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Our flight from the USA

Our family’s flight from the USA – a brief summary

It took us 13 hours to tell our story to Asylum Officials in Europe, and the story begs to be developed into a book, but, in briefest of terms, we fled our house and home, in South Bend, Indiana, USA, on 6 May 2002 just ahead of the child police who came to steal our 4 children.…

Paraguay Impasse

These are documents we submitted to United Nations and Paraguay officials while we were in Switzerland. The Swiss Border Police were doing everything within their power to have Gary [falsely] arrested, to deport him and the children back to the U.S. while Mama Vickie was to be left behind to give birth to Ciela alone – the Swiss police even threatened to arrest Gary while visiting Vickie at the hospital.

Andorran Police : You are “a risk to National Security”

This is the document that the Police of Andorra composed in collaboration with the U.S. Police, to conclude that our family represents: «a risk to national security», among others, and we were deported immediately, on 11 July 2003, no questions asked. [Below, in Catalan: “un risc per la seguretat de l’estat” (underline added)] .