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Introduction and Invitation to a 2nd Christian Reformation

We set this data before a world audience in submission to the Holy Spirit, whose role it is to discipline God’s people, refining them with a Refiner’s fire, transforming their minds, and guiding their lives so that God’s will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This Refiner’s fire has also been at work in our lives and family, and our minds have been transformed to be able to see God’s Kingdom and to feel the pain he must be feeling as his Kingly authority is trampled, betrayed and neutralized by people in positions of power and authority.

Subsequently, we carefully re-evaluated modern-day Christian thinking in the USA regarding this clash and found corrective solutions, which we implemented with our own family; solutions which provoked fear in us at first, but which conformed to the Golden Rule ((“… in everything, do to others what you would have them to do to you…,” Matthew 7:12.)) as the high standard of probity, and which re-asserted God’s paramount Jurisdiction and Lordship over us.

This gave rise to a wave of intense persecution, malignment, vilification and criminal abuse which cost us our reputation, professional employment, investments, possessions, family members, our Christian mission called: “Farming for Christ,” our home, our homeland, and the possibility of an alternate home in several countries to which we fled. Many government agents and leaders of the Christian Church alike mistreat us rather than to admit that we are persecuted Christians and that the U.S.A. is no longer a safe zone for families, as we have amply proven. But, although we’ve jousted with wild dogs on three continents of the Western World, we’ve also been assisted by angels, and it’s hard to recount our story without trembling. ((The stress was so high during the asylum interviews at the refugee camp in Vallorbe, Switzerland that Vickie miscarried our 5th child, in August of 2003. However, on the official paperwork no stress was documented, in contradiction to paperwork submitted by an independent Human Rights official, that stated, in French: “Throughout the interview a great fear was clearly visible (above all from the Mother) of the removal of their children by the social services [child police].” By this and other fraud we were denied refugee status in Switzerland and were expelled from Europe. We left Europe on 23 September 2004 under severe duress to continue our pilgrimage in South America, also under severe duress.))

Nevertheless, we esteem belonging to Jesus, the central figure of God’s authority on Earth, as far more precious than comforts, possessions and fair treatment. Having his approval ((At this most critical moment in human history may God make known those who have his approval.)) is what Christians value most. He suffered abuse and it’s an honor for us to seek his royal interests and to share in his royal sufferings. By unanimous declaration: “We have one Savior, one Lord, and no King but Jesus!”

Now we are looking for solutions for the world beyond our family. Allow us to speak candidly: We see God’s Kingdom and Righteousness being trampled on all levels in the USA with the tacit consent of people exalted as leaders of the Christian Church, who, on the one hand speak with pomp and eloquence in their sanctuaries by authority vested in them by the anti-Christ, God-hostile state ((God was expelled from the lawful institution of Holy Matrimony years ago, such that now homosexuals are partnered by the same authority as other couples and sometimes in the same sanctuaries — by a Godless legal business contract between a man and his partner (man or woman) with the state as senior Partner, but with God, the author of Holy Matrimony, excluded (see: West’s Law Book). Do the People have the right to be told the truth?)) but who, on the other hand, are mostly silent and aloof while that same state:

