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15 Ways for Christians to Avoid Persecution in the USA

  1. Grant jurisdiction over your marriage to Caesar (earthly governments), although marriage was created by God and belongs to Him (Holy Matrimony).
  2. Grant jurisdiction over your children to the atheistic school collective, although Christian children were created by God and belong to Him.
  3. Consecrate your life to God, willing to go to the uttermost parts of the Earth for the Great Commission, but ask Caesar for permission to travel in the family car.
  4. Take no part in evil, but agree with Washington DC, the man of iniquity, to finance his death squadrons and anti-Christ agenda.
  5. Incorporate God’s Church into Caesar’s institutional authority, although God’s Church cannot be married to Caesar.
  6. Conclude a 501(c)3 silence-for-hire contract with Caesar, promising to withhold God’s word at politically sensitive times in exchange for financial benefits.
  7. Ask the police for permission for doing Christian public outreach which is your right, but when their answer is “No!” stay home.
  8. When Washington DC declares that your neighbors are cultists, piously look the other way when he incinerates and bull-dozes them as happened in Waco, Texas (1993 A.D.).
  9. When the IRS (tax Gestapo) asks the elders at your church gathering who is your Chief Executive Officer say: “Caesar” because if you say: “Jesus” your campus will be bull-dozed, as was the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (2001 A.D.)
  10. When Washington DC asks you to accept the mark of his alien Lordship upon yourself and your children, a.k.a. the social security serial number, et. al., say: “Yes, Lord.”
  11. If you teach at a government school facility, leave Jesus at the outer gate.
  12. If Jesus asks you to be born again, say: “Gladly,” but if he asks you to carry a cross, say: “No thanks, my personal salvation is all I want.”
  13. If Caesar asks you to obey all authority blindly, to be a “good citizen,” and to “obey the law of the land,” say: “Yes,” but if Jesus asks you to wrestle with issues of his Lordship and his Kingdom authority, to give to God what belongs to God instead of to Caesar, say: “No, thanks.”
  14. If an abortion facility moves into your neighborhood, speak of it honorably as a “Women’s Health Clinic,” call the abortionist a “Doctor,” and don’t interfere with its flow of victims, including the flow of their organs and tissues to the cosmetics industry.
  15. You know that the Big Bang is a lie, because it’s an easily disprovable lie which makes it worse than a false religion, nevertheless, continue to finance Big Bang schools with property taxes and compel your children to attend.

P.S. If all else fails – leave the country.

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