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Unilateral Divorce Certificate

To: Washington DC (the Man of Iniquity) and fellow pirate governments,((and all of their allies including the governments of the Western World, who, according to our experience and research, are all aligned against our King, Jesus of Nazareth.))
From:          Gary Spaulding         , [yours truly]Date: 22 January 2010

Thank you for receiving my Decree.

Subject: “Let My People Go!”

I have been blessed with the wisdom that enables me to discern spiritual things spiritually. I now understand that I must come out of and be separate from your diabolic, nefarious, barbarian and anti-Christ authority. ((11 Sept 2001 was an inside operation, Mt. Carmel Waco holocaust, the murder of Mr. Gordon Kahl, the massacre of Iraq, abortion, cannibalizing babies’ genetics, children abducted by Washington’s police, Constitution was subverted in 1913, God was ousted in 1963, mark of the beast on all inhabitants, chipped passports containing secret information, Mr. Ghigliotti’s tell-tale death, plus many others, etc.)) Therefore, using your own authority ((Washington DC provided the People with the “Emancipation Proclamation,” “No fault Divorce” and “Abortion-on-demand.”)) I emancipate myself, divorce you, and, as necessary, abort-on-demand any remaining authority that is not included above.

Restraining Order

We are divorced. Please receive notice by this same instrument that you are restrained from initiating any further contact with me and my family.

Cordially, but assertively, in the name of Jesus, King and Temple-cleanser,



   Gary Spaulding, father and plenipotentiary of the family


   Vickie Spaulding







   Bariloche, Argentina


   22 July 2012

P.S.: You may benefit by perusing the following document, available on the internet, entitled: A Letter to Mr. Obama: Let My People Go!

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