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God’s Prayer Requests

  1. The Big Bang theory is a lie and the schools where it is taught as scientific fact must stop or be closed because we may not lie to our children.
  2. The schools of Western governments are promulgators of paganism and have a long list of serious ills because I have been made unwelcome. To send your children to such God-forsaken institutions is tantamount to child abuse.
  3. I wish television was never invented because it programs people’s minds to love and take seriously the things of Earth but to hate or disregard the things of Heaven. For this Peter was told: “Get behind me Satan…”
  4. My people belong to me and are my citizens by the price of Jesus’ blood but this is nullified when Christians receive an anti-Christ government’s body number of ownership, partnership and citizenship.
  5. My People live, move and have their being in my Kingdom but most Christians prefer to receive the anti-Christ government’s body number by which they belong to his kingdom because through his number of authority they qualify for privileges, pleasures, treasures and comforts.
  6. Seek first my righteousness and Lordship in Jesus and all your other needs, including your daily bread, will find their proper place and priority in the great Providential* puzzle of life.

    *Most people don’t know what this word means because of the expanse of atheism. Here is the dictionary definition: prov·i·den·tial 1 a often capitalizeddivine guidance or care capitalizedGod conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.

  7. It is illegal to lie to the people, yet the anti-Christ’s governments say that the moment of conception is not the beginning of human life, which gives them license to murder millions of newly-conceived babies by several techniques including, but not limited to, mechanical and chemical dislodging.
  8. Babies conceived by rape are humans, have a visible, separate body, closed to outside tampering within one second from impregnation which is the moment of conception, and they deserve their God-given rights. A millstone is reserved for anyone who wishes to convolute this long-established scientific truth.*

    *I, your author, was conceived by rape in October of 1951.

  9. Head taxes are illegal and unlawful because, among others, a) involuntary servitude is illegal, and b) people are to serve me only, yet through head taxes Christians serve the anti-Christ and finance his numerous evils and usurpations.
  10. What the prophets said thousands of years ago is true today: Those who lead my people are leading them astray. They are hirelings and mercenaries, guarding their real estate, bank accounts and retirement benefits, things in which I have no interest.
  11. All church buildings and everything in them, including the sacred desk and the preacher standing behind it, belong to the anti-Christ through the commercial contracts of incorporation, yet the preachers say: “We have given everything to God.” This is called lying to the Holy Spirit and cost Ananias and Sapphira their life. I would throw them out but their temples don’t belong to me.
  12. The world is like the Titanic, its governments are like pirates who own the company and the Titanic world is sinking but Christians are still dancing with the pirates on the poop deck. My solution is summed up in these words, written thousands of years ago: “Come out from among them, be a separate, special, holy nation, and touch not the unclean thing.”
  13. How often I wanted to gather you into my Kingdom before the apocalyptic storm as a hen gathers her chicks, but you would not.
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