  • plays God, and
  • usurps his Kingly authority ((Jesus is the sole and exclusive King of kings, not Washington, DC, yet Washington has expelled Jesus from the center of authority over the U.S. nation and exalted its war gods in his place, and has become an anti-Christ, counterfeit King of kings, and a monster with apocalyptic power.))
  • murders innocent people
  • deceives and misleads the People using the press, television and government schools
  • violates the Right of the People to be protected equally under the law, even cultists ((Jesus was also seen as a cultist by the leaders of his day, and was condemned to death by illegal process.))
  • demonizes, machine guns and, using military gas, incinerates a group of families in their private campus, ((The Mt. Carmel Concentration Camp near Waco, Texas, lasted 51 days and ended in holocaust on 19 April 1993.)) and
  • lies to the People that: “The children’s welfare is our highest concern,” but,
  • arrests Christian missionaries who arrived with baby food, baby milk, baby diapers, etc. ((Serbian soldiers blocked a United Nations’ humanitarian convoy in Bosnia that same week in April of 1993.))
  • uses military weapons, tanks and devices against civilians
  • violates its own laws
  • alters fundamentally the forms of our government
  • commits rebellion and insurrection against the U.S. Constitution
  • swears to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution but prosecutes those who truly do
  • operates under undeclared martial law
  • violates the Separation of Powers
  • violates its contracts with the People
  • uses a secret spy ring to topple foreign democracies and to perform covert “operations”
  • provokes terrorism
  • performs unlawful arrests ((“An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained [restricted] of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right, to use force in defending himself as he would have in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl. 260, 262, (1950).))
  • uses excessive force against the People
  • uses over-excessive force when the people defend themselves, as is their right
  • murders unarmed war protesters
  • disregards the legal requirement for Warrants, for them to be in-hand and presented upon demand
  • disregards the legal requirement of proper paper service of court summonses
  • trespasses upon the private land of private individuals
  • steals children ((The information among peasants is that other Western governments are also stealing children under the guise of “children’s rights” as defined by the State, and statistics are difficult to find, for obvious reasons, plus the fact that governments behave as though children’s welfare was a private matter between them and the child police.))
  • violates the Presumption of Innocence of the accused
  • violates the Right to a Writ of Habeas Corpus
  • violates the Right to confront your accuser
  • violates the Right to trial by jury
  • violates the Right to legal council ((Guantanamo, et. al.))
  • violates the principal of jury nullification for abusive laws
  • violates the Probable Cause standard
  • violates the People’s Constitutional Right to keep and bear (defensive) arms ((“You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained [restricted] by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe,” John Adams, Second President of the USA.))
  • demonizes and prosecutes the historic Second Amendment Unorganized Militia of the USA
  • violates the People’s Right to travel
  • violates the Right to be secure in your persons, houses, papers, effects and motor vehicles
  • is deaf to the voice of justice making impossible a redress of grievances
  • falsifies court documents
  • violates the Right of the People of Texas to democratically reassert the Republic of Texas
  • proclaims the doctrine of the pre-emptive first-strike option ((These politics are fraudulent, extremist and terrorist.))
  • undertakes foreign invasions by fraud
  • provokes more terrorism and murders more innocent people
  • perpetrates a police state
  • persecutes conscientious objectors ((A person’s conscience is sacred, and, Martin Luther, a spokesman for the First Reformation that began in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1517, confirmed this, as follows: “…it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience.” After this famous speech he was declared a heretic and an outlaw whom anyone could kill without punishment. It is also noteworthy that Christians are not able to obey laws that are pernicious and/or that de-throne God.)) for not receiving Washington DC’s Sentral [sic] Surveillance Serial Number (SSSN) and for traveling without government’s permission ((Without SSSN [sic] marks of Washington DC’s alien control and Lordship we didn’t qualify for government registration papers so we provided alternate paperwork, all true, complete and lawful, and a plate at the rear of the car that said: Icabod. We told police, prosecutors, jailers and judges: “The Social Security Number is next-of-kin to the Mark of the Beast, and Jesus wouldn’t have one.” The police stole our family’s car and sold it without notice to us — all against the law.))
  • pretends that taxpayers’ contributions are by “voluntary compliance,” but uses bulldozers and death squadrons to enforce the IRS’s code book [tax police] ((Involuntary servitude is illegal in the U.S.A., see U.S. Constitution, Amendment 13.))
  • uses taxpayers’ contributions to provide police protection for the grisly abortion industry and its companion cosmetics and elixir industries
  • on 4 June 1983, murders conscientious objector Mr. Gordon Kahl ((According to our analysis, this date, 4 June 1983, was the beginning of martial law imposed under Washington D.C.’s pirate authority whose roots extend back to 1913 and beyond.))
  • violates the Separation of Church & State, properly defined
  • on 13 February 2001, bulldozes ((This will be one of the final blows against God’s Church in the USA prior to the collapse of the World Trade Towers, which was foretold to me by the Holy Spirit in a dream in these words: “It’s the end of an era before the collapse,” with the foregoing underlined letters visible in the windows of one of the towers, like this: eec .¶As i discern the signs and symbols, we are now in a new era, or dispensation — of great apostasy and reformation.)) the unregistered Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Christian school that were neither registered nor allied with Washington
  • uses taxpayers’ contributions for the ghoulish harvesting/cannibalizing of newly-conceived babies’ genetics for commercial markets [the World Trade Towers collapsed 32 days later]
  • purges the government schools of God, and Christian teachers are thrown out with him ((Mr. William Bennett, former U.S. National Secretary of Education, published statistics showing that students’ academic performance spiraled downward from that year (1963) and onward.))
  • de-thrones Jehovah God under whose authority the nation was established, and other Western nations are following Washington’s ill-fated example. ((This is not an exhaustive treatise.))

