception with a firmness that God provides and we instruct the nations of the world, the individuals who are interested, in spiritual wisdom and discernment;
  13. On the date of this writing, 9 Aug. 2013, there occurred 68 years ago one of the beginning points of the apocalyptic era, at the indiscriminate murder by atomic bombs of 248,000 men, women and children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All said victims were innocent, as they were civilians whereas the military recalcitrants who were spared out of professional courtesy were seated in Tokyo. At these events the blood guilt against Washington and its captive citizens compounded at a rate faster than ever before in human history, see Mark 13,25 and Luke 17,2. Seven years later marked the advent of the insane hydrogen (super) bomb which is rated to be 1000 times more destructive than atomic bombs;
  14. A succession of apocalyptic events happening at about 10-year intervals within my lifetime portrays the free-fall rate of descent of Washington USA and its unsuspecting slaves into the totalitarian control of the anti-Christ, a general term used to depict Christ’s arch-enemy who is in control of the nations of the world. The list begins with the infamous execution of Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg in 1953; the expulsion of God from campus and curriculum in 1963 [I, your author, was fired from the government schools subsequent to that same court ruling]; the onset of the abortion-on-demand holocaust in 1973; the axe murder of Mr. Gordon Kahl in 1983 for violating the putative law of Washington’s head tax gestapo; the mass murder of the families at the Mt. Carmel concentration camp near Waco, Texas in 1993(fifty years to the day after the Warsaw Ghetto massacre by Hitler) using weapons of mass destruction and secret military death squadrons; the warrant-less invasion and subsequent massacre of up to 100,000 innocent Iraqis beginning in 2003. Ten years later, this year, 2013, marks the beginning of the publicized existence of Mr. Obama’s extra-judicial, surgical assassinations of US citizens and foreigners by pilotless robotic airborne death squadrons. This disclosure was made at the risk of a life sentence in Washington’s concentration camps, which other champions of the truth are facing for revealing other truths.

°          °          °

The three most damning indictments against Washington at present are: 1) the 9/11 catastrophe was an inside operation, 2) a videoed massacre at a street corner in Iraq would have been denied had it not been for a truth champion who is now in a concentration camp for that revelation, 3) the existence of a totalitarian global surveillance, profiling and tracking network with capacity to execute individuals from the sky is still being revealed and the truth champions responsible for said disclosures did so at risk of life and/or liberty. A list of dead witnesses is being compiled, see YouTube video entitled: Mysterious Deaths of Key 9 11 Witnesses Full Documentary. If you thought that the all-seeing eye of totalitarianism depicted on the US dollar bill was sinister, the reality is 100 times worse. The Moon turned to blood might be a better symbol.

This list of indictments does not feel commensurate to the gravity of the era so I will add seven more: 4) Washington [USA] is the most bankrupt city on Earth with an estimated U$S 17,000,000,000,000 [read: trillion dollars] of debt, 5) One hundred years ago [1913] the Pirates on the Potomac [Washington, USA] subverted the de jure Constitution, fundamentally altering the forms of government, making themselves the head and the people their unsuspecting slaves, assigning to every man, woman and child their mark of ownership and control, known elsewhere as the mark of the beast. Presently, 100 years later, their totalitarian agenda is obvious worldwide yet the U.S. people submit with perfect docility, 6) Champions for truth are in Washington’s concentration camps for revealing Guantanamo-style torture and police brutality at a facility in Iraq called Abu Graib. (Photos of torture at Guantanamo and Iraq must be presented before the War Crimes Tribunal of the World Court in The Hague.)

Washington’s over-all policy which authorized every atrocity was publicized on the national news in my hearing in March of 2003, in these words: “The Iraqis have everything to lose and we’re going to help them lose it.” [Our family left the USA the following month as you would leave Sodom and Gomorrah], 7) Children in the USA are abducted every day by authority emanating from Washington, of which we were divinely forewarned, and we fled the USA ten years ago. We faced a gauntlet of fraud, lies and mismanagement on the part of many nations as we sought political asylum, in Europe and beyond. See our story elsewhere, 8) The USA is not a safe zone for families nor is it a democracy. In fact, the Pirates on the Potomac are opposed to democratic governments. Consider three proofs: a) The CIA toppled the democratically elected administration of President of Chile Salvador Allende Gossens and he, the President, was killed in the coup, b) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke from Washington on the 31st of January, 2005, shortly before elections were held in Iraq. Sitting next to a short-wave radio on that day tuned to a broadcast from HCJB Quito, Ecuador, “The Voice of the Andes.” I wrote down her words, as follows: “No matter what the outcome of the elections in Iraq, the people will not be allowed to elect a spiritual government.” Those words also fixed themselves indelibly in my mind, they were so diabolic, c) Washington DC seated representatives from the Republic of Texas into the body politic of the United States without the necessary democratic vote of the people of the Republic in 1845, which is also known as incorporation by forced annexation. Mr. Archie Lowe, president of the Republic of Texas restoration movement showed me proof documents when I visited his home in 1997; 9) Washington [USA] is the world seat of the anti-Christ; 10) The blood-guilt of the 40-year abortion holocaust is sufficient to damn the nation on its own, apart from all the rest;

