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Béni Deo Spaulding

photo: 2009

20 July 2016

Béni, age 19 (1997), follows in Pa’s footsteps in his capacity for mechanics and inventions and is always busy with his hands and mind. He is learning the piano and learned some accordion when we had access to one. He bought a violin not too long ago, one of his life-long goals.

His name means “blessed be God”

Posted: September 2016

13 July 2016 – Ciela’s Birthday at McDonald’s

17 Jan 2016 Me working on my motor bike, with “Creepy” enjoying the view.

Posted: July 2013

I just started making a chain mail vest. It’s going to take a while. It’s a pretty slow, tedious process.

I’ve recently [June and July 2013] been working on chain mail.

I’ve made all the rings myself out of fence wire. Below are some photos of the first glove I made.

I already sold one to a local police man friend of ours, actually he’s going to trade with me for a single-lense binocular he has as soon as he can find it.

We just celebrated my 16th birthday with the cake pictured below (July 2013)

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