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Primary Reference Points and Motivating Philosophy

Spiritual death

This chickie looks sweet and harmless, but the devil possesses his soul, like many Christians in the Western World. If you press them you will find they love the anti-Christ’s benefits more than God.

a Letter of Remonstrance

In the interest of the Second Coming of our Savior and King, Jesus, there are ten urgent issues for you (Christian leaders) and me to correct. May God give us strength and courage to do our part.

Memorandum from the 1st Century

To: 21st Century Christian leaders From: the 12 other disciples Date: 1st Century Subject: the Lost Lordship of Jesus : mystery unscrambled Dear Brethren, If our blessed Savior Jesus Christ has not returned to Earth before the year 2001 A.D., please read this Memo to the Faithful ones, if indeed there still are such ones on Earth. We believe we have…

God’s Prayer Requests

God’s will is not being done on Earth as it is in Heaven, his Kingdom is in great tribulation and 13 prayers portray his grief.