°          °          °

  1. Apostate Christian leaders use Paul’s writings in Romans chapter 13 to induce their audiences to pledge loyalty to and to finance the present-day God-hostile, de facto, pirate governments and their multi-faceted death squadrons. This is a doctrine of demons. The de jure government that Paul described limited itself within the authority God provides, to the praise, peace, pride and joy of God’s people. Frankly, i know of no such government in actual existence and my research on de jure authority spans more than 50 years during which time i have lived in, studied in, traveled through and/or speak the language of the major nations of the Western World. When I was 20 years old I lived in the birth town of Adolf Hitler which helped me in my quest to understand the use by megalomaniacs of mass psycho politics and man’s innate proclivity to obey false authority blindly.

    Paul, who wrote this chapter, had been under commission to arrest Christians in Damascus, but, after an extraordinary vision of King Jesus and a life-changing conversion, he canceled his commission and escaped out a window instead of passing through the local king’s checkpoint. Today, this is known as necessary civil disobedience, the right and duty of God’s people under tyrannical circumstances. From there Paul went throughout the Roman Empire preaching about the Kingdom of God, and another King – one Jesus of Nazareth – under whose commission he spent the rest of his life and for whom he was martyred in death, see Acts 9,25 and 17,7; 2Cor. 11,33 and the [USA] Declaration of Independence;

  2. Out of rebellion or ignorance, most Christians disown Jesus as King even though Jesus assured his disciples 2,000 years ago that some of them would not die before seeing the Kingdom of God come with power, referring to the power of his resurrection, see Mt. 16,28 and Mark 9,1. The apostle Peter spoke of this in hindsight on the day of Pentecost, saying Jesus’ resurrection (and ascension) put him on King David’s throne, as promised by God under oath, see Acts 2,30+31;
  3. Paul said that for the people of the world there are many Lords, but for Christians Jesus is our only Lord, see 1Cor. 8,5+6;
  4. God’s people who are vested in other than Heaven’s authority risk being thrown out, according to Jesus’ teaching, see Mt. 22,13;
  5. Jesus never said for Christians to finance Caesar’s death squadrons nor to empower anti-Christ nations, nor to give them God’s resources nor his children nor to conform to their evil laws nor to be under contract to them in any way, as is asserted by state-registered Christian leaders,theologians and pulpiteers. Quite the contrary. Jesus’ critics put the crucial question to him using the verb “to give”, but cleverly formulating his answer he changed the verb from “to give” to “give back”, thus: “give back to Caesar whatever belongs to him.” This we have done including, but not limited to: passports, driver licenses and permits, bank accounts, mark of the beast, commercial contracts, professional credentials, retirement benefits, etc. What remains belongs to God and is under Jesus’ Lordship, plus nothing. All other treasures have been sent ahead to our heavenly homeland, just as Jesus commanded;
  6. As i survey the state of the world from my precarious promontory in Argentina i am convinced we are losing our civilization at a free-fall rate, that the reality is 100 times worse than what is portrayed on the evening news, and that God’s nation of refuge is our only hope, bringing together under one head, Jesus [not Jesus Incorporated], all God’s people from the nations of the world in which they are dispersed.

See: Gen. 3,15; Lev. 20,24+26; Deut. 7,6; Ps. 18,2+3; Eze. 37,22; Dan. 11,32; Mt. 21,43 and 22,12+13; Mk. 12,17; Luke 17,20+21; John 10,16 and 11,52 and 17,14; Acts 17,7; Rom. 12,2 and 16,20; Gal. 3,28; Eph. 1,10 and 2,14+16; Phil. 3,20; Col. 1,13+27; 1Pet. 2,9; Rev. 1,6.

P.S.: If anyone doesn’t love the Lord Jesus let him be accursed.
9 August 2013 #


  1. For purposes of this article the word “Christian” can refer to people who are spiritual and those who are not, depending on the context. Additionally, a “spiritual” person has been helped to disconnect his roots from the God-hostile world and to plant them in Heaven where Jesus is seated in kingly authority over his nation.[]

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