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30 September 2011

The English Bible readers are led to believe that, according to the King James Translation, “virtue” went out of Jesus like part of his halo. No, it was “power,” and it healed even me.
See: Mark 5:30. Compare: Luke 6:19 and 8:46.


14 October 2009

“The kingdom of God is within you is correct,” Luke 17:21, but the Spanish translation says it is among you which is wrong. This preposition* within is the same one used where Jesus talks about a cup that is cleaned within will automatically be clean without/ outside as well. This preposition does not appear elsewhere as “among.” Consequently, the Spanish reader is misled to look for God’s presence and interests in some earthly institution/ building/ box/ shrine, etc.
*referring to the original preposition language Coine Greek.
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