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Paraguay Impasse

These are documents we submitted to United Nations and Paraguay officials while we were in Switzerland. The Swiss Border Police were doing everything within their power to have Gary [falsely] arrested, to deport him and the children back to the U.S. while Mama Vickie was to be left behind to give birth to Ciela alone – the Swiss police even threatened to arrest Gary while visiting Vickie at the hospital.

The Gary Spaulding family is in a crisis,
but is rejected by Switzerland

1st of June 2004

Montet (Broye), Switzerland

e-mail from: Gary Spaulding
To: High Commission for Refugees, Geneva, Switzerland
English:19 May 2004

Hello, Mrs. Bellon!

The last time we talked you gave us the telephone number of Mrs. Maria Zurron in Fribourg.

In the end, she suggested that we consider moving to Ireland. We left Switzerland on the 2nd of March (2004) and tried to reach Ireland, but even with paid tickets in hand, we were blocked twice during our attempts to enter into the ferry, or better said, two ferries; the first was in Hoek von Holland, the second was in Cherburg, France.

The police agents in St. Lo in Normandy (France) chased us out of France with threats, saying that we needed to return immediately to Switzerland, which we did. We arrived in Switzerland again on the 3rd of April (2004) and have been staying at friends’ house in Montet since then. Now, the friends here can’t lodge us anymore. They have suggested that we consider immigrating to Paraguay. They have contacted an attorney in Asuncion, Paraguay, but our case appears to be so delicate that it doesn’t suit Paraguay to grant us an entry visa, what is necessary before anyone can buy airplane tickets.

I believe that the friends here in Montet would help us by loaning us the money needed to pay for the tickets, but it’s the lack of a visa from Paraguay that blocks us at the moment.

Could you help us either to get a visa or else we need to find another third country, other than Paraguay. What I would like most would be to make an appointment with you to talk about it directly. It would be convenient to make an appointment tomorrow toward noon, or afternoon.

Thank you very much,


The response from Mrs. Bellon

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the HCR can’t be of any help now that the asylum procedure is finished. It’s not necessary to return to Geneva to see us.

Regarding a possible third country of welcome, I recom-mend you put yourself in contact again, using my name, with the Sector Information in view of return with your former Canton of assignment: … [I contacted the people in this office using her name but they can’t help us either because of the same reason.

Perhaps you need a financial sponsorship from an NGO from a foreign country if you have family members there, or friends. Or maybe check the possibilities of an employment in a foreign country if you are highly qualified with diplomas that could interest a foreign employer. It seems to me also that there are several countries where you could take your family as tourists, without a visa.

Hoping that this information will be useful to you. With our best greetings, Françoise BELLO

… UNHCR, Geneva, 19 May 2004

Gary Spaulding, a brief summary of our story regarding the necessity to immigrate to Paraguay

Our family consists of six persons, plus a baby still inside. We are two parents and four children, the names and dates of birth are as follows:

We were all born in the United Sates of America.

During the years of my adult life, I recognized that in the U.S.A. profound and injust changes were taking place in the moral and political environments, with enormous expansions of police powers. During those same years I felt called of God to face these changes by means of good deeds intended to support and strengthen what was good and just. We publish with this same motivation a newspaper entitled: a Jesus newspaper that gave rise to diverse persecutions, that I will not deal with here.

During the era at the beginning of this account, the city of our house and family farm was located in South Bend, in the state of Indiana. However, the most central event of this story took place the 16th of April, 1993, in the city of Waco, Texas, at a distance from our house of more than 1,600 Km (1,000 miles).

Several weeks before that date, the 28th of February, 1993, the FBI had attacked and then encircled with military equipment and personnel a group of Adventists, accused, above all, of being people of false religion, meaning cultists, also of being militaristic and dangerous, meaning criminals. We knew according to an article published in the newspaper that the families inside needed humanitarian provisions because they had been cut off from outside assistance for 48 days.

