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Whatever belongs to Caesar, ‘Give it back!’

Whatever belongs to Caesar,
g i v e  i t  b a c k !”

14 June 2014

CONSIDER WITH ME, if you please, a most mistranslated, misquoted, contradicted and misapplied verse in the Bible, (1) evincing a conspiracy of deliberate “ignorance:”

THE TRIBUTE COIN brought to Jesus by his opponents was commonly understood as a symbol of abject slavery to Caesar. It was the coin assigned to conquered nations as legal tender for paying homage to Caesar’s paramount Lordship, acknowledging complete capitulation, financing his occupation forces and supporting his pagan lifestyle. The tribute coin could not be owned by the individual nor earned as wages, especially not by conquered slaves. Citizens of the Roman Empire were exempt from tax and tribute, which, incidentally, are not the same. Tax can be collected in non-obtrusive ways and by the consent of the people, without constituting slavery. Tribute cannot.

JESUS NEVER SUGGESTED that his followers pay nor give tribute to Caesar which would have made them Caesar’s rightful slaves. Never. He said to give the coin back in the same way you give back money that you find lying along the road whose owner you are able to identify. In English, the verbs “to give back” and “to return” mean the same thing. Jesus, who is his followers’ rightful Lord and King, helped them avoid slavery to Lord Caesar by correctly identifying his belongings, returning them to him and rejecting his ownership, Lordship and control of persons whom he did not create.

LIKEWISE, Jesus never suggested that people give their children as slaves to Caesar (a generic term for God’s rival to the throne of man’s heart) for waging his invasions, wars and usurpations, nor send them like slaves to his Christ-eliminating, Big Bang Lie indoctrination facilities, nor ask Caesar’s permission to exercise God-given rights, nor finance his evil, totalitarian agenda, nor vest themselves or their children in his God-hostile, abominable authority in any way. Pulpiteers who preach otherwise are guilty of blasphemy, defined as: attributing to God what is of Satan and vice versa. Stay away from them. Due to this “abomination standing in the holy place,” God’s Kingdom and righteousness are suffering betrayal, ridicule and defeat worldwide.  The prophets, Daniel, Paul and Jesus foretold of this tragic, end-time scenario.

In the most misconstrued debate in Christian history, Jesus answered his adversaries using a different verb than was used in the question, hence: Give? became: “Give back to Caesar whatever (rightfully) belongs to him….” This masterful change in verbs evoked awe in the minds of his listeners, even his adversaries, because it also gave people an effective way to deal with slave-mongers throughout history.

To determine rightful ownership Jesus drew the attention of his interlocutors to two aspects of the tribute coin: 1) Caesar’s face (seal), and 2) inscription (signature). Note well that Jesus did not ask either the tribute collectors nor Caesar’s ambassadors or representatives to define what belonged to Caesar. They would have said that a conquered nation belongs to Caesar and can be destroyed at his whim, which he showed to be true when he destroyed Jerusalem a few years later, in the year A.D. 70. Nor did Jesus consult the law books to define what belongs to Caesar because, viewing himself as God, Caesar claimed paramount, legal jurisdiction, Lordship and “rightful” ownership over everything and everyone within the Roman Empire, slaves and free. The same is true with present-day Caesars in the persons of secular justices, magistrates, presidents, etc.

Christians contend that PEOPLE WHO ARE OWNED BY CAESAR ARE SLAVES TO HIM even though they call themselves “free.” Emphatically, God’s people are not to be slaves to man, but if by some misfortune they are, they must seek a way of escape, which God has provided by purchasing his people out of slavery at the price of Jesus’ blood to belong to him alone, forming one body under Jesus’ Lordship, rooted in Heaven and serving God alone. In the Christian world-view being a slave of the Eternal God is the highest form of liberty. With this liberty comes the free gift of eternal life and a Heavenly homeland according to God’s promise. Hallelujah! The choice is this: which Lord will be given the throne of our heart, Lord Caesar or Lord Jesus? It can’t be both.

Sadly, most Christians and their leaders are not slaves of God but of the God- hostile, Christ-eliminating (anti-Christ) lords of the world which has led to a psychotic duplicity in Christendom similar to schizophrenia. Modern Christians serve two masters, which Jesus said is impossible, they love the God-hostile president, prime minister, civil magistrate, etc., vest themselves and their children in their false authority, accept slavery to them in exchange for power, comforts and benefits, finance their death squadrons and desolation campaigns, they condone what they condemn, etc. What’s worse, they claim to be doing God a favor. This mental and spiritual aberration is similar to the “Stockholm Syndrome” where a person mysteriously falls in love with his/her enemies. In spiritual terms this is known as: “Apostasy.”


“taking a broad, general view of the visible Church as it has existed from the first century to the present time, it is not inaccurate to call it an Apostate Church,”

Halley’s Bible Handbook, 1969, page 630; 2 million copies in print.


What, then, in our present era, bears Caesar’s seal and signature similar to the tribute coin such that, if not returned, would constitute a violation of Caesar’s ownership rights, bring about the enslavement of God’s people and lead to great Apostasy?


