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So, you’ve given up the number of the beast (the SSN)?

In answer to your question (from a follower on Twitter): Yes, we gave up the SSN about 25 years ago when its original purpose and definition were falsified. In our pilgrimmage we were not as fixated with the “Mark of the Beast” as with giving God everything that belongs to Him, and giving anything contrary to God back to Caesar.

Progressively, the Driver’s license also became unacceptable for Christians and we gave it back (in the process our car was stolen by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles). When it came time to flee the country and we needed passports God made a way to get them without those required documents!
Later from Switzerland our youngest daughter (Ciela, born there) was fraudulently denied a US passport, but God opened the door to travel to South America without it.

Omitting many details, while here in Argentina the new DNI (national ID card) with microchip and biometric data was implemented at the time that they were processing our case. We told them that their number was unacceptable for Christians. Meanwhile, we had divorced Washington and let those passports expire (we burned them later as a symbol of definitive separation). Subsequently we had the Divine inspiration to make Christian passports for each of us, and presented them to the border police (Migraciones). The Argentine government did not accept these clean, Christian passports and required us to renew the expired US passports in order to stay in the country “legally.”  So we ceased all dealings with the Argentine government. A couple years later they threatened to throw us out by force if we didn’t leave on our own or conform to their requirements within 15 days. We said: “No!” That was almost four years ago, so far they’ve never been back. Hallelujah!

Now we see the thread which connects all said documents which are part of the mark of the Beast, namely: citizenship which makes natural people who belong to God into artificial “Legal Persons” belonging to Satan’s world order. As Christians our citizenship is in Heaven alone and all that we are we give to God.

May God help you in your pilgrimmage as he has helped us, and give you a way of escape. Without the Great Shepherd our enemies would have triumphed over us long ago.
Hope to here from you soon.

Sincerely, L’abri for all of us

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