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Lordship of Jesus

Kingdom of Heaven (Christian) Passport, self-publishing, free-of-charge

We Christians are Heaven’s citizens. When Earth’s governments violate your right to a clean passport God’s Kingdom has the proactive solution for his citizens.   As of the 15th of April of 2012 our 7 family members have Christian passports. We printed the cover on colored card-stock, then we laminated the outside with clear, textured…

Companion to the Christian Passport

Apocalyptic brochure A Companion to the Christian Passport A concise sketch of the 21st Century Christian's paradigm in a Western World dominated by pirates, usurpers and double-agents featuring more than 500 heart-warming verses from the Holy Bible. Please tell everyone about the self-printing, free-of-charge Christian passport. For us it provides Christians with the most cogent…

Unilateral Divorce Certificate

A proactive Christian solution for dealing with anti-Christ governments to avoid their blood guilt and liability before Jehovah God; and for this you will suffer tribulation.

Argentina’s new DNI is not acceptable for Christians

For Christians, it is unacceptable to receive such a document number because we were created by God, not Government; we are the Bride of Christ, bought with his blood; we belong to him, he owns us and, as his Bride, we may not receive the number of an alien authority onto our natural person.

Covenant of Holy Matrimony

The certificate of our Marital Covenant with God and with each other, containing a declaration of: God’s authority, our submission to him and the affirmation of our witnesses.

Lies and betrayal to the court : the war against the saints

An unbelievable account of a woman’s lies and betrayal against her Christian husband before an ungodly judge. Their names have been omitted to put the lime-light, not on the people, but on the fact that government-imposed atheism is made legal in USA courts and Christianity is made illegal. The authority of this court is anathema to Christians.