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A letter to the photographer of this photo

“The Gospel Accordion to Spaulding”

The South Bend Tribune

"The gospel 'accordion' to Spaulding."

□ South Bend Tribune □ Easter Sunday, 1989 □ Gary Spaulding of South Bend serenades traffic at the corner of Michigan Street and Ireland Road on Easter Sunday. Using a cross as a prop, Spaulding spreads the Word on Easter by playing “The Old Rugged Cross.”

To: Mr. Richard Feingold, photographer for the South Bend [Indiana, USA] Tribune
From: Gary Spaulding, formerly of Niles [Michigan] and South Bend [Indiana] Date: 20 April 2014, Easter Sunday a.k.a. Resurrection Day (Resday), 2014
Subject: This photo was taken by Mr. Feingold 25 years ago today; brief up-date

Dear Richard,

I don’t know exactly where to find you after so many years but this letter is an attempt to do that and to provide you with what i hope you will consider to be an interesting though brief 25-year up-date, which i am also simultaneously posting on our website. I hope this finds you well, both you and yours.

My family and i are presently sheltering in a forest in the Andes Mountains near Bariloche, Argentina. (If you are in South America, please visit us.) We have been in South America almost 10 years, and, central to our story, we are at present under threat of expulsion as we were threatened and expelled from several countries before arriving here.

Let me take you back to the moment, 25 years ago today, when you took the above photo. One fact alone could be surmised from that photograph: I belong to Jesus who died for me and to whom i sing the praises far and wide. But, why would anyone wish to deter me? Let me elucidate that most central question as briefly as i can and which lies at the centerpoint of my life.

Six years prior to this photo i was falsely arrested six times in Niles and South Bend for Jesus’ interests, in 1983, beginning with a false arrest for playing my accordion and telling the students the Good News about Jesus outside of class time from the outermost sidewalk at my alma mater Brandywine High School, on 17th Street in Niles, Michigan. The last false arrest of that year was at Riley High School, Ewing Street, South Bend, where i was preaching, again from the outer sidewalk and, as always, outside of class time. I have determined that it was in that year, 1983, when the great tribulation began for God’s people. I was thrust into that tribulation with a plunge. Elsewhere, Mr. Gordon Kahl was axe-murdered on 6 June 1983 for head taxes Americans don’t owe and which violate a Christian’s conscience. In-depth commentary is provided on our website regarding this and other critical subjects of Christian conscience and how it is being violated en masse in the Western World.

However, omitting many details, false arrests and mistreatment, 4 years after the date of the photo, my wife, our young son and i undertook a thousand-mile journey to deliver humanitarian relief supplies to the unknown-to-us families at the Mt. Carmel concentration and death camp near Waco, Texas. The families never knew that help was on the way because, on day 48 of the military siege, the FBI falsely arrested me and my helper, Olaitan Oyetunbi, who was also of South Bend at that time, and blocked our humanitarian convoy. Three days later the FBI incinerated the families and their campus, the infamous 19th of April 1993, that being 21 years ago yesterday, which culminated in the destruction of an entire group of people which is a War Crime and a Crime against the Peace, among others. Incidentally, a photo of Olaitan and me was taken by an Associated Press photographer in South Bend later that summer but i never saw it.

Before these families were incinerated a notice was diffused nationwide hoping to bring the 2nd Amendment Unorganized Militia to these people’s rescue whose greatest “crime” was to employ legitimate self-defense against pirates who don’t allow it. Unfortunately, the South Bend Tribune executives refused to publish that paid notice from my hand. The American Red Cross also refused to help in the way described by their charter. Christian relief organizations also violated their charters and Christ’s compassion by looking the other way along with 99% of the population who are bowed down to the Pirates on the Potomac and finance their multi-faceted death squadrons.

I am committed to a brief up-date here so i will refrain from many well-deserved tirades, for example, against the Washington pirates’ inside operation in the debacle and collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7 and the subsequent 100 thousand innocent Iraqis murdered by that pretext, among other crimes. See the Wikipedia article entitled: “Casualties of the Iraq War.” Incidentally, the Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic dream of a tower and an airplane with these words spoken to me by an angelic narrator: “It’s the end of the era before the collapse!” That dream occurred 10 months beforehand while Washington, there is no doubt in my mind, was wiring the 3 buildings and loading them with thermite for surgical demolition and desolation. That dream also helps me maintain my equanimity.

