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Christians cannot be sons of God and of the Satanic world order, a holy nation and an unholy nation, the body of Christ and of the anti-Christ at the same time.

For the same confidence as you expressed, the Lord gave us a way of escape from the nations of the Satanic world order, to a primitive campsite in the "mountains" of holy separation, under his paramount Lordship. Thank you for your tweet!

Dr. Michael L. Brown@DrMichaelLBrown

Retweet if you share this heart: I will not compromise my convictions for the sake of my colleagues, my companions, or my convenience. I will honor the Lord and honor the truth, regardless of cost or consequence. On with it!

Romans 13 covers a multitude of issues where we are REQUIRED to submit to the laws of our nation. Very few situations qualify as an exception. So what do we do when professing believers refuse to understand this?

Off the beaten path...

Is your pastor an agent of the state? You might be surprised at how the state has already bound him to do its bidding.

Think on it.

Both God and Satan want to own us exclusively. Therefore Jesus bought us to his paramount Lordship by his blood. Satan buys God's people to his by offering a "citizenship" partnership to a Christ-eliminating nation that they can't refuse.

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