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The Legal Jurisdiction of the anti-Christ

This is how the Deceiver of Nations creates his anti-Kingdom, in opposition to God’s Kingdom. He induces central governments to require that their body control numbers be put on natural persons, whom they did not create, thereby creating a “legal person” belonging to them and under their legal jurisdiction, to the exclusion of God’s ownership rights as Creator and Savior.

Note well that legal persons are not natural persons. From these legal persons he constitutes his subjects, his body politic, his nation, his kingdom. Natural persons without legal person status are quasi persons, subject to discriminatory prejudices like not being allowed to enter into business contracts, for example: having a bank account, a church corporation, vehicle registration, driver license (sic), passport, employment contract, etc.; a state which is described elsewhere as “great tribulation and persecution.”

What proactive Christian solution has God provided?

Separation: Have no King but Jesus and no contracts with the anti-Christ.

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