We arrived on that day, the 16th of April, that being the 48th day of the military blockade, at the outermost post of the military enclave, to cross peacefully with humanitarian help. The FBI arrested us falsely, my co-worker and me, and put us in jail. Three days later, the 19th of April, the FBI killed all of the families inside, including 27 children and their mothers. They pumped in military gas for 6 hours onto all the people, perforated all the walls on every side of the buildings with the tank cannons, and then shot in two pyrotechnic incendiary devices that exploded the gas and burned all the people to death as in a well ventilated furnace, while they machine-gunned anyone who attempted to escape via the rear doors. Unfortunately the families never knew that we tried to help them shortly before their death.

We know that these acts are on the order of war crimes and terrorism, among such is included to annihilate a group of people, among others.

From the time of these events and onward, the police treated me as though I was as they said the Adventists were: cultist, militaristic and dangerous. The following summer, in 1994, the police in my hometown, South Bend, Indiana, named and authorized a cult investigater to follow and watch me (Kieth FORSYTHE, St. Joseph County Sheriff Depart­ment, South Bend, Indiana). Four years later, in 1998, the FBI sought me out to ask me for details pertaining to a terrorist act that happened in a city unknown to me. In brief, the FBI tried to link me with terrorist acts, although I am no terrorist, but a humanitarian missionary, something the FBI also knows well. I understand this as an effort on the part of the FBI to make the criminal out of me instead of admitting that it is they who are the criminals, for having falsely arrested and incarcerated me in Waco, among others, and for having killed all the families I tried to help, 73 people in all. The guilt at stake is enormous.

The day that we left home, never to return, was a most key day in our life. That was the 6th of May, 2002. On that day the police tried to make as though I was dangerous in relation to my own children. The developments that closely preceded that date were as follows: On the 26th of April, my wife, Vickie, received a telephone call from the child police (Kimberly SLAUGHTER, St. Joseph County Child Welfare Services, t. 574-236-5307: e-mail kcollier@fssa.state.in.us). She told my wife that our children were in danger. My wife asked her three times what type of danger she was referring to. Each time she refused to reveal it, and refused to reveal her intentions whatsoever.Vickie realized that, again, the police wanted to entangle themselves with me in order to malipulate me as though I was a criminal and dangerous.

I went to an interview with this police agent and her superior that took place in a cordial fashion. But afterward, as I was leaving the parking lot by motorbike, they attempted to falsely arrrest me, all of this without official papers necessary when acting in accordance with the law. I hurried away in order to avoid being falsely arrested. I returned home immediately, gathered my family together and we left home on foot, leaving behind our car and all of our belongings, with the exception of the necessities carried in-hand.

Three days later, from the safety of friends’ house in another close-by state, Michigan, my wife received a call on her beeper from her cousin, informing her that the police had entered onto the private property of our family, the family farm, without having in-hand the necessary papers to establish legal authority. This constitutes the crime of trespassing. Once they reached the cousin’s house, the police said to him that they were looking for two things: our children, and our bunkers, connected with the group of cultists in Waco. (The events in Waco had taken place nine years prior.) We had already left home and had left everything in its place, without informing anyone, neither our cousin nor anyone, and the cousin didn’t know what to say regarding where we were. Regarding certain bunkers, we are not militaristic, and we don’t have such constructions, neither at the farm, nor anywhere. We understood by these words that the police intended to paint me, primarily me, as dangerous, this time relative to my children, and secondarily as dangerous as though I had military constructions. I am not dangerous in that sense of the word, nor do I have military constructions — I am a Christian humanitarian missionary, motivated by the love of Jesus.

We remained off-the-record during the following year in the house of friends in yet another state, the state of Illinois, in the city of Chicago. During that time, another friend of mine told me that he was reading a national magazine in which an article expressed that the FBI was looking to arrest people that they considered dangerous, above all in the terrorist sense of the word, & a threat to national security, including people who had under­taken acts said to be against the government. My friend told me, in his opinion, that was a precise description of me, seen through the imagination of the FBI. Thus, my wife & I decided to leave the country, leaving off trying to find another place, other city or other state within the U.S.A. where we could live safely and peacefully. We are convinced that, for us, such doesn’t exist in territory under U.S. authority. We made that decision in light of a yet greater quantity of facts, events and proofs that took place during more than ten years.

