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Candid Critiques

Demerits for falsifiers, and worse

The worst direct mass murder in the USA in recent years was of the Branch Davidian families on 19 April, 1993, near Waco, 76 people (26 children among them) were murdered by Washington's Delta Force, among others. News reporters who say the Las Vegas massacre was the worst get a demerit. Furthermore, the Branch Davidians…

An Easy Meal

Here is a brief description of the abomination that causes desolation standing in the unholy place.

a False Marriage

Here are a few steps to help the reader understand the mystery of the abomination which causes desolation.

Big Bang Bunk

We present 25 proofs that this theory (taught as though it was fact) is a gross fabrication and we challenge school superintendents to stop teaching it or close down the school.

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