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Our family’s flight from the USA – a brief summary

It took us 13 hours to tell our story to Asylum Officials in Europe, and the story begs to be developed into a book, but, in briefest of terms, we fled our house and home, in South Bend, Indiana, USA, on 6 May 2002 just ahead of the child police who came to steal our 4 children.

They came with no stated criminal charges, no stated accusation and no stated accuser. This is all illegal. We later learned that they intended to steal them because we [Gary Spaulding and our friend Olaitan Oyetunbi] had been falsely arrested for trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Branch Davidian families in Waco, Texas in 1993. The FBI murdered those families 3 days after arresting us. Yes, we were the Good Samaritans and the FBI is the death squadron, yet seen through their warped minds, we are dangerous criminals and the police were sent to save our children from us.

By a miracle, we were undetected by the FBI when we crossed the border on our way out of the United States on 26 April 2003. Then, exactly one year after we had fled our home, on 6 May 2003, we arrived in the country of Andorra in Europe where we petitioned for political asylum. After contacting USA police, the Andorran police depicted us precisely as seen through the eyes of the FBI: “a threat to national security” and threw us out of their country under severe mistreatment.

We wandered through Europe but were expelled country after country, and were ultimately kicked out of Europe entirely. We discovered that the commercial interests with Washington DC, and its overwhelming ability to buy allies and produce fear of its super-power war machine, makes many European countries (including Andorra, France, Switzerland, Holland, England and Ireland) willfully blind and deaf to the persecution of Christians and human rights violations committed by the USA government. Consider, for example, that the Guantanamo torture prison is still operational and everybody knows it and gives their direct support or their tacit consent. Consequently, the USA is not a safe zone!

In all we spent about 19 months in Europe. Our 5th child was born in Switzerland. The sum and total of our experiences proved to us that Washinton DC is the anti-Christ and that Western nations are in direct collusion with Washington or they quietly give their tacit consent. Most Christians and their leaders are also in this latter category.

Through many obstacles as well as unbelievable miracles, the Embassador of Paraguay in Switzerland, allowed us entrance into South America, instead of being deported back to the USA-FBI in handcuffs. We were in Paraguay about 2 months, October and November of 2004, but a refugee advisor in Asuncion recommended we migrate to Argentina. Leaving out many details, in November of 2004 we petitioned for political asylum in Argentina. The Asylum Commission in Buenos Aires changed our story, lied against us and denied our petition. We could not survive in the city of Buenos Aires primarily because we were seen as profiteers rather than refugees.

Ultimately, we were helped by Believers to reach the tourist town of Bariloche with the hope that Gary could use his language skills in the university here; he speaks English natively, and French, Spanish and German fluently. However, the persecution and stigma we bear for our King Jesus has made even that impossible as the anti-Christ forces in the Western World are expanding and have dominated Church, State, Marriage and Family.

We have been in Bariloche more than 6 years, sheltering at our primitive campsite on a precarious promontory in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. We have endured various physical attacks and persecutions, but God’s miraculous power has helped us find our daily needs; food, clothing and shelter.

Gary private tutors English, French and German in homes throughout the community and has wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus and his Kingdom. Unfortunately, Christians appear to have no concept of Jesus as King nor of his Lordship over their life.

We are preparing to return to Europe in 2017 to attend the 500th anniversary of the 1st reformation and also to call for a second reformation. We find that a second reformation is more urgently needed than was the first. After that, in 2020, we see the need to return to the United States briefly for a 400-year solemn commemoration and re-enactment of the 1620 A.D. arrival of the Christian Pilgrims and Separatists to Plymouth Rock, fleeing the persecution of Christians not aligned with the registered church in Europe. We will need to call God’s people who are procrastinating to separate themselves from the anti-Christ’s authority, seated in Washington DC, and likewise, call the anti-Christ to: “Let my people go.” ##

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