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Ordering the release of Mr. Kent Hovind, a 21st century John the Baptist

From: Gary Spaulding

Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 2:02 PM

To: Escambia Clerk ; Office of FL State Attorney ; Escambia County Sheriff ; Kent Hovind Representative

To: The Honorable Judge of Escambia County, Florida, USA
note: kindly forward
From: Gary Spaulding, suffering preventive exile for Jesus and his royal interests
Date: 19 September 2013
SUBJECT: Ordering the release of Mr. Kent Hovind, a 21st century John the Baptist
Copy: Addressed to all God’s people worldwide via the web; Mrs. Kent Hovind



By authority of Jesus of Nazareth, our King of kings, Ambassador-in-Chief and Temple Cleanser coming soon to judge the living and the dead, i hereby order you to release post-haste Mr. Kent Hovind from the Head Tax Gestapo’s concentration camp where he is serving a 10-year false sentence for putative violations of unlawful laws that were vested with de facto authority after Washington’s 1913 coup-de-grace that trashed the original US Constitution, resulting to-date in one century of lawlessness, totalitarianism and involuntary servitude, otherwise known as slavery, as evidenced by the axe murder of Mr. Gordon Kahl 70 years later, on 6 June 1983, among many other crimes proscribed by that Constitution. Currently Washington is leading the US nation from bad to worse as it plummets out of control toward Hell with a seared conscience and bloodguilt to the horse’s bridle and beyond. Christians must separate from its nefarious, false and God-hostile authority, as we also have done amid great tribulation.

Gary Spaulding, ambassador and citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven (in the world but not of it).

P.S.: Thank you for your voluntary compliance.

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