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Gary Spaulding Family Compact

Our statement of beliefs, policies and traditions that, unfortunately, depart radically from many modern, Christian families.

The Gary Spaulding Family Compact

28 September 2003
Montet, Switzerland

To the glory of Jehovah God, Amen.

  1. We consecrate ourselves to God, through Jesus, both in life and in death,
  2. By unanimous declaration: “We have one Savior, one Lord, and no King but Jesus!”
  3. We seek to live a simple life in a wholesome environment, to the glory of God,
  4. As adults, we live in Holy Matrimony, as authored by God, with the Husband as the head of the Wife and Christ Jesus as the head of the Husband,
  5. As Husband and Wife, we bear Children, Heaven’s treasures, giving birth at home, as possible, and breast-feeding our Babies, as possible,
  6. We rear, instruct and educate our Children by tutoring them at home, which is necessary, equipping them with intelligence, good habits, good morals, love of and respect for their Creator God, the joy of living and the love of learning, especially of reading, writing, arithmetic, computer and word processing skills, music, foreign languages, the Bible and encyclopedia; to help them find the life God ordained for them, to ennoble them with the confidence of their spiritual heritage, and to spare them from the crisis in society. ((Every year 100 youth commit suicide in Switzerland, the highest per-capita figure in all of Western Europe, according to statistics publicized this month. Also, according to CNN Headline news of 8 Mar 01: “39 children have died in school shootings since the Columbine Colorado, USA shooting, [which occurred on 19 April 1996].” )) We help them find playmates and friends whose comportment is self-controlled and whose attitudes are honorable, respecting their elders and the higher authorities,
  7. The Children give honor to their Father, the head of the Family, calling him “Papa,” “Papa Gary,” or “Pa” for short. They are not his peers and are not to call him “Gary,” which would constitute a dishonor — the Grand-children may call him “Grandpa Gary” — and likewise, they give honor to their Mother and call her “Mama,” or “Mama Vickie.” The title “Mama” is more lofty than “Chief Executive of the Company” or “President of the Nation” or “Supreme Ecclesiastical Prelate” because, in devoting herself to God and her Family, her role is one of a servant that is essential in the highest order to the common good of society,
  8. We safeguard ourselves from practices contrary to nature and natural affection, among them: abortion, abortifacients, cannibalizing of babies’ genetics, body piercing, tattooing, cross-dressing, homosexuality, injections and ingesting chemicals (except to bring relief in cases of clear and present danger); and from entanglements and pitfalls, among them: friendliness to alcohol, over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, mindless media, excessive recreation, excessive entertainment, over-stimulation, promiscuity, scurrying from place to place, wasting time, etc. and from encumbrances, among them: excessive accumulations, and we avoid evil in every form it might take,
  9. We deem shaving to be necessary for our men, but unnecessary and unbecoming for our women, and cosmetic make-up is also not necessary,
  10. We enter into certain man-made contracts prudently and cautiously in order not to jeopardize our God-given rights and his rightful authority and jurisdiction over ourselves, our Family and household, among them: licenses, permits, benefit and entitlement contracts, insurance policies, bank accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards,
  11. We avoid certain contracts altogether, for reason of encroachment, among them: central serial numbers assigned to every person’s body. Our bodies were created by God and therefore we do not have the authority to receive upon our body the serial number(s) of an alien manufacturer/ lord, as is currently done by Washington DC,
  12. Our spiritual togetherness is not registered with Caesar (temporal, earthly government), is wholly Lawful but does not have a legal body through authorizing contracts, as in incorporation — we are the spiritual body whose head and Master is Christ Jesus — nor do we divulge to Caesar our deeds and disbursements destined to advance God’s work on earth,
  13. We deplore the hush agreement and conflict of interest tolerated by Christian church officials in the U.S.A. through such instruments as the registered corporation status and 501 (c) 3 tax exemption contract and the conflict inherent in Holy Matrimony with God as its Head being abolished by the imprimateur of church leaders in favor of civil contract marriage with the State as its head; selah,
  14. In light of the failure of Western de-christianizing democracies to elevate mankind toward their God-given nobility, we devote ourselves to finding a better model of civil authority, that: a) honors the Creator from whom and to whose glory the cosmos exists, and which, b) elevates mankind, who are entitled by their Creator to resemble God rather than animals,
  15. We abstain from vain speculation, among such, the myth that the universe created itself, the myth that life evolved from lifelessness, the myth of macro-evolution,
  16. We spread the Good News of Jesus the Savior of mankind and Lord (Master) of God’s people — a.k.a. their King and Commander-in-Chief — by public witness, outreach and publication, in appropriate times, places and manners, for which police permission is not central,
  17. We elevate the Golden Rule as part of the highest standard for behavior and conduct toward our fellow man; in Jesus’ words: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and similarly: “To know to do good and not to do it is sin,”