One year exactly after receiving the call from the child police, the 26th of April 2003, we left the U.S by ocean-going vessel from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, headed to Barcelona, Spain, with the wish to establish a new home in the country of Andorra. Two months later, the police of Andorra expelled us from their territory without asking me any questions after having called the police in the U.S., who painted me as a criminal in the sense of a threat to the security of the state. I have that document lying on the table in front of me at this moment. The U.S. police added two dates on which I am supposed to have committed crimes. The first was the date of the false arrest related to having crossed the police cordon in Waco. The other was in relation to the fact that I do not bear on my person a serial number issued from central government in Washington, D.C., that is enforced by the police as though it was indespensable for travelling legally in our state of Indiana. Without that number, I cannot secure vehicle papers. Consequently, I was arrested falsely and incarcerated, something that is against the law in disputes over numbers, and my car was stolen by the police (Ben ENDRES, Indiana State Police, Indiana Toll Road Post, New Carlisle, Indiana). Afterward it was sold to someone else, without notifying me, as would be necessary if the police were acting according to the law, what, in general, did not happen in my case, not then, not before then & not afterward. So, citing these reasons, and without asking me anything absolutely, the police threw us out of the country of Andorra, to be enforced for five years.

We then traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, and, after important events that I will not recount here, we entered into the process of seeking political asylum. But the Swiss officials falsified our statements, above all in the key question regarding the checking of our passports in Ft. Lauderdale, that never happened. However, they lied, and made as though it did, and as though we crossed the border there in a normal manner, without needing to flee with fear, and thus they denied granting us asylum.

We then left Switzerland last March, expelled by the police, yet with our consent nonetheless, and we traveled to Holland (out of our way) solely with the intent to file an important document written by my wife and me with the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague (Den Hague), accusing in justice the government of the U.S. of having committed war crimes, including terrorism, against the Adventists in Waco, against our family, and against the country of Iraq. We wanted to deliver this document personally to the Court, but they refused to receive it from our hand.

The next day we tried to deliver it by means of the Chief of Police of the city of Den Hague. Again, the Court refused to accept it, this time from the hand of the Chief of Police. We left off trying to accomplish this goal, and instead, we tried to travel from the port at Hoek Von Holland, to England, with our destination of Ireland, with the hope, finally, of establishing a new home there. Unfortunately, the British customs authorities considered our efforts to file the accusation against the U.S., and blocked us from passing across their territory, although we had paid ferry tickets in-hand. So, by the longer and more difficult route, we succeeded in circumventing England by train and reaching the port town of Cherbourg, France, in the extreme north of Normandy.

From Cherbourg we intended to reach Ireland by a different ferry, without needing to pass over England. But again we were blocked, this time at a distance of one meter (3 feet) from the side of the ferry. It was the “Irish Ferries” line, and it’s important to add that, besides having blocked us, the agency that sold us the tickets refused our plea to refund us our money — our last money!

Without money, we had to ask the government of France for political asylum in order to have food and lodging for the family. Their response was:

“Return immediately to Switzerland!” The treatment that we received from the police officials in the cities of San Lo and Cherbourg, Normandy, France, was frightful. We were supposed to return to Switzerland without our suitcases, because we had left them in the other town (Cherbourg) close to the ferry, and the police didn’t want to permit us to travel there to get them.

We traveled to Cherbourg to get them anyway, in spite of everything. In them we had everything we own on the continent, including a book of my reflections that I have been compiling for more than a decade. Nevertheless, while we were arranging our suitcases, the Cherbourg police arrived to threaten us more, saying: “Leave the territory of France immediately or we will throw you adults in jail and we’ll put your children in the orphanage!” Thus, we had to take the train to Switzerland, without money, without paid tickets, and with unbelievable threats.

After arriving in Switzerland, where we are now, at the house of friends, the police from here (Mr. Orsini, Portes de Fribourg) threatened us just yesterday to force us to return, either voluntarily or in hand cuffs, to the U.S., in order to hand us over directly with our passports to the FBI.