We make it obvious to the world that we bow to Jesus alone, our King, sole Sovereign and Lord, and we, with him, are putting pirates out of business. Therefore, within time, the South Bend police came to joust with us and steal our children under the stated pretext of “saving them from parents who had been to Waco.” How we, the Good Samaritans of the Waco death camp, get demonized by a nation of people who support and finance Washington’s multi-faceted death squadrons, is as natural as Stanley Milgram’s bone-chilling book, “Obedience to Authority” and a proof of such people’s hypocrisy and seared conscience.

Fortunately, in the prior night we were forewarned by the Holy Spirit of this danger and we had left house and home (then on Portage Road in German Township) before the uniformed police arrived, sicked on us to “Waco” us by Ms. Kimberly Slaughter of the South Bend agency for the international Child police gestapo. She introduced herself as “Slaughter” but her calling card says: Kimberly D. Collier; case manager; Child welfare services; e-mail: Kcollier@fssa.state.in.us. When the infamous delegation in blue arrived at the family farm we had already left and gone into preventive exile. This preventive exile was also fortunate for them because i have a belief older than the former, de jure, US Constitution, that says that a man of conscience returns offensive fire in defense of his family. Such a right and its corresponding responsibilities are antecedent to earthly governments even though such rights are being “Waco’ed” by pirates in government uniforms worldwide as i write. I am processing information from many nations that is very sad and tragic, but i believe not without remedy, as i will explain.

At that point, on 26 April 2003, our story takes an exodus from the USA. We left as you would leave Sodom and Gomorrah, fleeing to the mountains without looking back. At the event of our departure, by a miracle, the customs officials failed to pass our passports over the electronic eye of the surveillance and tracking system which let us depart undetected by the FBI. Hallelujah! We boarded the Golden Princess trans-Atlantic cruise ship heading from the Fort Lauderdale seaport to Barcelona, Spain. Our destination was Andorra. Perhaps you’re familiar with Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. We were looking for safety in Europe where i had studied in earlier years and learned the major languages of that continent. We were also looking for a country where unwanted babies are not killed. You will understand that what is meant here is the abortion and abortifacient chemicals holocaust. However, the Andorran police contacted the FBI and then wrote in their expulsion notice [in Catalán language]: “You are a threat to national security” and threw us out of Andorra, no questions asked.

Following our expulsion from Andorra we were expelled from France amid terrorist threats to put us in prison and our children in a state orphanage (sic), yet we had committed no crime, not even arguably so. Frankly, we have committed no crimes against our neighbors whatsoever. Quite the contrary. Then we were expelled from Switzerland after presenting our Case-in-Chief which required 13 hours to explain in adequate detail to understand our well-grounded fears of having our children stolen and us being “Waco’ed.” It became obvious that no nation was willing nor is willing to jeopardize their favorable relationship with Washington for plebes like us, so we have suffered many things, at that time also because we were still holding Washington’s passports.

We left Switzerland and traveled to The Hague, the Netherlands, to submit a 150-page indictment against Washington to the War Crimes Tribunal of the World Court, citing terrorism, war crimes, high crimes, crimes against the peace and misdemeanors. We tried to hand-deliver it in The Hague, but since the deck is stacked in favor of Washington it was deemed “unreceivable,” so we sent it to them and six other parties later by surface mail including to the U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Pierre Richard Prosper, later to Stephen J. Rapp, both in Washington, D.C., and to U.S. Congressman Chris Chocola, 100 E. Wayne Street, Suite 330, South Bend, IN 46601 and later to U.S. Congressman Joe Donnelly of the same address. In all cases our accusations against Washington have been in hopes of securing injunctive relief. So far they have proven fruitless.

More recently, Mr. Obama’s robotic, airborne, death squadrons are carrying out extra-judicial assassinations of U.S. citizens and foreigners and the trend toward robotic military machines is on the rise. You may be familiar with Washington’s robotic tank destroyer called the “Striker,” and others. We openly condemn the robotic military escalation, as you would expect. Robotic death squadrons are also proliferating. See, if you please, the article published in French in the newspaper “La Liberté” from Fribourg, Switzerland: “Les futurs drones pourraient être armés” [Future drones could be armed], 3 May 2013, page 8. Indeed, within a short period of time such drones are now armed, dangerous, out of control and proliferating.

