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Allodial land

The necessity

Allodial land must play an integral part of a Second Christian Reformation. The proverbial axe must be laid to the root of the world-wide anti-Christ rebellion, due to which the encroachment against the Christian family, the crimes against God, humanity and the Christian’s conscience have become insufferable. God’s people must find a way of escape, that enables them to separate from God’s enemies, their captivity and their defiled land, abolishing all contractual intercourse and business partnerships with them because Christians do not amalgamate with God’s enemies any more than light amalgamates with darkness.((A free-of-charge, self-publishing Christian passport is available at: Kingdom of Heaven (Christian) Passport)) Then they must find, found or re-establish emancipated land, a.k.a. allodial land, so that they themselves, their families and the land they inhabit are all subject to the self-same, paramount Lordship of our sole Sovereign, King Jesus. The net effect of this is in harmony with the Father’s all-encompassing plan — that Jesus Christ, the Son, be the sole foundation and Rock upon which we build our lives — gathering everyone and everything into his Kingdom.

Allodial land defined

The authority of allodial land presumes that when God created the Earth, as sole Sovereign, all the land was under his paramount Lordship. Within time that Lordship fell under the control of fallen men, God was dethroned and eventually was made illegal. I am referring specifically to that infamous, unprecedented decision in 1963 by the less-than-Supreme Court of the United States of America. The story is long and arduous, but we know basically how it digressed into the post-911 mess where Satan’s authority is welcome in the land, God’s authority is eliminated and innocent blood reaches to the horse’s bridle. Now, as part of a response to that mess, the land God’s people inhabit must be reclaimed for King Jesus, enabling his most sublime Lordship to fill the whole Earth, parcel by parcel, until he returns.

A working model of allodial land

Omitting a trove of details, when we arrived at this parcel of land after a 10,000 mile journey of great hardship and tribulation my wife and i with 5 children, 12 years old and under, placed our 2 tents in a clearing in a corner of this forest which is outside the city of Bariloche, Argentina, and spent the winter in them. I need not create any melodrama for you to be able to imagine what that winter was like. Nevertheless, praise God, we survived it, as good soldiers must. It is necessary to emphasize that we arrived at this location without crossing anyone’s fence. At that moment this land was vacant, unused and uncon­tested. The closest neighbor offered us water from his well as we had not yet dug our own. In short, we established a primitive campsite on land that was unused, unimproved and uncontested.((We are located behind a gravel pit called the “Arenera del Sur.”))

However, once our presence was noticed the attacks, elbowing and strong-arming began. For ten years we held on with manly firmness to the confidence that God had put us here, the parcel was therefore to be held as a divine allotment and that we had the basic common law rights of usufruct land — land that you use without harming it and for which ownership is unnecessary or uninteresting.

The allodial rock

When the eleventh year rolled in we concluded that God had ordained this parcel to be unencumbered, unregistered, allodial land and that we should be its primary caretakers — land whose sole Sovereign is Christ Jesus our King. We declared exactly that, placed a rock at the entrance as a memorial to that effect and took a photo of it which you can see attached. The memorial reads: ALLODIUM (emancipated land). A “welcome” sign in four languages sets on top of the rock welcoming, among others, Christians who are in great tribulation for the name of Jesus and for belonging to his Heavenly Kingdom.((Our citizenship is in Heaven, see: Philippians 3:20.))

Please apply this wisdom as best suits your needs. Hopefully it can be used in a way that overcomes evil with good and makes peace where there is none.


Unfortunately, God’s people who are vested with the authority of the God-hostile nations of the world, financing them and/or peacefully co-existing with them are dead in their rebellion and man-made spirituality. They must separate from their amalgamation with God’s enemies post-haste or suffer the fate of unbelievers, liars, traitors, hypocrites and friends of the Satanic world order. For an example of this reality see Jesus’ words: “Remember Lot’s wife!” in Luke 17:32 and the original account of God’s people separating from Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis chapter 19, especially verse 26.

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Instructions to the nations of the Satanic world order

  1. If this undertaking be of men, it will come to naught, but, if it be of God you cannot overthrow it; you will only find yourselves fighting against God, see: Acts 5:38+39.
  2. King Jesus wants his Heavenly Lordship to fill the whole Earth. We invite you to join his glorious quest, making him your friend, Savior and sole Sovereign, as we have, through good times and bad, see: Mat. 28:18, John 16:33, Acts 17:7, Ephesians 1:23, Colossians 1:13+20, Heb. 13:13 and Jude verse 4.
  3. “Let my people go!” Exodus 5:1.((See: A Letter to Mr. Obama “Let My People Go!“)) ##

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