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Notice to Displaced Christians

Anyone or ones who find themselves displaced from house and home for belonging to Christ and for separating from the Christ-eliminating world — please come to receive a Christian welcome on our precarious promontory. You don't need to announce your arrival beforehand. 19 October 2015 See our location on the Contact Us page.

Good News: Mistranslation Corrected

PUBLIC NOTICE/PRESS RELEASE GOOD NEWS – MISTRANSLATION CORRECTED! SATANIC WORLD ORDER TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS To: Worldwide body of Christ – Christians ! From: Gary, root surgeon Date: 18 October 2015 Subject 1: “Give back” to Caesar whatever belongs to him, (1) and Subject 2: King Jesus will be all in all Jesus’ wisdom dealing with the tribute coin has…

Truth under fire

In a world dominated by pirates, those who live by the truth are demonized. The following individuals are in that number. To them and to all inhabitants on the planet we propose a God-based solution.

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