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County Fair Arrest, Elkhart Indiana USA

A trial of faith Saturday, 19 June 1993 County fair evangelist to make case in court By TOM PRICE Truth Staff ELKHART — Nearly a year after his arrest for trespassing at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair when he refused to buy a permit to distribute religious literature, a South Bend man this week will…

Booth restriction is unacceptable – Affidavit

Among those things which are central to following Jesus is the spreading of his Good News everywhere, including on public thoroughfares, and in spite of every obstacle. Furthermore, the proclaiming of this message is INDISPENSABLE, because people cannot know of Jesus and be saved without it

Public Outreach Article

Throughout history, those who have stood with Jesus and the Good News have faced opposition, particularly those who do so publicly.


Jesus faced much opposition on earth as he went about loving people. You'd think people would have received and appreciated his love. Some did, but others opposed him zealously. His love is the heavenly type of love. Had he loved the world with an earthly type of love, he would have been received and appreciated.…

a Jesus Newspaper (2nd edition)

Our second edition used in public outreaches and made available outside of class time at the USA government schools where Gary was teaching and for that he was fired and struck from the list without legal remedy; 20,000 copies.

“The Gospel Accordion to Spaulding”

□ South Bend Tribune □ Easter Sunday, 1989 □ Gary Spaulding of South Bend serenades traffic at the corner of Michigan Street and Ireland Road on Easter Sunday. Using a cross as a prop, Spaulding spreads the Word on Easter by playing "The Old Rugged Cross." ((The song "The Old Rugged Cross" is well-known and…