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“Family from America seeks asylum in the Netherlands”

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Amsterdam, Holland

Below is a partial electronic translation from Dutch to English, which obiously lacks the human touch, but we don’t speak Dutch, so it will have to suffice to get the gist of what the article was about:

Family from America wants asylum in the Netherlands
partial electronic translation

AMSTERDAM – With everything they have – a series of suitcases, laptop, printer, microwave – they settled in Dort Muiden shelter in the western harbor area of Amsterdam. The other applicants look rather odd to the American Gary Spaulding, his wife and four children, from the Promised Land after all, but here in Europe, vainly seeking political asylum.

Spaulding: “Russians or Africans are looking at us in disbelief after. ‘If I could,’ I say to them, ‘I would swap with you right away our passports.’ Then they usually look even stranger.”

Spaulding (51) and his family – L’Abri (12), Jireh (8), Beni (6), Talitha (5) and wife Vicky (39) who is expecting again – already two years wandering through Europe, seeking political asylum. They were kicked out of Andorra from France, Switzerland rejected asylum eventually off, and now they’re in the Netherlands. Because they were not in England and have no money to travel. Certainly not to locate here. For the Netherlands, with liberal abortion laws, is not exactly paradise on earth for Spaulding.

But anyway they ask for political asylum, tomorrow. [We spent 2 weeks in the refugee camp in Dort Muiden, but we never wished to, nor did we petition Holland for asylum, our only purpose there was to file our affidavits at The Hague.] To save time, money to travel perhaps to glean, and, above all, a complaint to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Gary Spaulding complains in a vuistdik case, the United States because of terrorism against the Branch Davidians, at the Spaulding family and Iraq. He has also this week nobody at the ICC found that the complaint is willing to accept.

The Branch Davidians, that the cult members in 1993, after a siege of 51 days, the FBI were driven from their ranch in Waco, with 73 deaths, including 27 children, as a result. Here begins the story of Spaulding. Not that Spaulding was a member of that sect, but he and his wife have “Christian compassion enough to be blind to the demonization, and see them as people.

So they moved from Indiana to Waco, a journey of three days, and reported on the 48th day of the siege by the army cordon around the farm, packed with baby food, disinfectants, blankets and chicken feed. ”We are a humanitarian convoy,”he spoke to the FBI. The answer was that he had opsodemieteren.


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