Furthermore, the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records, on page 53, states: “(The USA has the) Biggest Prison Population on Earth — 2 million prisoners in February of the year 2000.” ((Youth suicide statistics in the Western World are also distressing as are the wide-spread obsessive-compulsive disorders and we must find proactive solutions.))

To us, these factors are sufficient to prove that the relationship between the People and their government is in chronic distress, worse than it was on April 19th of 1775. What the nation needs are independent, Holy Spirit-transformed and outspoken leaders of the Christian Church committed to:

  1. being God’s watchmen,
  2. discerning and exposing the schemes of the Deceiver of Nations,
  3. finding God’s solutions from top to bottom,
  4. speaking God’s unimpeachable truth with no conflict of interest, and
  5. setting their affections, citizenship and Church membership in Heaven alone.

We emphasize that the alliance ((“You shall not make a covenant (alliance) with the people of this land…” Judges 2:2; Deut. 7:2.)) of many leaders of the Christian Church with Washington DC by a business contract hush agreement ((U.S. Christian associations are commonly referred to as churches, but, in their vast majority, are establishments of Caesar (temporal, earthly government) having paper membership and receiving a body from Washington, D.C. through a voluntary, legal contract, and a legal name, such as: The Church of God in Christ Incorporated. This is Caesar’s body (or corporation — corps is Latin for body), not to be mistaken as the Body of Christ, nor Christ’s name, nor his authority, nor is the Corporation under Christ’s Lordship, and logically, the Members of the Board are Caesar’s hands and feet for carrying out his will first and foremost. An additional contract with Washington places Caesar’s authority in the preacher’s mouth — the 501(c)3 hush agreement that protects Washington’s political well-being. Unaligned deeds or utterances make the Corporation liable to Caesar’s wrath, commonly known as legal problems, with subsequent loss of preferential status and financial privileges. Rather than to incur shame and loss many leaders of the U.S. Christian Church choose to align themselves and peacefully co-exist with Washington’s alien Lordship and nefarious politics, in spite of Jesus’ warnings, to: “avoid the sin of Herod and of the Pharisees … you cannot serve two masters … a house divided against itself cannot stand … give not holy things to dogs … if your eye (or contract) causes you to stumble, pluck it out.” This is perhaps the greatest conflict of interest in the “holy place” since Jesus cleansed the Temple 2,000 years ago.)) is contrary to the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets who, in their day, grieved, warned, objected, remonstrated, vociferated and didn’t shrink back from preaching God’s full counsel in season and out of season (when it was convenient and when it wasn’t), in good reputation and in bad. King David, who was also a Prophet and a man after God’s heart, challenged God’s people, asking them: “Who will stand with me against the workers of iniquity?” Psalm 94:16.

