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Notice of disqualification and Christian reformation

Dear Christian leader, (to the leaders first)

In the simplest of terms i must inform the leaders of the Christian movement worldwide who are vested in and/or formally marked by other than Heaven’s authority that they are not qualified to teach or preach in the Lord’s name, whose spiritual credentials, citizenship and/or headquarters is founded among the anti-Christ and Christ-eliminating nations of the world, all of which is pleasing to man but not to God and is contrary to the example of the apostles, prophets and, above all, Jesus.

The era of Great Apostasy that began in the year 321 has ended and the Great Harvest is underway where what is of God and planted in Heaven must be gently separated from what is willfully contrary to him, “weeds,” which will then be unceremoniously uprooted and burned. This requires spiritual discernment and root-level Christian reformation, see: Mt. 13,30 + 15,13 + 25,13.

As Christians, by Jesus’ definition, we are: “in the God-hostile world but not of it,” and by Paul’s wisdom: “Our citizenship (including our homeland) is in Heaven.” Thus we are a special, holy, Christian nation. Remember Lot’s wife who did not want to separate from God’s enemies; Samson who did not know God’s power had left him; and Ananias and Saphira who both said everything belonged to God but it didn’t. It was a lie. All of these died a sad, shameful and unnecessary death.

Thank you for receiving this notice.

Gary, root surgeon
Bariloche, Argentina

PS: May i attract you to establish your homeland, citizenship, spirituality, vocation and affections in Heaven, symbolized by the free-of-charge, available-to-all, self-publishing Christian passport, adaptable to any language, issued under Jesus’ paramount authority, divorcing his enemies, returning whatever belongs to them, including their lies, and having no King but Jesus. The resulting holy relationship is typified as a marriage where we are the Bride of Christ, belonging to him alone.

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