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Persecution of Christians

You (Judge Holt) are remanded to the Hobart penitentiary

Tasmanian Judge, ORDER To: Judge Holt c/o supremecourt@supremecourt.tas.gov.au From: G. Spaulding, called to represent Jesus, Lord paramount, until he comes Subject: You are remanded to the Hobart penitentiary CC: To the aggrieved individuals Beerepoot family (and their friends) hello@calebsjournal.com Date: 25 July 2019 Dear Magistrate and Enforcer for the Satanic world order: ORDER: I am…

The Stone the builders rejected

Headline: Expulsion Ultimatum to force us out of Argentina

On 1 August 2014 Migration officials came to our campsite and stated: “You have 15 days to leave Argentina, if you don’t, you will be forcibly expelled!”

Injunction – Spaulding vs. Puente, et. al.

The right of the Christian child to be homeschooled is under attack in Argentina. This is part of the War against the Saints, but the angels helped us by stopping the mail and returning the package of interdicted documents to us. P.T.L!

Mr. Kent Hovind, 2005 Affidavit

Nobody says the king is naked in Washington DC without forfeiting some of his life or freedom because the king is not only naked but is a pirate, a thief, a murderer, a terrorist and a destroyer of the lives of those who refuse to bow to his false Lordship. A current case in point is a modern-day John the Baptist, Missionary Kent Hovind, who is in a Washington DC concentration camp for failure to pay taxes he doesn’t owe to the Pirates on the Potomac from money given to God. He received a 10-year prison sentence.