For these reasons, among others, we are looking for a better country, and would wish to immigrate to Paraguay.

Accept, if you please, our petition for political asylum with these brief explanations.

For my wife and all the family,

Montet (Broye), Switzerland
29 April 2004

The outstanding events that took place prior to
Switzerland rejecting our petition for political asylum

This is a story of fraud that began in the country of Andorra. According to documents published in the internet, political asylum exists in Andorra and has been granted in the past. ((We had to throw this document away when we rid ourselves of half our belongings after being blocked from entering into the ferry during the month of March. It was published by the U.S. State Department.)) However, after arriving in Andorra (the 6th of May 2003) a person from the Department of the Interior told us that: “Political asylum doesn’t exist in Andorra.” This person spoke to me over the telephone and would not consent to reveal me neither her name nor the name of the Department Head whom she represented. Finally, I asked for an official document from the Department certifying the same, “Because,” I said, “I am writing a book, and so that nothing attempts to be settled by means of unsure words over the telephone, I need a written response.” This request was also rejected.

Two months afterward, the 11th of July 2003, the police threw us out of the country, saying, among others, that: “This is the answer to your request for political asylum.” I asked them: “How can you answer in this way, since, according to your official statements, political asylum doesn’t exist in Andorra?” They couldn’t answer me. ((I also have proof that the Andorran government blocked me from acquiring a teaching position at the “Inlingua Language Institute” which belongs to the wife of the Head of Government, Marc Fourné. The Institute advertised in the newspaper for English teachers but wouldn’t grant the position to me. When a neighbor lady protested on my behalf, she was told: “A photo is lacking in his résumé file.” I had visited that office several times and never did they tell me such a thing. I count it as fraud.))

Several days after being expelled, and while examining the documents more closely, we discovered that, in reality, the government, from their part, drew up their document (in Catalán language) assuring us of several days in order to respond to their negative decision. The police, from their part, drew up their document as though they were forced to throw us out immediately, that same night, which, in my opinion, was based in fraud. As a matter of fact, the police threw us out at 6pm by taxi and we arrived at the train station in Toulouse, France, at midnight sharp, without food, without lodging, and without money — by fraud. That night we two adults and four children had to lay on top of our luggage in front of the train station, the first time in our life.

There was still more fraud for us to discover. Included in the text of the Andorran documents there are mentioned two crimes that supposedly I am to have committed that consititute, among others, that I am a threat to the security of the state. However, neither of these two supposed crimes was judged by any court, and as such, they are complaints and not convictions. If I had a legal and fair hearing I could present proofs that these complaints are false, and that I am not a criminal nor a threat to the security of the state, quite the contrary. ((I have already presented more precise explanations in the other document: “A brief summary of our story …”))

After realizing that the Andorran police dealt fraudulently with us we decided to travel to Switzerland, to try to resolve this situation with the mediation of the High Commission for Refugees in Geneva. We arrived at their headquarters with much difficulty. We had to travel by train without paid tickets because we had no money. That was perhaps the most stressful journey of my life. Our eight year old son and I were vomiting in the train, and I had an incapacitating headache, so high was the stress and the feeling of mistreatment. Our state of crisis was transparently visible to everyone. Once we arrived in Geneva, we had to find a place where we could leave our luggage – without paying money – and we had with us everything that belonged to us, some 18 suitcases, some full of proof documents.

At the seat of the High Commission we talked with two ladies: Mme. Deutschlander and Mme. Françoise Bellon.((Mme. Françoise Bellon, Assistante Conseils, Bureau de liaison pour la Suisse & le Liechtenstein, t. (41.22) (022) 739.80.81 (direct) ; fax. (41.22) (022) 739.73.79 ; Dirección de correos: Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés, 94 rue de Montbrillant, 1202, Genève, Suisse ; e-mail Bellon@unhcr.ch)) They listened to our story attentatively, that we could not recount without tears and nervous emotion, so low was our capacity to bear up under any more. In the final analysis, the ladies counseled us to drop the hopes of returning to Andorra. Instead, they recommended that we choose a different country as our new homeland. My wife, Vickie, and I agreed on choosing France, and we stated this to the ladies.

