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a Letter of Remonstrance

To: All leaders and overseers of Western Christendom
From: Gary and Vickie Spaulding and a Second Reformation
Date: 24 November 2009

Greetings, Brethren:

Thank you for receiving this brief letter of remonstrance.

Subject: In the interest of the Second Coming of our Savior and King, Jesus, there are ten urgent issues for you and me to correct. May God give us strength and courage:

  1. God’s Church is not a building,
  2. God does not dwell in man’s buildings,
  3. God does not dwell in bread, wine nor any earthly substance, but in us, his Church,
  4. Mary was a virgin, not the Virgin, was sinful as “all have sinned,” and mustn’t be deified nor put on a pedestal above the Brotherhood of those washed by Jesus’ blood which is God’s Church, or in any way made superior to us, God’s Church, inclusively,
  5. God’s Church is not an earthly institution with an earthly chief executive officer or officers, nor with an earthly seat of authority, but has one Head and one Chief and one Foundation, Jesus, who is seated, not on earth but in Heaven, far above all others,
  6. God’s Church is not incorporated nor able to be incorporated into man’s institutions,
  7. 99% of the leaders of Christendom in the USA are double agents, simulating service to Jesus, but officiating under the authority of the anti-Christ vested in them by various instruments: marital authority by means of a Godless contract, incorporation authority by which Church and State are married, 501(c)3 not-for-profit authority by which silence is brokered in exchange for monetary benefits; by compliance with taxation and benefits schemes by which God’s unsuspecting people empower and enable the anti-Christ’s lawless, nefarious, and ghoulish agenda including the de-throning of Jesus and the cannibalizing of unborn babies’ genetics; by bearing the anti-Christ’s three body numbers through whose contracts they live, move and have their spiritual being, symbolically known as ‘666,’ and teaching others to do likewise, etc.,
  8. The Church INC is a d.b.a. of the anti-Christ, as are Jesus INC, the Gospel INC, and Christianity INC, etc., intended to deceive the Elect, if possible, but are all by-products of secular incorporation which is devoid of Heaven-based spirituality,
  9. The Mark of the Beast are 3 body numbers placed on the people’s persons by Washington DC, the man of iniquity, and world seat of the anti-Christ and his pirates,
  10. The Big Bang theory of origins is a lie and our children must be withdrawn from Big Bang schools for this and many other reasons, as we also have done with ours.

At Jesus’ Second Coming he will judge spiritual things spiritually and burn what isn’t. The Holy Spirit wants a quick work of repentance and separation from these unclean things, both in your lives and the lives of unsuspecting souls under your tutelage.

Thank you for your patience with our entreaty.

——— o ———

Contending for the faith and for a second reformation,

Gary and Vickie Spaulding,
sojourning in a forest near Bariloche, Argentina

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