  • 1) Legal contracts
  • A) Caesar’s ownership of God-created persons (This is a gross usurpation!)
  • a) a numeric symbol of authority, ownership and control is employed throughout the anti-Christ’s global slave nation, also known as the “global village,” which is currently comprised of all the nations of the world and their citizens, confederated into one global, anti-Christ body. (2) I know of no exceptions. This numeric symbol is assigned onto every individual like the
  • (cont.) branding of cattle in the form of a central registration serial number, to most of them at the moment of birth, and is solemnized by a signed contract either by the individual or his/her parents. There are few exceptions. Christians refer to this number as the “mark of the beast” and are called to avoid it like the Bubonic plague! However, saying “no” to the anti-Christ and refusing to amalgamate into his false body of authority results in stigmatization, alienation, duress, persecution & tribulation, see: John 16,33.
  • b) contract citizenship by which you become a political person of the slave nation (This is different than your “nationality” which is not by contract, has no fee attached, cannot be revoked, does not require the “mark of the beast,” does not expire, is not required to be renewed, etc.)
  • c) contract passports (this and most of the following list of entries are not negotiable until the individual consents to receive the “mark of the beast,” in fact, it is the only legally stipulated “personal” data required on Washington’s [USA] passport application form!)
  • B) Contractual benefits and mutual empowerment schemes
  • a) “paternalistic” model of government, defined as: a system of controlling people in which they feel protected and their needs are satisfied, but they have no freedom because ultimate decision-making and liability have been taken from them and placed upon government, resulting in a slave nation (3)
  • b) access by contract to the power, comforts and splendor of the nations of the world which belong to Satan, see: Mt. 4,8 + Lk. 4,6 + 1Jn. 5,19
  • c) receipt of stolen money distributed under the guise of legal entitlements and benefits but whose end is to create dependence on the government’s mutual empowerment scheme and to control the recipients, among others
  • d) head tax schemes [this is tribute manifesting all the trappings of slavery]
  • e) head tax exemption schemes
  • f) government indoctrination services (public school, television, the media)
  • g) abortifacient chemicals services to all centrally registered women (most are packaged and promoted fraudulently as contraceptives)
  • h) abortion services with police protection to avoid God’s people who don’t allow child killing, don’t finance it and don’t lie about it
  • i) day care services for surviving infants [survivors are now fewer than half of those conceived worldwide]
  • j) insurance schemes, investment schemes, retirement insurance schemes, etc.
  • C) Contract money
  • a) money Caesar steals from his contractual slaves, see: 1Samuel 8,17
  • b) global banking system access and transaction cards (credit and debit)
  • c) savings and checking accounts
  • D) Contract licenses and permits
  • a) permission to have custody of your own children, subject to compliance with the state’s agenda and anti-Christ worldview. (See your government’s definition of the legal term: “child custody” by which centrally registered children are stolen every day by the child police gestapo international.)
  • b) permit to give live birth (China)
  • c) permit to give dead birth (dead birth services are permitted throughout the world. In China children not licensed for live birth are given dead birth voluntarily or by force, as abortion is the government’s assumed “right.”)
  • d) state contract marriage license (this is not Holy Matrimony)
  • e) permit to travel: driver license (sic), REAL ID (required to board public transportation), passport, etc.
  • f) permit to work, exercise your profession/ vocation in the “white” economy
  • 2) Legal persons (created by Caesar)
  • A) Corporations, defined as: subscribing bodies are merged into the commercial- political- juridical (authorizing) body of secular, central government by a legal process called “incorporation.” The resulting mega-body is an artificial, legal (juridical) person, referred to in the Bible as the “man of lawlessness,” created, not by God, but by his arch-rival and beholden to him. This body is world-wide, encompassing much of the globe and, unfortunately, its inhabitants, see below:
  • a) individuals who have received the mark of the beast are commuted into commercial persons for Caesar’s ignoble purposes. For example, with the mark of the beast you can qualify to receive credit even though you don’t have a job. Without it you can get neither a job nor a bank account, one of which you must have to be part of the establishment’s “white” economy.
  • b) the registered, incorporated Church (members are registered individually, collectively and, in the case of the clergy, also professionally) This is not the body of Christ but the mystical, world-wide body of the anti-Christ which includes all incorporated real estate, the pulpit, offering tray and everything placed within it. See: Civil Code: corporations: dissolution. NOTE: This insidious body operates in the name of Christ and is deceiving God’s elect.
  • c) central governments/ state/ provincial/ county/ municipal governments
  • d) incorporated regions (free-trade zones, residential districts and others)
  • 3) Legal writs, warrants, bulls, edicts, “laws,” ordinances and decrees
  • A) Those that praise God and the good works of his people are welcome but those that de-throne God, bring harm to his people, enslave them or treat disparagingly Jesus’ paramount Lordship over them are not receivable, are returned or burned. (4)


All else belongs to God and, according to the second part of Jesus’ “tribute coin” statement, is to be put back under his authority, as necessary, which he owns (by):

