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Ciela Rose Spaulding


[June 2011] This is me holding some volcanic ash the day after Bariloche was covered with it.

Ciela Rose, age 13 (2004), is our Swiss miss. She was conceived and born in Switzerland, but was criminally denied her right to a US passport by the US Embassy in Bern.

Ciela’s name means “our Heavenly flower.”


Posted: September 2016

We all went to McDonald’s for my 12th birthday, except Pa, he stayed home to watch camp this time. It was a nice treat, we pretty much never go out to eat. I’m told that in the US the family used to go out to eat frequently. I have never been there though, I was born in Switzerland, but we’ve lived here at our “Shipwreck” in Bariloche since I was 5 months old.

This is a 3D house I made for Mama [photo: June 2013].

This was my birthday cake for this year [July 2013], I’m 9 years old.

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