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Talitha Sedmaya Spaulding

Talitha Sedmaya Spaulding

Talitha, age 20 (1998), is our greatest “finder,” and can usually find anything that is missing. She is also Pa’s helper in the laundry department which is all done by hand and outdoors. You would never know that she was born a month before term. She is a blossoming, beautiful young lady. She is able to work alongside her brothers in their lot cleaning and trenching business.

Her name means “Jesus is our resurrection.”

Posted: September 2016


Me with Ma at the shopping center. We went to see Star Wars with Ciela and Emanuel.

photo: 2011

Posted: July 2013


photo: July 2012 This is a picture I took of our yawning cat using Mama’s computer. Ciela and I call her “Meenie-man” even though she’s a female, but Jireh calls her “Motor” because she purrs alot. We found her abandoned about 5 years ago with her eyes still shut and had to feed her with a tiny milk bottle. (It’s not a turban on my head, I had just washed my hair so I had a towel on my head.)

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