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Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Date: 17 June 1994

To whom it may concern:

The status of the IBMV (Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles) is hereby terminated. It is found to be no longer a legitimate, bona fide agency. It is hereby cited for open fraud against the public and is hereby set to the side. Communications with and from the IBMV plus the authority of various bodies of law confirm this finding. Effective date is 1 January 1990, the date when the IBMV began falsely and fraudulently to require disclosure of social security account numbers on vehicle titles and registrations.

Below is an actual copy of the document with the driver’s licenses attatched which we cut in half and sent directly back to the IBMV.

As commissioned ambassadors of King Jesus we don’t need Caesar’s permission (a driver license, Real ID, etc.) to travel by ordinary means of locomotion.

See also: Right to Travel by Jack McLamb (from Aid & Abet Newsletter)


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