We left Switzerland on our way to France, and when we crossed the border between the cities of Geneva, Switzerland, and Annemasse, France, the French border agents told us that the closest seat of government for dealing with political asylum was located in the town of Annecy, at some seventy kilometers toward the south. They also placed their stamp in our passports: «Mollesulaz». But, we didn’t have money to travel yet farther. However, by a miracle, we found old friends of mine at a language school in France, near Geneva. We had to walk for four hours to reach it by foot, because we had no money, neither for taking a taxi nor a bus. They consented to loan me the money necessary in order to take the train to Annecy. ((In 1972 I studied French language by means of a summer course offered by the Séminaire Adventiste du Salève, at Collonges sous Salève, France, near the city of Geneva, that was visible from the men’s dormitory located in the heights of the Salève Mountains.

We arrived in Annecy at the police headquarters. After hearing us ask for political asylum and listening to the summary of our story, the agent asked for our passports. She returned within a few minutes to show us the stamp indicating: «Mollesulaz» and informed us that we had no other remedy but to return to Switzerland to file our petition for asylum there. She insisted that, according to the Dublin Agreements (Ireland) that stamp required Switzerland to administrate the procedure and that it would be impossible to accomplish anything absolutely in France.((A police agent in Switzerland stated to us that, in his opinion, this aspect of the Dublin Agreements only entered into force on the first of May of 2004. The conversation in Annecy took place in July of 2003. We do not know the European laws, but if this is true, that agent at the French Police Station in Annecy committed fraud against us.)) Because of these words and being unable to verify the information further, she convinced us to return to Switzerland. Again we had to ask for help from my old friends near Geneva to transport us to the Geneva-based office in charge of helping refugees find their way.

The office gave us paid train tickets to reach the city of Vallorbe, Switzerland, where the processing center is located for asylum cases. Once we arrived, I left my family at the train station and I went to verify and assure myself that we had arrived at the right location. Upon arriving at the window of the main reception office, and immediately after a gentleman heard that we were born in the U.S., in his official capacity he motioned me to exit the front doors, signaling to me to follow him. Outside the main doors, locked with electronic mechanisms, he informed me that the U.S.A. is considered by Switzerland as a safe zone and a democratic region, known for its upholding of human rights. He counseled me not to enter into the procedure in Switzerland because the most probable would be that we would suffer a failure after much longing and much effort …however, everyone has the right to submit a petition. I assured him that our case is well documented, well founded, and is based on multiple examples of persecution and illegal mistreatment without legal remedy. I related to him various examples of what I was referring to. He let me enter the building to sign in. I went and got my family at the train station and transported all of our luggage into the center.

Before entering the procedure proper, another representative emphasized to me that we would be putting ourselves at a disadvantage if we entered the procedure and then were rejected; that our possibilities for remaining anywhere in Europe would be seriously worsened. He offered to pay for train tickets for all of us to go as far as Paris, France. He urged us not to enter the procedure.((In the refugee camp in Amsterdam, Holland, in the month of March of 2004, an assistant for the asylum procedure told us that Mr. Bush will not allow another country to grant asylum to someone bearing a U.S. passport, (also that he will not permit anyone to open an investigation of war crimes against the U.S. at the War Crimes Tribunal in Den Hague, Holland, which is what we attempted to accomplish, being the sole reason why we traveled into Holland on our way to Ireland).)) I insisted, from our part, that our case is the best among the best, but that anyway, we hadn’t chosen Switzerland to file for asylum, but instead, the agent at the Police Headquarters in Annecy, France, told us that we had no other possibility in Europe except solely in Switzerland. The representative repeated to me the same claims as the other: that the U.S. is considered a safe zone, democratic, and known for its upholding of human rights and protections against persecution, etc. I indicated to him that the reality in the u.s. is similar to what happened in the soviet union where the laws written in magnificient volumes and guarded in impressive libraries did not reflect the reality as applied by the police in the streets. Following this I declared our wish to formally enter the asylum procedure. I am convinced from my part that I made the right decision. In all sincerity, I could not imagine some other solution.

