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Argentina’s new DNI is not acceptable for Christians

Certificate of Notification

To: Whom it may concern
From: Gary and Vickie SPAULDING
Date: 14 November 2009
Subject: Argentina’s new DNI is not acceptable for Christians

It came to my attention this week on the 6 a.m. radio news that the Argentine government is issuing new national identification documents (DNI). I have the print-out of the government’s website in front of me as i write (www.nuevoDNI.gov.ar).

The words: “La personalización del DNI” (the personalization of the DNI) make it clear that, in the government´s view, this new document is a person. Therefore, the document number is the number of a person, specifically of the natural person who receives it.

For Christians, it is unacceptable to receive such a document number because we were created by God, not Government; we are the Bride of Christ, bought with his blood; we belong to him, he owns us and, as his Bride, we may not receive the number of an alien authority onto our natural person. ((NOTE that when a natural person voluntarily receives the number of an alien authority onto his natural body or person he is commuted into an artificial person of that authority’s Lordship.))

We see this measure on the part of the Argentine government as a challenge to Jesus’ Lordship and as a turning point in Christian history. Christians are guaranteed the liberty to live, move and have their spiritual being in Creator God, their King, whose Spirit dwells within them, and they are not forced to entangle themselves with the competitive authority of other kings. This liberty is an inalienable, God-given right, and has been the foundation of Christian conscience for 2,000 years.

This challenge to Jesus’ Lordship concerns all Christians in this Apocalyptic Era and is given primary importance in the Book of the Revelation, the last book of the Bible. We are confident that Jesus would not receive this number, and this factor is central to Christians in Argentina as they face this same decision. They are invited to consider the wisdom in this remonstrance and in the Bible, and to follow us as we follow Christ; we have accepted the responsibility before God of providing spiritual leadership for modern Western Christendom.

In the case of uncertainty as to what Jesus would do on this and any subject, we urge you to give him the benefit of the doubt, and to obey him above all others.

Thank you for your patience with our entreaty,

Gary and Vickie SPAULDING,
sojourning at a primitive campsite in a forest near Bariloche, Argentina (behind the Arenera del Sur).


Argentina’s new DNI – Certificate of Notification – 14 November 2009 – http://2ndreformation.witnesstoday.org

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