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Injunction – Spaulding vs. Puente, et. al.

To: Mr. Diego Puente and governmental agencies in league with him.
From: Gary and Vickie SPAULDING
Date: 25 May 2010

Dear Mr. Puente,

Thank you for receiving this injunction by which you are ORDERED to cease attacking our children and attempting to use your misrepresentations to control them.

Subject: We are a Christian family that provides Jesus-centered schooling and education free of charge to our children, which is their right, and that right is being protected and confirmed by this injunction.

By Divine intervention we received directly back into our hands a packet of documents sent by Mr. Diego Puente to governmental agencies in league with him. In this packet we discovered a letter authored by Mr. Puente, dated 12 February 2010, by which he attempted to make us appear as criminals because our children do not attend Big Bang schools where neither Jesus nor Christians would want to be.

The miracle by which this packet was intercepted signals a major breakthrough for Christian homeschooling. The God whom we serve is fighting for us and did not allow Mr. Puente’s weapon to reach its destination, nor will he and his co-conspirators prevail against our God, because at issue is a Christian child’s God-given right to be protected from Big Bang indoctrination and connected evils, but instead, the right to be indoctrinated into the Christian culture with King Jesus and the Golden Rule ((“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (and) to know to do good but not to do it is sin.”)) at its center point.

Relative to this conflict, allow us to quote from our “Appeal to the Argentine government” of 4 July 2005, page 3 (see Attachments):

“We have never sent our children to the U.S. government schools because they are synonymous with drugs, sex and violence,”

and Argentine schools are no different, according to public and private statements by our long-standing friends and Brethren in Jesus, Eduardo and Susana Nahuelfil, Christian leaders who are quoted (or misquoted) in Mr.Puente’s document, who stated in our hearing at a gathering of the Church in Bariloche, ca. May 2005:

“To send our children to the Argentine public schools is like sending them to Hell.”

In our Appeal we quoted an article regarding Neuquen schools five years ago, and according to the national news the crisis is worsening every year:

… the city of Neuquen, Argentina, was recently in the news because of a crisis of teen pregnancies and sexual disease in the government schools (Rio Negro newspaper article entitled: “Neuquen launches a campaign to prevent youth pregnancies & AIDS”).

For other reasons, schools like those in Neuquen are not the best option for children who have a right to receive an education. On the date of this writing the students in Neuquen have been deprived of months of schooling due to a teachers’ strike. These strikers are mercenaries, but children have a right to be taught by teachers, not mercenaries, and Christian homeschooling offers the best of the options.

Parents world-wide deserve to know that the educational monopoly has been broken and that families have the right and in many cases the duty to organize their children’s education at home. What better news could arrive to Neuquen families and all families on this day celebrating 200 years of independence in Argentina! (1810 to 2010). This good news is for all families who care about their children’s well-being, their rights, the crisis in society and who are praying for proactive Christian solutions.

The bad news is that the government’s schools are organized around the Big Bang explosion at their foundation, a Godless lie that can be easily disproven, (see Attachment: “Big Bang Bunk”) and this lie is producing fruit after its kind in violence, explosive behavior and random chaos in school and society, especially in big cities like Buenos Aires. What’s worse, compulsory education in the Western World was instituted first in Germany in 1569 in order to compel children to learn to read the Bible and thereby to be able to defend their souls against the Devil which puts the Big Bang schools in the rebellious movement. We emphasize that Christian children must have no part with liars or rebels. This is a quote from our Appeal which, until now, has fallen on deaf or rebellious ears:

Thus, clearly the public school movement in the Western World used to have Christ Jesus at its foundation because Jesus is the central figure in the Bible. Consequently, it is not us who are in the rebellious movement for having retained Jesus at the center of our universe, but the U.S. Government school movement, aligned with United States Judges and their militant, atheistic agenda. Said differently, the recent shift in intellectual thinking to purge the knowledge of Jesus from the minds of the youth in the Western World is a rebellious movement and lacks lawful jurisdiction, from a Christian perspective.

In closing, we draw to your attention, Mr. Puente, that the most recent document we submitted to your office was not included in your packet of documents that was intercepted by angels. That document is important for understanding our King and his Lordship, and is entitled: “Argentina’s new DNI is not acceptable for Christians,” dated 14 November 2009. Please find a copy attached.

Thank you for yielding to this injunction without further escalation of tensions. We have been sent to Argentina as Jesus’ ambassadors. We are in the world but not of it, as has been the model of Christian contenders for more than 2,000 years. It is obvious to us that God has not and will not let you and your co-conspirators prevail against the King of kings.

Gary and Vickie SPAULDING
Sojourning with our 5 children at a primitive campsite near Bariloche.

P.S. You may benefit from this analogy: The government of Great Britain has no lawful jurisdiction over the Falkland Islands just as your government has no lawful jurisdiction over our children. God created our children and entrusted them to us whereas your government cannot create children and we have not entrusted ours to you nor to your government.

a.) Big Bang Bunk,
b.) Appeal to the Argentine government,
c.) Certificate of Notification: Argentina’s new DNI is not acceptable for Christians,
d.) [icon name=”file-pdf-o”] Letter by Mr. Diego Puente Director of Migrations, Bariloche, 12 February 2010 [this letter is still in Spanish, check back next month for translation]

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