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a Letter to Mr. Obama : “Let My People Go !”

To: The Honorable President of the U.S.A.

From: Gary and Vickie Spaulding in Bariloche, Argentina —
6 years in preventive exile from the U.S.A.

Background: We took humanitarian provisions to the families at the Mount Carmel Concentration Camp on 16 April 1993 (Waco, Texas), but the FBI falsely arrested us which was a clear and flagrant violation of the families’ rights to receive humanitarian assistance while under military siege. Three days later the FBI incinerated them alive — men, women and children — and continues to lie to the world for 16 years. Then, in 2002 the police came to our farm to steal our children claiming that we are connected to the “Waco cult.” However, the Holy Spirit had forewarned us and we had already gone into preventive exile, to avoid being “Waco-ed.” We were rejected from country to country in Europe and landed in Argentina where we are presently sojourning in temporary shelters at a primitive campsite in a forest at the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Subject: “Let My People Go!”

Dear Mr. Obama:

We feel you are the man ordained to help God’s people* as they set out to separate themselves from Washington DC’s authority, as we also have done, amid intense persecution and tribulation. Relevant to this conflict are the words of a revelation my wife and I received on 10 December 2008, as follows:

666 Unscrambled

The Pirates on the Potomac have established their counterfeit, anti-Christ kingdom using the following three numbers, by which their subjects: 1) live, 2) move, and 3) have their spiritual being within a false trinity wherein a man has made himself God, symbolically known as 666:

1) Washington DC’s body I.D. number by which its subjects live, a.k.a. “the Social Security Number,” a.k.a. “the mark of the beast” which establishes “legal personhood,”

2) Washington DC’s travel I.D. number by which its subjects move, a.k.a. “the REAL ID number,” and a.k.a. the driver’s I.D. number (to be fully arrogated by Washington DC in December of 2009, see: http://www.ncsl.org/RealID/ ),

3) Washington DC’s tax-benefits I.D. number by which its subjects become Corporate Church Executives of the anti-Christ, have their spiritual being in him and are vested with his authority, the man of iniquity (Washington DC is, by its own authority, a legal person). By authority of this number they take an oath of silence to enable the anti-Christ to consolidate his “legitimate” political power in Washington DC, U.S.A. without God’s people knowing it, a.k.a. “the IRC 501(c)3 serial number” assigned to religious corporations. Parishioners enter themselves individually into contract with their Corporate Church Executives by means of instruments known as certificates of paper “Church” membership and their families by means of certificates of contract marriage. These Corporate Church Executives stand or sit as embodiments of the nefarious, satanic authority which eliminates Jesus’ Lordship from the U.S. nation, steals, kills and destroys nationally and internationally in the name of Jesus, Christianity and the Constitution, and, as such, are truly an abomination which causes desolation standing in the Holy place. Their benefits from Caesar in the name of Jesus are dishonest gain from an unholy, commercial alliance with God’s enemies and the people are not told that their contributions are bound by contract to the jurisdiction of a Washington DC corporation, not to God, making the whole thing a den of liars, thieves, traitors and mercenaries. ##

(10 December 2008)

Gary and Vickie Spaulding, in preventive exile at a primitive campsite near Bariloche, Argentina

This text may not be altered — authors’ rights affirmed.


Consequently, kindly enlist the support of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to allow Christians and their leaders to “come out from among them,” divorce themselves or emancipate themselves from Washington DC’s authority, whichever model seems most appropriate under the circumstances. The necessary authority is already on-hand for all the models: no-fault divorce, and the Emancipation Proclamation were both given to us by Washington DC and are most necessary at this critical time in history. By Jesus’ authority we Christians are “in the world, but not of it,” (John 15:19 and John 17:14‑16).

We patiently await your favorable response. Meanwhile, thank you and may God bless you,

Gary and Vickie SPAULDING, and five children who are present.
(San Carlos de) Bariloche, Argentina

[Sent via International Certified Mail,
Return Receipt, from Bariloche, Argentina on 3 Feb 09.]

*UPDATE: After years of evaluation, it is obvious to us that Mr. Obama represents a continuation of Washington’s evils, with an even higher number of remote-controlled strikes by airborne death squadrons than his predecesor, no significant changes regarding the Guantanamo torture prison and now even Christians finance the abortion industry and its friends in blue.

See also: Unilateral Divorce Certificate

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