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Remember Lot’s wife

To: 1) Christian leaders in the USA; 2) Freedom2015.org conference, Des Moines, Iowa From: Gary, root surgeon Date: 1 November 2015 Subject 1: “Remember Lot's wife ... flee from Sodom & Gomorrah ... don't look back!” Subject 2: Root-level Christian Reformation Brethren, greetings in Jesus' name! We are calling God's people to separate from the nations of the Satanic world order, as we…

The Stone the builders rejected

Headline: Expulsion Ultimatum to force us out of Argentina

On 1 August 2014 Migration officials came to our campsite and stated: “You have 15 days to leave Argentina, if you don’t, you will be forcibly expelled!”

Truth under fire

In a world dominated by pirates, those who live by the truth are demonized. The following individuals are in that number. To them and to all inhabitants on the planet we propose a God-based solution.

Christians are not of this evil world, October update

Dear friends of a 2nd Christian Reformation, This is our annual 31 October update as we countdown to the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the 1st Christian Reformation (1517-2017 A.D.). Years ago we told the Argentine government that their new D.N.I. (internal passport) is not acceptable for Christians. Three months ago our U.S. Passports…

494th anniversary, 31 October 2011

This is the half-way point between arriving here in great tribulation in 2005 and the projected presentation to be made in 2017: this is the midpoint. We are working energetically toward that goal, with no energy to waste.

Foreseeable Visit to USA in 2020

Date: 14 September 2010 Dear Brother Victor, Thank you for your e-mails and for your well-researched web site. If it occurs to you the wisdom that occurred to us to separate from the anti-Christ seated in Washington DC, we urge you to do so, in whatever way the Lord may lead you. If we could…

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