I am also convinced that Switzerland dealt fraudulently by rejecting us and declaring themselves against our petition. Some of the reasons are as follows: At the beginning of the first hearing I asked the interviewers to be allowed to clarify a key point before starting the official recording. I emphasized my belief that the FBI and CIA would be seriously angry with me for what I wished to reveal and attest to. I asked them not to put themselves in contact with either of them, and that nothing between us be kept secret. They agreed, but they told me that they had never been asked anything quite like that before. ((I presented documents that establish that the U.S. government committed war crimes and terrorism against the families of the «Branch Davidians» in Waco, Texas, in the year 1993, and that the war in Iraq in 2003 is a mirror image of the same false authority, only 10 years later, and this with a Christian blessing. [We tried to help the «Branch Davidian» families with humanitarian provisions. We were falsely arrested, my co-worker and I, and incarcerated. Three days later, all were killed by the FBI.])) However, at the end of the proceedings, there appeared on the official list a secret document. Therefore, in our appeal, we emphasized that such, in our opinion, consitituted mistreatment and that we needed an answer revealing the origin of said document, “…that is of more importance than the appeal itself,” I wrote. Never did we receive an answer. Even until today, we do not know what that document deals with. That also, in my opinion, consititutes fraud.

At Vallorbe, Switzerland, Vickie and I presented our case-in-chief. It required 13 hours of intensive interviews, we have so much testimony to present. The inter­viewer said to Vickie during her second session: “You speak continually of your fears, and I myself can understand them if I put myself in your place…” And shortly thereafter, at the end of this very intense questioning, contractions began pushing in Vickie’s uterus that resulted in the miscarriage of our little child three days later. This fact alone could have provided proof of Vickie’s fears, but in the official decision rejecting our petition, the reference to our fears of any nature doesn’t appear. This also, in my opinion, consititues fraud.

A lady unknown to us attended all the hearings to serve as an independent witness to assure that the process proceded in a regular and just manner. She submitted a certified statement to the officials emphasizing that throughout the hearings Vickie demonstrated the presence of much fear that her children would be stolen by the police in the U.S., but this certificate was placed by the officials among papers that were deemed: “of little importance.” This also, in my opinion, consititues fraud.

Also, the Swiss officials falsified our statements, above all in the key question regarding the electronic checking of our passports in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a check that never took place. ((I dealt with this point in the preceeding document, called: “A brief resumé …)) However, they lied, and made as though it took place, and as though we passed the border there in a normal manner, in stead of needing to flee for fear. Supporting themselves above all on this lie, they concluded that our fears were unfounded. This also, in my opinion, consititues fraud.

Besides that, during the session where the officials presented us with their formal declaration of rejection, they cited additional stipulations beyond the definition of what was presented before the proceedings. I took notes by hand while I listened to every word of the discourse. From my notes, the key points are the following: A true refugee (by the broadened definition) is a person who:

  1. was unable to secure protection from the authorities in his own country of origin,
  2. tried to defend himself in every possible way before leaving his country,
  3. left his country as the only way to guarantee his safety,
  4. if there is a rule or ordinance whatever that gives the police the power to steal children from classrooms or from homes (even contrary to legal authority on higher levels), political asylum in Switzerland does not include such persons that might have left their country as a remedy against such threats as these.

These also, in my opinion, constitute fraud. We do not need to provide proof that we have exhausted every possible remedy, or that we have run absurd risks, before we can be considered as true refugees in Switzerland.

In the final analysis, we have no indication showing even that the Swiss officials read our appeal but we are convinced of the contrary. It was an enormous and thorough document of 49 pages, yet the most salient points of our appeal do not appear in the logic of the response and our urgent pleas were not answered. This also, in my opinion, constitutes fraud.