  • 1) by being the Savior of his people
  • A) All individuals belong to God, especially those who have received him as Savior, Lord and King, divorcing all rivals. (We are purchased by God’s blood.)
  • a) unborn babies and children are not excluded (Give not holy things to dogs!)
  • B) Lawful, Holy Matrimony (What God has joined let no man separate!)
  • C) Family (husband & wife with hopefully many well-disciplined and educated children by Christian homeschooling)
  • D) God’s Church, defined as: believers who belong to God and gather together in Jesus’ name, referring to themselves and to one another as “Christians” (5) with no other name, body, authorizing number nor vestment of alien authority.
  • 2) by being Creator and Provider of all good things
  • A) Unregistered, vacant or unused land (Compare: usufruct land that God’s people use without owning.) Perhaps this is the “mountains” of Jesus’ instructions recorded in Mt. 24,16; Mk. 13,14 and Lk. 21,21.
  • B) Potable ground water, for drinking, is provided worldwide by digging a well about 25 feet deep {7 meters}.
  • C) Latrines; 100% natural black and grey water waste systems. (The well at our primitive campsite is more than 100 feet {30 meters} from our latrine.)
  • D) Honest wages for honest work is one way God helps his people find their daily bread and provides for all of their needs. (This money does not belong to Caesar but may be contributed to his beneficial causes by the consent of the people only.)
  • 3) by being King of his people (6)
  • A) All (de jure) authority in Heaven and on Earth belongs to King Jesus (Mt. 28,18).
  • a) de jure governments of the world are described in Romans chapter 13 (I know of none currently in existence due to the Apostasy of Christians.)
  • b) the special, holy, Christian nation under Jesus’ paramount authority
  • c) God’s people live, move and have their being in King Jesus who is our life – he is in us and we are in him – in perfect unity, see: John 17,23.
  • d) the Kingdom of God is within us, see: Luke 17,21 (translated wrong in many languages) with King Jesus seated on the throne of our hearts, he is Supreme Commander and we are his ambassadors in hostile territory
  • e) Heaven-bought citizenship, see: Phil. 3,20 + Col. 1,13. (A free-of-charge Christian passport is provided free of charge to everyone for self-publishing via the internet at the following link: Kingdom of Heaven passport)
  • B) God-given rights, many of which are antecedent to secular, earthly governments
  • a) the right to belong to God only and to serve him only, divorcing his enemies
  • b) the inviolable, God-given authority parents have to determine their children’s discipline, education, intellectual grooming, socialization, etc.
  • c) the family home, Christian homeschool and homestead are inviolable
  • d) the right to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • e) liberty and peace without coercion, surveillance, tracking, profiling, etc.
  • f) freedom and duty to live faithful to your conscience
  • g) the right to be “in the world, but not of it,” according to Jesus’ words
  • h) the right to travel, legitimate self-defense, pursuit of happiness, etc.


A most concise accusation against Apostate Christian leaders reads like this:

O my people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path,Isaiah 3,12


A most concise accusation against modern Christians reads like this:

… they deny our sole Sovereign and Lord, Jesus Christ,Jude verse 4


A most concise accusation against the First Century Christians reads like this:

They say: “There is another King, one Jesus!”Acts 17,7 # #

  1. Mt. 22,21= Mk. 12,17= Lk. 20,25; Mt. 15,13; Lk. 3,9; Jn. 3,27; Acts 4,11+20,28b; 1Cor. 8,5+10,26; Jas. 1,17[]
  2. “The anti-Christ” is a collective singular term referring to God’s rivals who are presently in control of the global village. The leaders of all the world’s nations are lending their power to this God-hostile consolidation and most citizens are lending their power to their God-hostile nation. Amalgamation to this body is forbidden of Christians, whose sole Sovereign is Christ, a title we use for “Messiah” which means: “the anointed King of God’s people.”[]
  3. Mr. Kent Hovind, Christian missionary, is currently in a concentration camp for offending the Slave Nation, USA.[]
  4. Martin Luther burned the “Writ of Excommunication” [Bull] issued against him by a hell-bent, out-of-control, lawless government of his day, on 10 December 1520. The positive effects have been felt world-wide, providing a model of resistance to tyranny, for almost 500 years.[]
  5. For the purposes of this article, the word “Christian” can refer to those who are spiritual and those who are not, depending on the context.[]
  6. Those who reject Jesus as King will also be rejected: Luke 19,27; Acts 3,23+4,11; Hebrews 12,25; Jude v.4.[]

One Response “Whatever belongs to Caesar, ‘Give it back!’”

  1. 25 May 2018 at 1:20 am

    TRUTH IS! “The WHOLE world IS under the control of the evil one”!

    And, “whoever would be a friend of this world IS the enemy of Our FATHER and GOD”!

    Sadly, all the catholic priests who came out of pagan catholicism created their own version of her delusional theo’ry’logical doctrinal heresies. So it was they also followed that “broadway to destruction” and damnation!

    Simply, “The Faithful ARE Family”!

    In this day and age Brethren(naturally male or ‘fe’male) of The Messiah sharing that which we have seen(experienced) and heard(received), one with the others!

    And there is only ONE HEAD of The Family of FAITH!


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