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Allodial land

God’s people must flee from the nations of God’s enemies to the “mountains of separation.” This treatise on allodial land might help them decipher Jesus’ metaphor and find their way to higher ground.

Universal Disclaimer

Tender this to the swarms of officers who come to oppress you and hinder you from living for King Jesus (our Chief Ambassador).

The Kingdom of Mammon

Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon, too. However, 99% of USA Christians think they can. Look again.

Primary Education Certificate

I, the father and plenipotentiary of my family, issued a “primary certificate” for my son, addressed to whomever it may be of interest.


What you can do to cure the television addiction forever. Share this with your friends.

What would you say to the Ambassador?

A U.S. Ambassador came to town planning to meet with us. We sent him the Word of the Lord in a brief letter of invitation but the contact person dropped us like a hot potato. Can you guess why?