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Gary and Vickie Spaulding family, editors

Gary is the editor-in-chief of this website. He speaks French, Spanish and German fluently and wants to finish Greek and Russian. His resource­fulness and ability to invent tools have kept us functioning under hard circumstances at our primitive campsite in the forest. The Lord Jesus has enabled him to be a Christian leader, by first living under the Kingship of Jesus, in this deceptive, apocalyptic era where the words “Lord, Lord” mean nothing.

Vickie likes computer programming and is the programmer for this website. Through self study she programs in Visual Basic, HTML web page design language, and uses the conventional Microsoft Office software. She is thankful to Jesus for delivering her from a life of addictions, compulsions, excessive tv, etc. and a suicidal warp. Now, more than 20 years later, she has a beautiful family and is motivated to be part of the Lord’s answers on Earth.

In this photo you can see 3 important tools for Christian reformation. First, Gary is holding what he calls a root extractor made from a broken truck leaf spring with a handle on it. It is used for severing tap roots and popping out thorn bushes. The other tools seen at the bottom are a toilet plunger and a fire extinguisher. With these 3 tools they are uncovering the roots of the modern Christian apostacy and finding that the spiritual pipes are plugged with things that burn.

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