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Christian Reformation

Martin Luther’s dire prediction

A world-class theologian, linguist, musician and erudite challenged the authorities of his day and upset the balance of world power. He also predicted the decadence of the modern Western government schools, so precisely that his name is unknown to most students.

Reformation NOT Revolution

The crisis in the United States is worse than what sparked the Revolution of 1776, but reformation is God’s solution, and it is needed urgently. God wants a quick work.

1517 A.D. – 1st Christian Reformation

[Excerpts from the 1999 World Book Encyclopedia, Chicago] Luther, Martin (1483-1546), was the leader of the Reformation, a religious movement that led to the birth of Protestantism. Luther, a German theologian, taught that the Bible should be the sole authority in the Church. He also taught that people are justified (made righteous in the eyes…