What have we misunderstood? For discerning, exposing and standing against Herod’s sin John the Baptist was decapitated, and Jesus’ legal problems worsened irreversibly for warning his disciples to: “Avoid the sin of Herod and of the Pharisees,” Mark 8:15. Weren’t their sins worse than those of modern-day “Herods and Pharisees”? We think not.

Note an additional world record, on page 50, that states: “Most people killed by an atomic bomb — On 6 August 1945 there were 155,200 people killed when (Washington DC) dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.” This, to us, was the turning point in modern history, 62 years ago, when Washington began playing God, got a taste for innocent blood, and set in motion the Age of Terrorism, namely: in order to bring political coercion against the intransigent military commanders in Tokyo, Washington indiscriminately slaughtered a total of 248,000 non-military people without distinguishing between men, women and children — born or unborn — in two other locations: Hiroshima (6 August 1945) and Nagasaki (9 August 1945), ((The total death toll comes from the book: Fantastique Atome by Jean-Claude Pasquiez, Casterman 1973, p. 50.)) Terrorism has been proliferating as a political strategy according to that model ever since.

Now, after 62 years, Washington owns an apocalyptic blood guilt mixed with an arrogance against Higher Authority ((To absolve ourselves of this blood-guilt and liability before the Supreme Judge of the World (see: U.S. Declaration of Independence, last paragraph), we rescinded all contractual alliance to the Pirates on the Potomac and divested ourselves of their nefarious politics. We are confident we did what Jesus would do (W.W.J.D.).)) that only one word can adequately portray: Icabodthe glory of the Lord has departed. More precisely, it was in March of 2003 that the phrase from the U.S. National Pledge of Allegiance: (We are)one nation under God was declared illegal by judges legislating by Washington DC’s authority. Although these judges don’t have authority to legislate, nonetheless, they revealed a national truth: that God has been dethroned in the USA, ((A Court outlawed the phrase (We are) one Nation Under God for use in government schools in the northwestern States; an appeal by the Bush Administration to the high Court was seen as unlikely; Chicago Tribune, 1 March 2003 p. 9.)).

The following month, April of 2003, we also departed from the USA, fleeing ahead of the child police come to steal our children, and at the same time as Washington’s terrorist invasion of Iraq. Our family traveled to The Hague, the Netherlands, to hand-deliver a 172-page indictment to the War Crimes Tribunal, entitled: Terrorism, High Crimes and Misdemeanors of the U.S. Government, ((This document is also known by its secondary title: A Compendium of Affidavits: The USA is Not a Safe Zone.)) seeking injunctive relief.

Yes, we are motivated by the Golden Rule to speak out and to work proactively for love and justice, and the prospect of Reformation gives us the hope of someday being able to return to our homeland in peace and safety.

Consequently, we find ourselves compelled by God’s pain, the People’s distress and our own displacement, tribulation, hardship and suffering to call for Reformation of Church, State, Marriage and Family in the Western World, beginning with the USA, and, in preparation for that, to propose various discussion topics, or Theses, that show why we are convinced that a Second Reformation is more critically necessary than was the First.


This proposal is primarily addressed to Christian leaders of every persuasion in the Western World. Our e-mail address is provided under Contact Us . We invite you to send us additional information that could be useful for organizing, expanding and correcting a full treatise of these subjects, ((We speak French, Spanish, German and English.)). It is absolutely necessary to speak God’s full counsel lovingly, yet in a concise, cogent and irrefutable way, reflecting new data in an appropriate manner, and providing room for dissenting opinions. Please let us know also what leadership role God has called you to, if applicable.

Thank you for helping us bear this burden. We have 10 years to prepare a correct and honorable presentation, as would please the Lord, although that figure comes with no guarantee. Meanwhile, may our own lives and families reflect the Reformation so urgently needed by our world; a world that God loves dearly.

October 2007 A.D.#

Our ubiquitous suicide disclaimer is reaffirmed.

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