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Large Hadron Collider (“Big Bang”) – an Injunction


To: Big Bang Collider Team, near Geneva, Switzerland

From: Gary and Vickie SPAULDING
sojourning in Bariloche, Argentina

Date: 6 April 2010

Dear Team members:

Thank you for receiving this injunction by which YOU ARE ORDERED to shut down your operations and to stop tampering with the foundations of the universe. If you and your world-wide colleagues truly believe that the universe created itself by the forces you are unleashing, which you refer to as the “Big Bang,” you are dangerous daredevils, and if you don’t believe in the Big Bang* you are liars, imposters and frauds, maliciously endangering both mind and matter. Either way, other daredevils will follow your lead. We believe that your predecessors entered the world into the apocalyptic era by shaking the powers of the heavens over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 65 years ago, and that all such tampering is perverted and criminal.


Gary and Vickie SPAULDING

* The “Big Bang” is an easily disprovable lie, see: Big Bang Bunk at the following website:

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