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Exposé : DOUBLE AGENTS standing in unholy pulpits

○ ○ ○

A call to return to God’s holiness
in hopes of restoring credibility to Christ and spirituality to modern Christianity
so that God’s will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Addressed first to:
State-registered leaders of the Christian Church
and leaders in preparation,
then, worldwide, beginning in Bariloche, Argentina.

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Galley Proof

○ ○ ○

Author’s comments: This Exposé belongs to the worldwide celebration of root-level Christian reformation taking place in Europe and elsewhere on the 31st of October, 2017. As soon as the galley proof has been corrected for any factual errors, i shall be eager to make public readings of it wherever possible.

○ ○ ○

Will be available in French, Spanish, German, English, Russian and Modern Greek
Fraudbusters blow the cover on deep corruption within the Christian Church

30 April 2017

Ninety-nine percent of modern Christian leaders are State-registered, double agents. They are card-carrying members of the Satanic world order, vested in the authority of God’s Kingdom and of Satan’s kingdom at the same time. These false impersonators must burn without delay the contracts by which they have agreed: 1) to become sons of the Christ-eliminating nations of the world, 2) to belong to them and their supposed jurisdiction, and 3) to conform to their degenerate standards through unacceptable compromises.

State-registered Christian leaders refuse to separate from these defiled things, to divorce God’s adversaries and to give their sonship back to God because their gods are their buildings, their bank accounts, a wide range of benefits, primary among them their retirement benefits packages and their ecclesiastical mega-corporations through which has been created a man-made church-establishment, commensurate with an earth-based spirituality. Consequently, their light is darkness and their salt has lost its savor. Although we are losing our civilization to undeclared martial law by tyrannical overlords, they are useless to be used of God to stop them. A modern Iron Curtain is now accomplished, not by anti-tank barricades, but by a central, State-registration number, known as the “mark of the beast,” placed on all centrally-registered legal persons worldwide. Jesus with good reason questioned whether there will be faith on earth when he returns.

The Corporate Church Executives behind these compromises, by means of additional commercial contracts, are the ones who have established illicit, man-made church-institutions. By contrast, Jesus said in figurative speech that man-made church-establishments will be summarily disestablished, see: Mt. 15,13. They carefully fail to preach all verses like this one due to having replaced the Gospel of Jesus the King, Satan-crusher and Temple-cleanser with the easier gospel of Jesus-Incorporated, an imposter that negates Jesus’ paramount Lordship over his Church. These erroneous ones are anathema which implies the highest degree of spiritual denunciation. They and their accomplices stand in unholy pulpits that, by signed contracts, are placed under the auspices and jurisdiction of the Satanic orders of Buenos Aires, Washington, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, etc. Their sermons feature poetic-theological platitudes rather than the can­did and oftentimes disturbing truth that advances the Kingdom of Heaven and at the same time exposes and disempowers the insidious schemes of the Evil one. Heavenly necessity requires that they must be stopped!

God’s people deserve to know these things so as to be able to discern and avoid the great Apostasy, namely that these fraudulent ones, extending back to Emperor Constantine, are an abomination that causes the desolation of Heaven’s interests, and, furthermore, by their silence, they give their tacit consent to the steady rise of the modern Satanic world order with its ubiquitous, totalitarian, central registration, surveil­lance and tracking serial number marked upon all registered legal persons. The consolidation of total satanic ownership by means of this control number has spread like a net over the whole world and its citizens.

My family and i are thrown out of their Synagogues of Satan, as Jesus foretold, because we expose their lies, fraud, betrayal, collusion, desecration, vested interest and conspiracy of silence. We demand that these wayward ones repent, be transparent and reveal these things to their unsuspecting audiences, who know nothing of them, but they refuse to do so, calling us cultists or ostracizing us or both. Subsequently, Satan, the Deceiver of nations, continues to hide in their pulpits and clerical vestments and to deceive many.

But don’t worry about us. We are called to reform the world, beginning at the household of God, laying the Heavenly axe to the root of the great Apostasy in the Church and to the root of militant totalitarianism in the world. To that end God has given us great courage and fortitude in great tribulation. Rather, worry about yourselves, your family, your marital authority, your legal personhood status, your homestead, your spirituality, your citizenship, your sonship and your understanding of what it means “to be a Christian” compared to the baseline established by Jesus which has been contaminated and corrupted by double-dealers for almost 1,700 years, with a few glorious exceptions. However, i am not dealing with the exceptions at this time, therefore, from the shameful ones under scrutiny i admonish you to turn away.