Our work drafting the appeal was of such expansive size that we could not finish before the imposed deadline. We still had to finish the work of translating it from English into French. However, we sent a copy of our English galley proof with a request asking for an extension of time, to be able to translate it and send a copy in French. In the response, the officials said that, yes, we could have a time extension, but that, in their opinion, “your case involves unfounded fears” and as such we were required to pay administrative costs in order to be allowed to continue the procedure. In my opinion, this constitutes more fraud, that, before reading our appeal, the officials are predisposed against it. Nevertheless, we suceeded in borrowing the 600 CHF (Swiss Francs) required. I would also wish to add, if it isn’t already obious, that we did not have time to secure the help of neither a lawyer nor the help of someone who speaks French natively to check all the grammar before the end of the additional deadline. We ran to the post office a few minutes before closing at the end of the extra week in order to honor the deadline.

The day after our appeal was rejected, 18 November 2003,  I again traveled to Geneva to consult with Mme. Françoise Bellon. ((The details on how to contact Mrs. Bellon are given above [footnote #4].)) The first question she asked me was: “Why didn’t you contact me after your petition was rejected so I could help you before the appeal?” I answered her: “First, we had to translate 13 hours worth of interview texts from French into English.((Vickie doesn’t know enough French to be able to compose directly without following by means of English.)) Then we had to draw up our appeal. Afterward we had to translate it from English back into French. We didn’t have time during the entire month except to sit at the computer and draft the document.” She asked me: “Then, you didn’t have the help of an attorney?” I answered: “That’s correct.” She said to me:
“Even our attorney would not be willing to talk with you unless you were an attorney. You need to get in contact with the attorney Mme. Maria Zurron in the city of Fribourg, to see whether she could help you, although it’s very late now and the procedure is already closed. ((Mrs. Zurron speaks English, French, Spanish and German. Bureau de consultation juridique pour requérants d’asile, c/o Caritas Suisse/ EPER, Rue du Botzet 2, Case postale 11, 1705 Fribourg, tel. 026-425 81 02 ; fax (026) 425 81 03))

I got in contact with Mme. Zurron and we had two appointments. After having read all our documents and having studied our proofs, she said to us: “I can see your fears are well founded. However, for Switzerland, the U.S. is a safe zone, and I don’t know how to present your case in a better way than this, as you have already done in the appeal. It’s a pity, but I don’t think I can help you.” Then she counseled us, not as a professional attorney, but as a friend, to consider moving to Ireland, precisely what we attempted to accomplish during the month of this past March. But, after having expended our strength last March, we were blocked twice at the moment of entering the ferries. The final time was at the point of entering the ferry at the port town of Cherbourg, France. Each time we were blocked for political reasons, according to our indications.

But Mme. Zurron helped us otherwise to get documents from the internet that establish that on the final day in Waco, Texas, the FBI machine-gunned the families after pump­ing military gas onto them, then projected two pyrotechnic incendiary rounds into the buildings which exploded the gas & burned all the people to death, 73 in total, among them, 27 children and their mothers. We already had the video “The Rules of Engagement” that dealt with the Waco incident ((“The Rules of Engagement”: http://www.waco93.com/faq.htm)), but now we have writted proofs in the form of documentation of the crimes. Furthermore, the Swiss officials refused to watch our video during the proceedings, and also refused to read our book that establishes that children are stolen by the police in the U.S. ((“Out of Control – Who’s watching our child protection agencies?” by Brenda Scott, Huntington House Publishers, 1994.)) Besides this, when we presented a web site that establishes the same ((In the following website: http://www.vocalny.org appeared an article entitled: “The American Gestapo – the child police…” The organization is called: “Victims of Child Abuse Laws,” and is known by its English acronym: V.O.C.A.L.)) the Swiss officials presented another site more to their liking ((«Prevent Child Abuse», http://www.pcain.org/InfoOnAbuse/cps_info.htm)) and discredited ours. These facts also, in my opinion, constitute fraud.

Accept, if you please, our petition for political asylum including these additional brief explanations.

For my wife and all the family,

Montet (Broye), Switzerland
17 May 2004

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