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Shortly after Hitler invaded Holland ca. 1941, his storm troopers planned to “cleanse” a Jewish orphanage in Amsterdam of its “vermin,” known to Christians as babies even though “unwanted” according to certain ideological stereotypes of that day. Meanwhile, the local Christians found out about the raid and stole the babies the night before, disappearing them into the Christian underground where they were granted sanctuary and protection from the death squadrons.

Not all Christians agree with the Christian underground; not then and not now. However, consider the Wise Men from the East who disobeyed King Herod’s order to inform him of baby Jesus’ whereabouts, having been divinely warned in a dream to return home by a different route. Most Christians praise the Wise Men on Sunday, but strengthen King Herod during the week, even when he destroys Jesus’ Lordship and the Christian cause. My writings, elsewhere, contain modern-day examples of this hypocrisy.

In our day, those who are “cleansed” for prejudices they do not deserve are, among others, newly-conceived babies who, by means of modern discriminatory practices are dislodged from the lining of their mother’s uterus or chemically prevented from implanting there. Others are conceived in artificial insemination facilities where only select babies are allowed to survive. The excess babies, known in the medical manuals as zygotes at this stage, are trashed, along with the babies of the wrong sex, wrong race, wrong number (twins/triplets/etc.) or they are recycled for their pristine genetics.

Rape is another justification for giving a baby the death penalty, although rape has not been objectively defined in the Western World, and although the death penalty in this country (Argentina) “is abolished forever…” (Article 18), creating more of the hypocrisy and double standard of this apocalyptic era. The brokenness of the adult world is simply baffling.

Furthermore, rape is the cause why i am here today, having been conceived in October of 1951 by my father’s necessity to get another tally tick on his draft card so he wouldn’t have to go to the Korean War, and this, as my mother told me on my 16th birthday: “felt like rape.” She stated publicly: “I hated him so much I had to sit on my hands so as not to kill him (the baby) with a butcher knife.” I thank her for sitting on her hands, and making herself a heroine. “Thank you, Mother!”

Back to the Christian Underground: New mother – even by the horrors of rape – don’t kill your baby, which would be like killing me, which i could never condone; instead, call one of the numbers on the face of this flyer. We want to help, no questions asked.

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