While we were in the Netherlands we were informed by personnel connected with the political asylum refugee facility that individuals holding Washington’s passports may not be granted political asylum because: “George Bush doesn’t allow it.” (Since then we divorced Washington and hold Christian passports alone.) Before leaving Amsterdam we were interviewed and photographed on 18 March 2004 by Mr. Hans Van Der Beek of the newspaper “Het Parool.

From Holland we tried to cross England to reach Ireland, hoping to find a welcome there, but both countries blocked us. A British Customs official at Hoek von Holland stated: “It’s a political answer, but no is the answer!” Omitting details, we were given an order in Cherbourg, France, stating that we were to depart from France immediately and return to Switzerland, which we did. Once back in Switzerland, the Swiss border police wrote our expulsion papers with 5 years of enforcement yet, by miracles too numerous to recount in this brief report, we were somehow able to board a Jumbo jetliner in Frankfurt and make our exodus to South America. Bear in mind in this account that we haven’t had a bank account for more than 20 years!

Our youngest daughter was also born in Switzerland that summer. Central to this story is the fact of Washington’s crimes against many people. In Ciela’s case, our newborn at that time, we paid for her passport and we still have the receipt, but the passport was withheld from us, from Vickie, my wife. She was the one who dealt with the official, Mr. Christopher Derrick, at the U.S. Embassy in Berne, Switzerland. Mr. Derrick even required we send him documents by registered mail, which we did, but he refused receipt of that parcel and we have it unopened to this day! However, by another miracle, we were enabled to pass through international airports and cross international borders without having a passport for Ciela. Yes, it’s unbelievable. Hallelujah! Ciela is almost 10 years old and now has her own Christian passport. That cloud had a silver lining, don’t you agree? Before leaving Switzerland we were photographed and interviewed on 10 July 2004 by Stephanie Schroetter with the newspaper “La Liberté” in Fribourg.

Omitting reams of pertinent details, we arrived in Argentina in November of 2004 almost 10 years ago. The Buenos Aires asylum commissioners falsified our Case-in-Chief and the government has made us out to be criminals especially in light of two primary facts: 1) We provide Christian homeschooling to our Christian children, free of charge, which is their right, and, 2) We hold free of charge Christian passports which are symbolic of our Heaven-bought citizenship, thanks to Jesus’ death on our behalf and resurrection to ascend to the throne over his nation, which we are commemorating today. The apostle Peter announced this Good News to the world on the day of Pentecost, see Acts 2,30+31+36.

During these almost 10 years the Argentine government has called us liars, threatened us with expulsion, denounced us as criminals, sent the police to threaten us, sent the U.S. Ambassador Joshua N. Finch http://argentina.usembassy.gov to reinforce their threats, lit the forest to burn us out then robbed us, and, last week, the Child police gestapo was sent to intimidate us as they alone can do, but we’re not easily intimidated. God knows that we live for him. He alone knows whether we must also die for him as did thousands of Early Christians before the onset of the Great Apostasy which began during the reign of Emperor Constantine in the year 321.

Interrupting this diatribe and looking briefly into the future, i am preparing myself to make a speech in six languages at a world summit on Heaven-based spirituality to be held 3 years from now in Wittenberg, Germany on 31 October 2017. The anticipated event is the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the 1st Christian Reformation. My speech is already written and is posted on the internet in French, Spanish, German and English under the [English] title: “A companion to the Christian passport,” and with a secondary title: “An apocalyptic brochure,”  It helps people understand that Christians can no longer look to the anti-Christ nations of the world for hope, but rather we must divorce them and take refuge in the special, holy, Christian nation under the paramount headship of King Jesus alone. This is God’s remedy for his people in a world gone mad.

In closing, whether i will have to deliver that speech from a concentration camp or from my grave, only God knows. I place myself at his disposal.

Nevertheless, if this letter finds you, Richard, please don’t forget to write, and may God bless you!

Sincerely: Gary, Vickie and five children.                              ##


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