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Separation from Evil, A Prayer of Christian Reformation in the USA

Help us, God, in this era of apocalyptic deception to establish a new base-line of Christian ethics so it is no longer acceptable to cast out demons in one country while financing them in another, because what good is our righteousness to you, Jesus, if we heal people every day of the year except one, the 15th of April, the day we finance the anti-Christ seated in Washington DC and his systematic destruction: a) of your Lordship over church, state, marriage, travel, school, family, and b) of innocent people; shall we name Iraq, Waco Texas, Gordon Kahl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Guantanamo, Roe v. Wade, etc., etc., etc., with innocent blood to the horse’s bridle?

In our apostasy and hypocrisy we have our feet planted in two opposite kingdoms, which gives rise to a brokenness of spirit and a duplicity of mind, condoning what we condemn and condemning what we condone – both are an abomination in your sight, as also are the hands that shed this innocent blood and the hands of those of us who financed them.

Give us the courage to separate ourselves from your enemies, under whatever disguise they are operating, and no longer to take part in their evil works of darkness nor to have any contracts with them, but rather to expose them. Furthermore, if the king is naked and his law is evil, as the little children of your Kingdom, we want to be the first to admit it and to face it, not the last, and the first to suffer for the Gospel of your Kingdom, not the last.

We recognize that this notion of “separation from evil” poses a radical challenge to conventional Christianity in this country where we love words like: “We are one nation under God,” and “In God we trust,” but where our deeds prove just the opposite. Even our daily bread we say comes from you instead of admitting it comes from our contracts with the anti-Christ government.

We confess that you are not impressed with our words like we are, and that to put into action “separating from evil in every form it takes” we risk being thrown out of the synagogues and the circles of conventional Christian fellowship, and it could even cost us the loss of all things as it did you and many others who have gone before us. Nevertheless, with your help, we are willing to face our fears and to bear our cross of separation as you bore yours.

Paul spoke of his cross of separation in this way: “I am crucified to the world and the world is crucified to me,” (and Paul wore a suit of rags) and elsewhere it is written: “Go unto Jesus outside the camp bearing his shame,” and: “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord,” and also: “If your eye offends you, pluck it out.”

As a result of this prayer and your transforming power at work in us, may your Lordship be strengthened, whatever the cost, may we grasp the necessity of disobeying evil laws, may we be harmless as doves and unspotted by the world, and may your will be done here below as it is in Heaven, beginning with me.


Have no contracts with the anti-Christ and no King but Jesus.

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