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Our purpose

Our purpose is NOT to tell you about ourselves, nor what we’re doing, nor to display our picture, name, credentials, etc., nor to promote our organization, etc., raise money, create a mailing list, etc., etc.

The purpose of this website is to set the stage for the Holy Spirit to do a work of transformation in your heart and life by exploring many topics pertaining to who Jesus is, what he did for us, and what he is accomplishing on Earth today; what it meant for him to come to Earth, to suffer, to be rejected, to be hung on a cross, to die, and 3 days later to come back to life, never to die again, and now he is our King of kings.

Before going back to Heaven Jesus told his followers that they should look after his Kingdom’s interests on Earth, that they should watch for his return, and be ready!

We want to be ready for his return and we want you to be ready. We also want to look after his royal interests here on Earth. Jesus is our single most important person in the world. To know and understand Jesus, and to follow him is worth more than owning the whole universe.