Christians cannot be sons of God and sons of the nefarious, Satanic world order, a holy nation and an unholy nation, the body of Christ and of the anti-Christ, amalgamated between de jure, Christian authority and de facto, Christ-eliminating authority at the same time. In short, we cannot be reconciled to God and to Satan concurrently, simultaneously and at the same time! Regrettably however, these unconscionable contradictions, being widely accepted as what God wants for his people, are producing a chronic state of duplicity and disorientation commonly called schizophrenia throughout modern Western society.

By contrast, the Christians who were before us, being poor in spirit, had no compromising status nor amalgamation with the nations of God’s enemies, rather, they abhorred all that is evil and resisted evildoers high and low. Everything they did and said was to the glory of God. As such, they had no conflict of loyalty like modern Christians experience with their de facto “higher authorities.” They viewed Earth as a perishable and temporary realm and themselves as its foreigners, with their eyes fixed on Heaven as their homeland, citizens of Heaven, not conformed to this God-hostile world, in the world but not of it, separated unto God which is holiness. By the world’s standards they were poor and comfortless, yet they were rich toward God, risking their lives for the Heavenly cause. They did not give holy things to anti-Christ dogs so they lived, moved and had their core, lawful status “in Christ,” belonging to him exclusively and transparently, spirit, soul and body with no contradiction. They sought the Kingdom of Heaven first, choosing to suffer with God’s people rather than to enjoy the temporal pleasures, power and glory of this God-forsaken world. For them, God’s authority, vested in Jesus, the God-incarnate-man, anointed King of his people, is higher than that of Caesar and his less-than-supreme Courts. Therefore, they gathered themselves and their families under Jesus’ wings, meaning ‘under his Lordship,’ outside the camp of his eliminators, having no formal contracts, partnerships nor agreements with them. Consequently, as Jesus foretold, they were hated by all nations.

○ ○ ○

Ironically, the necessity of separating what belongs to God from what belongs to the power of the modern pagan nations was well understood by none other than Vladimir Lenin, one of the founders and leaders of the former Soviet Union, the most militantly atheistic empire of modern times. He expressed this fundamental, lawful necessity in his book: Socialism and Religion in two sentences, as follows:

Religious societies must not be connected with the State power. Religious and Church societies must be completely free unions of like-minded citizens independent of the authorities.” Please note: I must add to his word “citizens” the qualifier “citizens [of Heaven]” because, saying the same thing in different words: Christians are ambassadors and “citizens of Heaven,” INDEPENDENT OF THE GODLESS STATE.

Although Lenin’s words are unknown to most of us, within the Soviet Union they gave rise to a Christian reformation movement known as the “Unregistered Church” movement, for which, most ironically, multitudes of Christians behind the former Iron Curtain suffered deprivations, persecutions, false imprisonments, torture, forced exile and/or death. I had personal friends from among that number. The irony of Lenin’s words is baffling. For me and many others they seem to call Christians to God’s holiness !!

However, the following quote is well-known to most Christians, namely:

Come out from among them and be separate says the Lord and don’t touch any unclean thing and i will receive you and be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” These sobering words call us back to God, saving us from this age of uncleanness, fallacy, apostasy and rebellion.

May God illumine your mind, grant you spiritual discernment, give you Holy Spirit fire in your bosom, guide your decisions, show you the way out of any unclean amalgamations and back to King Jesus, our Lord, our sole Sovereign, our reality, our Rock, OUR HOLINESS, our only hope and our all-in-all, and to the Good News of his Kingdom, to be his special, holy, Christian nation celebrating root-level, Christian reformation!!! At the same time, with God’s help, we must expose, disempower and depopulate the Satanic world order. (1)

In closing, i say with trepidation that the road is narrow and the obstacles are very high but not to be afraid!


I believe i have the heart and mind of the Lord and that he has given me understanding of the priceless secrets of his Kingdom. For these treasures we have lost or forsaken everything. Gary, root surgeon # #

  1. See, if you please: Exodus 23,32; Mat. 15,13; 24,9; Luke 4,6; 19,27; John 17,14+16; 2 Cor. 6,17; Phil. 3,20; Col. 1,27; 1 Pet. 2,9; Acts 17,7; Rom. 16,20 and Heb. 1,13.[]

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