  18. We bear one another’s burdens by kindly deeds, with humility, deference and quietness of behavior, condescending to people of low estate, supporting and strengthening those who are of the household of Faith, and not overlooking those who are disenfranchised from society’s compassion, an example of which are the 82 Adventists who perished by military assault, siege and holocaust at the mt. carmel concentration camp near Waco, Texas, in the year of our Lord 1993, whom we tried to help 3 days before their death,
  19. We care for our Children in their young years and our Children care for us in our elderly years. We prefer to die for Jesus than to die for a disease, but to die at home is preferable than in an institution, as possible. Our body is to be returned to the earth, but we have no need of being buried among the rich and famous, nor should our gravesite or our memory be venerated. When dead, we have life eternal, but our earthly course is finished and our mission is accomplished; we sleep the sleep of death, resting in Christ until the Second Resurrection,
  20. Knowing that God does not dwell in earthly temples, boxes, nor sacred containers made with hands, we have limited interest in religious real estate, but present ourselves to be his spiritual temple, the Church, with all other Believers, the dwelling place of God’s Holy Spirit,
  21. We are reminded that we are in the world, but not of it; this world is not our home, but Heaven; we are not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by God’s Spirit; to love the world creates a state of being God’s enemy, to: “Remember Lot’s wife,” and: Have no King but Jesus,
  22. We are content to dwell in temporary shelters, specifically referring to ones without an earthly foundation, because of our release of earth and the things of earth, knowing that we will be displaced from time to time as we follow our Good Shepherd, and that we are but sojourners here,
  23. We do not seek to own earthly possessions privately and exclusively, but welcome sharing, or holding things in common with other Believers whom we know to be of like Mind and Heart,
  24. We are content to live simply, without expansive appetites and aspirations, and nor do we need an overly complex society around us to support our lifestyle,
  25. We believe that a time is coming and in certain places on earth is already here where people do not have free access to money, as in buying and selling, without having one or more central serial numbers signifying allegiance to an anti-Christ central authority, as is Washington DC. We order and arrange our priorities in such a way as to be able to endure hard times such as these.
  26. We are seeking a land where our children can run free: free to love, live for and learn about their Creator, and free from the fear of being stolen from their family by the child police,
  27. Jesus’ sufferings are a normal part of his disciples’ pilgrimage, and as such, we welcome Discipleship in this and in all of its blessings and burdens,
  28. In its present state of wasting time and unwholesomeness, tv is not welcome in our house,
  29. We resolve our differences and conflicts by dialogue and entreaty, with firmness or rebuke, if necessary, yet granting latitude for disagreement, saying “Yes” if we can, and “No” only if we must,
  30. We renounce coercion, but, as the last resort, especially if we are cornered, we may defend our family with deadly force, defined narrowly, however we prefer to flee rather than to fight, and to overcome evil with Good,
  31. We acknowledge that a wide valley exists between our Family’s culture and that of the Philistines on the other side — in the analogy of David and Goliath — and that God has ordained us to be giants in the land of the Philistines, winning them to God by kindly words and deeds befitting the angelic message of “Peace and goodwill toward men …,”
  32. We recognize all who belong to God through Jesus, who is God-incarnate, as our spiritual Brethren, and share Holy Communion with them, regardless of doctrinal agreement or earthly affiliation,
  33. We acknowledge we will all stand and give account of ourselves before God, not only us, but all people everywhere, both great and small,
  34. On the day of this writing we are penniless refugees seeking asylum, a.k.a. sanctuary, in this foreign country due to persecutions in the former, having left behind from time to time our goods and comforts to wander with Jesus, who has led us and cared for us, similarly as also the Pilgrims who left this same continent [Europe] in the year of our Lord 1620,
  35. We eagerly await the second advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus who will take us to our Heavenly home, our inheritance, the Land we have been looking for, and to the Heavenly City, whose builder and maker is God.

We ordain this Compact to play a part in bringing Reformation, beginning with ourselves.

So ordaining, help us God:


Gary (1952) and Vickie (1964) Spaulding, Husband and Wife, and the Father and Mother of Ciela Rose (2004), Talitha Sedmaya (1998), Béni Deo (1997), Jireh Devin (1995), and L’Abri Laurent (1992), all with last name “Spaulding,” our beautiful and precious Children who are present.

This Compact is to be passed along to future generations ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ and may be up-dated from time to time, as Wisdom dictates, while maintaining earlier texts in the Addendum or Family Archives.

Resday (Resurrection Day), a.k.a. Sunday,
28 September 2003 A. D.
Montet (Broye), Switzerland (near Fribourg)


Authors’ rights affirmed.

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